The Wiggles Big Birthday

Last week I got a lovely tweet from @traceytakesphotos offering me two tickets to go and see The Wiggles 20th Birthday Concert in the big tent at the Castle Hill Showgrounds. Tracey won four tickets in a Digital Parents competition and it was so nice of her to share them with us, especially as we’d never met before… don’t you just love bloggers!

Aidan didn’t know where we were going until we arrived. I hadn’t been feeling well (stupid Endometriosis) and wasn’t sure we would even make it so I didn’t want to get his hopes up. After we both had a nap I was feeling better and an hour later we were sitting in the big tent waiting for the show to start.

As much as I would have liked to gas-bag with Tracey it wasn’t really the right environment, after all we were there for the boys… isn’t Jasper a total cutie pie, he’s so very handsome.

Aidan’s favourite song which he sings in full almost everyday is “Twinkle Twinkle” so when it was performed on stage with a big glittering disco ball with all the lights down low he was in his element.

I tried to film as much of the concert as I could for Aidan to watch on his iPad later, he loves making and watching home movies. I also got lots of Aidan and Jasper dancing, jumping and twirling. Because the lighting was so low the only photos from my iphone that turned out were whilst they were completely still and mesmerised by the show. Santa was a big hit.

This is the second Wiggles show we’ve seen and even though they sing pretty much the same thing you get so swept up in the performances, the pretty colours and of course watching your child completely enamoured and in a state of bliss… what could be better?

We thanked Tracey & Jasper again for a lovely little evening out with The Wiggles, said to goodbye to The Big Red Car and jumped in ours and drove home where Steve was waiting with dinner. Is your kid a wiggle-freak?


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    Flynn and I also went and saw the Wiggle anniversary tour, when they came out here to Dubbo a month ago. They didnt bring their big tent ( they performed in our local theatre ) but that didnt matter – Flynn loved it and i enjoyed it because i knew he was having so much fun!

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    Who cares about the kids? I’M a Wiggles freak!! lol
    We’ve seen 2 shows, too.
    We saw this show on the Sunny Coast in October.
    Just loved it…and so did Miss 4.

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    I think I might have enjoyed the show more than Jasper! Next time there will be a Bone for Wags and Flowers for Dorothy AND BY GEORGE THEY’RE COLLECTING IT FROM US.

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    Hi there… I posted about The Wiggles 20th Birthday Show today! Yesterday I went to same place you did but at 10am…. Where all roads leading to The Big Tent were car parks… Took Mr GS 4 & Miss GD 2 along with their mum. I LOVED it! They are THE BEST! Took loads of pics… Loved the whole show. Glad you & Aiden got to share the experience with new friends! Denyse

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    I have two kiddies that love the Wiggles. They came to Darwin last year for their first performance in 10 years! It was awesome, I loved it just as much as Tenno…but Nayt was too little and slept almost the whole way through. I’d go to 100 more Wiggles concerts. I had more fun there than what I’ve had at any adult concert, haha.

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    I used to love the wiggles in my teens, then they changed the line up, and maybe I grew up a little more… My CD slip holder is a wiggles one I got from a Wiggles showbag I bought myself from the Easter Show!

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