#DPCON12 Conference Pass Giveaway

Styling You, Woogsworld, Danimezza & Childhood101 - AusBlogCon March 2011

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See how much fun blogging conferences are! These pics are from the Aussie Bloggers Conference (company renamed to Digital Parents after the event). I attended a lot of events and conferences last year, I’m pretty sure almost all of them to be honest (and all out of my own pocket) but this year I promised Steve I would be more selective about what I would attend. The Digital Parents Conference (#DPCON12) will be held in March at The Sebel Albert Park in Melbourne this year and when the tickets were released I snapped one up as quickly as possible. How could I miss out on partying with the people I socialise online with all day?!

Unfortunately my marriage threw a spanner in the works, I can no longer attend as Steve wants to make grand plans for our 5th wedding anniversary (I know, how dare he!) which just so happens to fall on the same weekend. I’m so excited to find out what we’re doing and actually travel away together for a change rather than me just flitting off to blog meets. The plan is for Aidan to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa for the weekend at the beach, yep he’ll have it rough without us.

Sure I’ll miss an opportunity to meet a few more bloggers, a few potential sponsors, learn a few new tricks, drink too much champers that result in late night inappropriate photos on instagram… but alone time with Steve where we’re doing more than just laundry or the dishes is like winning the lottery. So rather than poke around and ask if anyone would like to buy my ticket I thought I’d do something nice and give it away! You don’t need to be an established blogger to attend, maybe you’d just like to learn more about it and be inspired (Jennifer James will be there!), this type of conference is for everyone!

PRIZE: 1x FULL ACCESS DIGITAL PARENTS CONFERENCE PASS worth $184.73 AUD – All-access admission to all conference programming, including: panel sessions and discussions, workshops, keynote presentations, morning & afternoon tea, working lunch, admission to the trade expo and gala dinner and dance.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment telling me why you want/need/deserve to go.

TERMS: The prize entitles one winner to full access at the Digital Parents Conference 2012 on Friday March 30th 2012  at The Sebel Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and does not include travel, accommodation or any associated fees. The entrant understands that I am not liable if the event is postponed or cancelled and that I am in no way affiliated, sponsored or compensated for this competition and that the prize will, for all intents and purposes, be considered a ‘gift’. The ticket has already been purchased in my name but will be transfered to the winners details upon completion of this competition as per the terms (Ticket Policy 2.2) allow and officials from the DPCON12 have been notified of this competition and my intentions. The prize is not transferrable and cannot be redeemed for money. Entries close Thursday 26th January 2012 at 09:00 AEST. Please include your email address for a valid entry. Winner will be announced in the comments section and by email. If no contact has been made by the winner by Friday 27th January 2012 at 09:00 AEST they forfeit their prize and a winner is redrawn.


  1. 1


    How lovely are you? What a generous offer! Your getaway sound ah-mazing too, great way to celebrate a marital milestone :)

    Oh if I won?! It would still be like you were there! I’d be the not-quite-danimezza {NQD for ease of words}

    I would be fashionable, but probably wouldn’t be able to pull off flowers in my hair. I’d take a million pics on my DSLR. Maybe I could sticky tape a pretend flash to it. I’d talk about how I blog. But my readership is probably just my mum. I’d learn about blogging. And I would tell everyone what that should be eating for breakfast.

    I should go, to be your NQD. It would be like you were still going.

    ‘cept I don’t do heels.
    Loz x

  2. 3


    When I realised that the tickets were sold out, there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.. I’ve been feeling sad about not being fast enough with my ticket buying..

    So why should you pick me to go? Well, lets see.. If chosen to go I faithfully promise to try and be…
    as gregarious as Mrs Woog..
    as stylish as “Styling You”…
    as hairriffic as “Hair Romance”

    But mostly? Well, it’s because of this photo you snapped: http://www.danimezza.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/ausblogcon_danimezza-14.jpg

    I mean seriously.. HOW CAN I MISS THIS?!!

