Aidan’s Play Space


Aidan and I play all day long but there is one particular part of the day that gets us both pretty excited. After watching his favourite show on ABC2 "Mr Maker" (think along the lines of "Art Attack") we try and recreate whatever he did that day. If I don't have the supplies we still pull out the paints, the pencils, the playdough or anything that is really messy. I've been inspired by Our Play Space over at Childhood101 lately and thought I'd share a few of Aidan's favourite places in our house ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Big Boy Room


I made a promise a few weeks back to show you Aidan's room and finally everything has come together (including the weather) so I could take some photos. Below is a few photos and a bit of a tour, if I haven't covered something please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. Without further ado, my take on the perfect room for a little dude... As soon as you walk in the room you're surrounded by light and colour, it's one of my favourite places to be. The windows are tall and ... [ Discover More ]

No Nappy, Jocks In Bed


Earlier this week Aidan made the decision to go to daycare wearing only jocks, no nappy. I was scared for him and worried that if he had a bad experience he would back track completely, I was no longer in control. I had a bit of a meltdown that day, had lots of time to think and evaluate my goals, it was rough finally being so honest with myself, I was breaking down walls. By the time Steve got home I was mentally exhausted but keen to get our little boy home. When we went to pick Aidan up from ... [ Discover More ]

No Accidents


I dropped Aidan off at daycare (only goes one day a week) and I'm a little irritated. This morning Aidan asked to wear his jocks to school, he wanted to show his friends and carers that he could do "no accidents". He was ready, I knew it and so did he but I wasn't prepared, emotionally. I like being the one he high fives after he's done his business, I know I'm crazy. So we packed 3 extra pairs of jocks (and a couple of extra pants) just in case and had a little chat about asking for help and ... [ Discover More ]

Up My Own Ass


Today I tried something new and it didn't pan out. I'm writing this exactly twelve hours after my last post, the post that failed. I followed all the blogging rules, used great SEO techniques, involved the community, shared the post gracefully and got great google search results. People were commenting and engaging with me, I was in my element sharing my passion but the numbers weren't there. I'd spent hours searching for and collecting appropriate Instagram examples, researching Apps incase ... [ Discover More ]

How To Take Awesome Instagram Outfit Photos


Snapping my outfits quickly with my iPhone before I leave the house has changed the way I share my passions online and introduced me to a whole new world of "everyday fashionistas". The photos I posted when I started using Instagram were quite crude, kind of boring and lacked a bit of imagination. It's only after a few months of watching, engaging and learning about instagram and outfit photos in general that I've picked up a few tricks to make your outfit photos as awesome as they should be and ... [ Discover More ]

Dinosaurs Play


It's been a week and Aidan's potty training is going great guns. All his 1's & 2's are on the potty, most without our assistance or reminders and he's now also nappy free at nap time which took me by surprise. He just simply asked not to wear a nappy, I was on edge for the two hours he was asleep and as soon as he woke up I took him the potty and he did a big wee, high fives all round! The next day he didn't get to the potty fast enough when he woke and had an accident and was he was so sad ... [ Discover More ]

Busy Bathroom


This is NOT a sponsored post. I wasn't sent anything and no-one knows I'm writing about this. Tackling my bathroom has been on my mind a lot lately and I wanted to share what's been going on. I link to products I bought and use because I think you might like them too. - Dani x As I mentioned earlier in the week we are right in the thick of toilet training with Aidan and the bathroom has suddenly become the hub of the house. Right in the beginning I took steps to de-clutter and reorganise the ... [ Discover More ]

#DPCON12 Conference Pass Giveaway


Click each thumbnail to enlarge gallery photos... See how much fun blogging conferences are! These pics are from the Aussie Bloggers Conference (company renamed to Digital Parents after the event). I attended a lot of events and conferences last year, I'm pretty sure almost all of them to be honest (and all out of my own pocket) but this year I promised Steve I would be more selective about what I would attend. The Digital Parents Conference (#DPCON12) will be held in March at The Sebel ... [ Discover More ]

