Dinosaurs Play

It’s been a week and Aidan’s potty training is going great guns. All his 1’s & 2’s are on the potty, most without our assistance or reminders and he’s now also nappy free at nap time which took me by surprise. He just simply asked not to wear a nappy, I was on edge for the two hours he was asleep and as soon as he woke up I took him the potty and he did a big wee, high fives all round! The next day he didn’t get to the potty fast enough when he woke and had an accident and was he was so sad about it (I didn’t say/do/look negative) that everyday since he’s bounded out of bed to make sure he makes it in time. He’s still in a nappy at night, he’s sleeping really well in his own bed (8:30pm – 6:30/7:00) so I’m in no rush to disrupt that until he initiates it just like he did with nap time.

As you can imagine he’s collected a few dinosaurs along the way and he was losing track of where they were and asked for a bed for them. We’ve gone through a few eggs since I’ve been eating breakfast everyday and Aidan and I are getting right into baking at the moment so I’d saved the egg cartons for craft. The dinosaurs fit perfectly in the egg carton so yesterday while he had a nap I got a little crafty… you should have seen his face when he saw it!

Kind of looks like caves doesn’t it?

They don’t just live in the carton though, oh no, they have a very active lifestyle. Taking long trips on the Dinosaur Express, swimming and diving in the great ocean bath and racing cars along the hallway called life… they live it to the fullest.

The thing he loves most about playing with his dinosaurs is that Steve and I usually end up playing with him. There is always lots of RAWRing, stomping and gnarling involved but you would be surprised by how well mannered they are. I’ve found him sitting by himself playing with the dinosaurs mimicking our conversations “How are you? oh I’m good thank you. Good boy. You’re very clever. Aw thank you. Are you hungry? Ok time to eat. Would you like to play? Yes ok. You look handsome. Aw you look nice. Hide & Seek? Ok lets go!” and so on and so on, totally adorable.

 I’ve bought a few cheapie animal play sets (Aldi have them occasionally) and we’ve been given a few too. He’s gotten more enjoyment out of these than any of the ultra flashy toys he’s been given. Every now and again I’ll blutac a few trees, rocks and fences down and create a little world for the dinosaurs to explore. It will entertain him for at least an hour, they’ll have naps, climb and eat the trees… or sometimes each other.

It’s interesting to watch how his brain works, how he explores relationships and often reflects on recent experiences and recreates them in play, it can be a great insight into how he’s feeling. So far all the toilet training stuff is going well, sure I’ve had days where I’m elbow deep in poo but 90% of it has been smooth sailing. We still have to incorporate what he’s learnt at home to daycare but I think as his confidence grows (he’s in a new room) he’ll speak for himself, as of right now his carers know what stage he’s at and I’ll let him lead the way after all he only goes one day a week. He hasn’t gone astray yet…

… and he has the dinosaurs to prove it.


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    We did exactly the same thing when training Ollie, except his reward was little cars ($3 for 5 at the dollar shop!). Worked a treat and we’re using the same rewards now for getting him to sleep well in his ‘big boy bed’.
    He also does the same talking thing as Aiden when playing – the other day I caught him telling his stuffed sheep that he could get sticker if he went to bed! A couple of toys have also ended up in the naughty corner in the past too. Cute cute kids.

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