  3. 4


    OMG! You are so darn generous!!! I KNOW I deserve to go to this because a) I get to meet up with so many other bloggers that I’ve only ever met online. It’s not so much just about learning the stuff that’ll be there, but more about connecting with everyone else on a more personal level…and oh yes getting sloshed with a very good reason to! ;)

  4. 6


    Hi Dani,
    I would love to win.
    Here’s the backstory…I’m married to a Steve too. We’ve had 16 wonderful years together and on Xmas Day (http://lastchancetraining.com.au/2011/12/26/my-cracker-christmas/ , my Steve broke his leg in 4 places and requires 12 weeks off work and home care (that would be me, washing, ironing, preparing all of his meals and keeping him pain free here at home!). Three weeks have passed and it has been a long tiring slog for both of us. He needs his mobility and to be pain free and to be truthful, I need a little bit of carer’s respite!

    I did go to Problogger last year, but was too shy to introduce myself to Mrs Woog, but these photos have given me some idea of what to do if I am fortunate enough to bump into her again.

    Thanks Dani,
    Liz N

    • 7


      Steve’s are awesome aren’t they although I’m sad to hear about his leg, hoping he makes a full recovery and once he’s able, sweeps you off your feet with your own romantic getaway x oh and never be afraid of Woogs, she’s real and totally friendly.

  5. 8


    Hi Dani, I like you snapped up a ticket as soon as I heard they were on sale. I can’t afford to go to everything but this was a top priority for me.
    Why am I entering this you might ask?
    I have a gorgeous friend Natasha from http://piperandlily.blogspot.com/ I was really hoping she’d be coming along with me to the conference.
    But after a tough year last year, purchasing a ticket for the conference just wasn’t meant to be.
    I hope that I would be able to tell her ‘she’s coming, no questions asked’.
    Sorry to hear you are not able to make it, such a shame, but at least it’s because you have something else of excitement to look forward to.

  6. 9


    Oh I would really, really love to win this. I have recently taken over my website and need to learn all I can about blogging and being a better blogger. This would be a great opportunity for me to get my foot in and hopefully learn so much.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this ticket, I know you will have a great time away and the conference wont even enter your mind.

  7. 12


    Aww how sweet, go Steve! I can’t believe you’ve been married 5 yrs! I first discovered ‘you’ on i-do all those years ago with your wonderful wedding and fabulous wedding favours. I was supposed to be getting married in Nov 06 then we pushed it back to Nov 07 due to his mum’s very ill health (then we broke up after nearly 5 yrs together but that’s another story)

  8. 15


    I just read Laura’s comment – you were on i-do? I can’t remember if I knew that or not!

    Anyway, back to the question at hand. I can’t promise to be a stand in Danimezza – but I’d love to take the plunge and meet some bloggers in real life. My wonderful husband humours my inner geek though he is a little bemused by my incessant photographing of things ‘in case I want to blog it’ (and never do!) but I’d love to meet some of the wonderful people I have ‘met’ online over the last few years. It would be amazing to have that opportunity that I just couldn’t while I’m studying – and it’s in Melbourne and I’m already here! Woot woot!

  9. 16


    You are gorgeous, inside & out, to give away your ticket!

    I’m not gonna lie, I want to go so much. I’ve been blogging for about 2 years but there is no way I can afford a ticket AND airfair/accom. It’s one or the other. How tragic would it be for me to get all the way to Melbourne & then just press my nose against the window like an edwardian orphan? Sighing wistfully at the mass tweeting, clutching at fallen My Biatch stickers on the footpath…It would be too sad.

    I hope your husband knows just how lucky he is!

  10. 18


    Well, I totally deserve to go to the blog meet because…… well… really, I am no more deserving than the next person… But, you know. I am new at this blogging thang. I have really loved meeting a few bloggers up in Qld and would really LOVE to meet some more of my southern favs.

  11. 19


    I attended last year’s conference vicariously via Twitter because I had just given birth to my first baby…but now baby is 1 year old (and providing much fodder for the blog) and I’d love to meet bloggers and readers IRL!

  12. 20


    For years, I have admired strong and opinionated lady bloggers and have strived to be like them. Witty, strong-willed and fearless. And who, in their own virtual spaces have left their marks on society. I am yet to find my voice in the blogosphere. And the DPCon12 may just be the day I need to boost my confidence & skills to be a blogger that matters and makes a difference.

