How to make Cob Loaf


I never really got into blogging recipes, I cook a lot but I'm generally too busy in the kitchen to stop and show you what's going on in there and my camera is too bulky and expensive to keep in my tiny little kitchen. Monica came over today and I offered to make lunch, we'd have Cob Loaf. When she heard that she perked up and asked how to make it, she'd always been curious. I'd made it earlier in the week when my family visited and they asked too, as did a few ladies at the bakery and at ... [ Discover More ]

Christmas Morning


Christmas morning started at 7am. Aidan got a whiteboard/blackboard from Grandma & Grandpa. Santa brought him his first scooter which figured out how to use in five minute. We took the rocking base off his plane that his great grandpa built for him last year, was like a new toy. Then we looked inside our stockings. Steve got Reeses Pieces and I got Malteasers. Aidan got these $1 toys from Aldi which are the favourites. He also got pencils and crayons. After the stockings it ... [ Discover More ]

Merry “Mezza” Christmas


I've been wanting to take a family Christmas photo for weeks and it just never happened and I can't say that the end result of todays' efforts was what I was going for but it's close enough. A wireless remote for my Nikon D700 is $400 so I cracked out my Nikon D80 and it's $17 remote and I can definitely see the difference in quality... but a photo of my family is all I really needed in the end. This is the one Steve picked to grace our totally late Christmas Cards which I'll be sending out to ... [ Discover More ]

Follow Your Bliss


I've been preparing for the new year in many different ways. Pausing to be thankful, reflecting on accomplishments, writing lists, clearing out closets, setting goals and putting steps in motion. Being alone for the week, confined to the couch gave me plenty of time to ponder, think and dream... it was good for my soul. Next year is going to be different, more mellow but still with a touch of adventure, a pinch more confidence and a lot more time to create content. Whilst I was clearing out my ... [ Discover More ]

The Wiggles Big Birthday


Last week I got a lovely tweet from @traceytakesphotos offering me two tickets to go and see The Wiggles 20th Birthday Concert in the big tent at the Castle Hill Showgrounds. Tracey won four tickets in a Digital Parents competition and it was so nice of her to share them with us, especially as we'd never met before... don't you just love bloggers! Aidan didn't know where we were going until we arrived. I hadn't been feeling well (stupid Endometriosis) and wasn't sure we would even make it so ... [ Discover More ]

V8 Supercars


I never liked car races, they didn't interest me, I didn't "get' them but when the PR company for the V8 Supercars emailed me offering free tickets to the Telstra Sydney 500 I knew someone who did like them, who did "get" car racing so I accepted the tickets and prepared to share the good news with my friend. I saw it as a good opportunity to share an experience, doing something they loved and I'd never been to a car race before so I'd be doing something new and out of my comfort zone... ... [ Discover More ]

The Best Kind of Present


Sponsored by Nuffnang and  Magshop Christmas competition Christmas is next weekend, can you feel it? The surge of shopping trolleys down the aisles, the escalators jam packed with cranky big spenders, the baby change room overflowing with a line up of strollers and kids with sticky fingers from "Just be quiet for one minute" lollypops. Sure there is the magic of Santa, all the pretty lights and the Kmart Wishing Tree but wouldn't the festive season be better spent at home, curled up on the ... [ Discover More ]

Hummingbirds Song Blocks Giveaway


Cosmic Twins are hard to come by but that is exactly the kind of relationship I have with Rhi from Hummingbirds Song, our relationship is the equivalent of online dating turning into marriage. We courted for years, commenting here and there, sending the odd email and then we started skyping... everyday and it feels weird if we haven't spoken for more than three days. We both love photography, fell pregnant a month apart, had baby boys and both our hubby's are hardworking outdoorsy team managers. ... [ Discover More ]

Get Your Glomesh On


I have a bit of a thing for Glomesh, I don't know where the love affair started and I wouldn't say I have a large collection but what I have makes me happy. I find them in my travels at op shops super cheap, if they're made in Hong Kong or are damaged I don't buy them, what would be the point. I got this wallet for $3 when I was up in Brisbane in April. I planned to use it as my "going out wallet" but now I use it everyday. I like how the mesh feels against my skin, how shiny it is and that ... [ Discover More ]

All That Glitters and Shines


I'm a bit meticulous when it comes to my Christmas Tree. Notice how I said "my", that's because I own that sucker, I make my tree my shining, glittering bitch. My Christmas Tree obsession started when I was growing up, it always had to be "just so" but when you're co-decorator with your little sister who has her own ideas of what perfection is... well it's enough for two little control freaks to go mental. When Steve and I moved in together our first tree was a string of beads blu taked to the ... [ Discover More ]

The Easiest Christmas Gift


Sponsored by Nuffnang and  Magshop Christmas There are a million things I want for christmas but generally they're small things I'd like to pick out myself or they're too expensive to expect others to pay for... as you can tell I'm a dream to buy gifts for. Over the years I've learnt to keep it simple after frustrating Steve time and time again and last year I decided spare my son the anguish in the future and start a tradition now. Every Christmas I renew my subscription to Real Living ... [ Discover More ]

The Art of Being Alone


For the past week Aidan and Steve have been down in Victoria visiting his side of the family and they're not due back for a few more days. I looked forward to my week of self indulgent alone time and I was so very sure it would be productive and enlightening... oh how wrong was I. I am a "people-person". Apparently a "people-person" doesn't adjust too well to solitude especially when they're sick, miserable and in need of a slave. I couldn't write, I couldn't take pictures and I couldn't ... [ Discover More ]

Polly Dolly V.2 WK35


Welcome back for this weeks Polly Dolly Polyvore challenge! Every Thursday (usually lol) I’ll post a new Polly Dolly Theme Challenge, then you toddle off and get creative. You can credit the items if you want and add a bit of an explanation of why you chose the pieces or you can just share your clipboard… it’s up to you. When you’re done maxing out your imaginary credit cards, simply add your link below using your blogs name as the “title” and a direct link to the specific blog post. Polyvore ... [ Discover More ]