Forget Toddler Tantrums


I was reading Good Golly Miss Holly's story about not wanting to be a mum who yells and it hit a nerve, recently I've been thinking about how I discipline Aidan and if I was going the right way about it. You see my mum has looked after babys and toddlers for as long as I can remember and in a way she's given me  a valuable education on how to entertain, educate and communicate with toddlers. Most of the time I try to put into practice what I've learnt: Keep a routine Plan ... [ Discover More ]

Potty Dinosaurs


Steve and I had big plans for the Christmas break but it had nothing to do with parties, trips away or gifts... we were preparing ourselves for toddler toilet training. We've always made the toilet and potty a part of his daily life but we were quite relaxed about the whole thing, we just trusted in an "open door policy" and encouraged conversations about it. With the warm summer weather, Aidan's increased interest in the potty and extra time on our hands it seemed like the perfect time... and ... [ Discover More ]

In My Handbag


I've been playing along with #janphotoaday which has taken on a huge following (there are currently 81,453 photos in the feed and it's only day 13!!!) and today we had to share what is in our bag. I'm competely hooked on the feed, sneaking peeks into peoples lives and seeing inside so many strangers handbags is so cool. I thought I'd share mine and go into a little more detail in case you are as nosy as me. BAG: I have a growing collection of Target's Enviro Canvas Bags ($5ea) because they ... [ Discover More ]

DIY Shellac Polish Removal


I've always been interested in beauty. I read text books, watch video tutorials and stalk a lot of beauty blogs. I've never trained in any professional capacity, I just think it's a whole lot of fun. I've been getting Shellac polish (Not Gellish which is terrible) applied for the last few months and whilst I love the end result, the process is less desirable. It's the removal of the old polish that's annoying. I've been to several different nail salons and they all seem to have their own way, ... [ Discover More ]

Fit for a King


 Aidan's room was in need of a major clean and revamp. I had to bite my lip, cry a little and part with things he'd outgrown. I listed some things on ebay, donated lots of toys to friends and have bags and bags of stuff waiting for the op shop to reopen. It took two full days to clear and clean his room. I even pulled down the wall decals as I wanted to start from scratch, a blank canvas for my new project. I'd bought a new bed for Aidan but it would take a few days before we could go and ... [ Discover More ]

She Wore Flowers In Her Hair


I've been slightly addicted to Lana Del Rey, she moves me, I can't wait until her album is released at the end of the month. She has beautiful videos and she's always seen with flowers in her hair, so glamorous. I thought it might be fun to make my own headdress so I bought several different flower headbands on clearance, took them home, cut the blooms off and glue-gunned them on to a headband I already owned, you know... just because. I adore it... so does Aidan. I'm wearing it right now ... [ Discover More ]

Cheeky Clean


One of my favourite reads since before forever has been Marriage Confessions, sometimes it's like we've been living parralel lives. Katie has a little boy around Aidan's age and on a domestic/marriage/everyday level she just clicks with me. Besides a few random facebook messages and tweets we've hardly spoken but I feel like if we lived on the same street or better yet, the same continent we'd be friends. Anyway... the point of me telling you all of this is to share this cool idea that Katie ... [ Discover More ]

Stuck to My Goals


Being accountable helps me achieve goals which is why I think posting photos of my breakfast everyday (#dailybreakfast) will be successful. The thing is, I'm usually so zoned out in the morning it's not that I don't eat breakfast on purpose it's just that I forget so I had to figure out a way to remind myself. There were other things I wanted to remember too, things I wanted Steve to remember so it got me thinking about the fridge, the central hub of our home. Every year I stock up on ... [ Discover More ]

The Possibility of New Beginnings


That's what New Years is all about isn't it, the chance to start anew, to set and reach new goals, to de-clutter, to refocus. The possibility of new love, new life experiences and renewed hope. As my ever cynical husband said "It's just a day like any other" and in a physical sense he's completely right but to me and a lot of other people around the world NYE is magical. A time to focus on yourself, your aspirations, your baggage, your dreams. In the last week I've been doing a little "inner ... [ Discover More ]