  13. 21


    I’d love to go for so many reasons, to learn more about blogging, hopefully to get some new tips and tricks but most of all, it’s a rare opportunity for us west coast bloggers to meet the east coast bloggers. I’d love to meet some of the people I know only online and I think it would be a blast! Shame for you that you have to part with your ticket but what a reason not to go: a special anniversary weekend with your husband. Lovely.

  14. 22


    Wow, 5 years! Well done, and definitely an occasion worth celebrating! I’m sure it will be wonderful for the 2 of you to go away without Aidan and have some grown-up time together (I’m a little jealous!)
    I would be over the moon if I received your ticket – 2012 is the year of the blog for me. This is the year that blogging becomes my livelihood.
    As you know, I have a little girl about the same age as Aidan, and nothing gives me more joy than being an at-home mum to raise her. But the time has come (or so said the Walrus) for me to start making a financial contribution to our household. I have given myself 12 months to successfully monetise my website or else I need to return to the corporate grind.
    I am desperate to attend Digital Parents Conference, and was devastated to learn that tickets were sold out. The education opportunity, as well as the networking opportunity and most importantly the chance to meet my online friends irl would be a dream come true.
    Realistically, on one income I probably couldn’t have afforded to go anyway. I have friends in Melbourne that I could stay with, and I can scrape together the airfares to Melbourne. So please do include me in the mix when you’re selecting the lucky recipient of your ticket, and I hope you have a fantastic anniversary celebration that weekend!

  15. 23

    Jackwafabwa says

    I blog occasionally for the small business who employs me, but not often enough. There are always more important things to do. I guest posted once on a more social/lifestyle site and the experience was totally different. So much more love in the non-professional blog world… and it got me thinking about starting my own personal blog as a way to rediscover a passion. I’ve been researching & planning and even writing …. but so far I’m still too scared to put my toe in the water and just do it. Maybe attending a blog conference will help?

    Enjoy your wedding anniversary. I will be sending my husband here as an example of what he SHOULD be doing for me on ours! x

  16. 24

    RachelN says

    How lovely? I’m not sure I deserve to go more than any of the other ladies here…but that’s kind of half my problem. I NEED the confidence and knowledge to prove to myself – I CAN do this. I am an ex-journalist who has had 4 beautiful children. I know I WANT to do this and that I am ABLE but I need the confidence. It’s time to start and this is the perfect platform. xx

  17. 25

    Kate P says

    Seriously you are giving a ticket away? I would so love it – I really need some help with my blogging and it sounds like this is the place to get it!!!

    Have a fab weekend xx

  18. 26


    But who will be there to actually take photos of me with my eyes open?

    However I shall survive. IF I get there… cause now that I am a ‘lady who lunches’ (which in reality is chick who drives a billion miles a day to get her kid to school and has a job that cannot work around said child) I have yet to save up the cashola for mah ticket!

    You know that now 100’s of bloggers will be taking bets on what shenanigans you will get up to on said dirty weekend, right? And then there will be the drunk texts at 3am…

  19. 27


    I would absobloodylutely love to win this golden ticket! I started to get serious about blogging last year just as the last conference was happening and I was so envious reading the updates and tweets. From that point I was determined to attend in 2012. Unfortunately Mr Moneymaker’s spreadsheet said “no”. But after a year in a new area away from my friendly neighbours, where my best friend/wine buddy moved to Melbourne, I had a hysterectomy and my mother died, I felt cut off from the sisterhood. Blogging opened up a wonderful, supportive village which gave me enough confidence to keep writing. Now I would love to meet these villagers and learn from them so I can take my blog further. Thanks to Dannimezza I have the chance to do this! Oh and maybe do the boogaloo with the likes of Gemma, Mrs Woog and Edenland.

  20. 28


    Oh alright! I’ll bite!

    I’m a fashion/lifestyle blogger and a total Wannabe Mummy blogger. I want to attend the conference SO BADLY but can’t justify spending my conference budget on a parents conference when I… erm… don’t have children.

    I’m currently courting my gay friend St Murphy to crash surrounding events to represent those of us bloggers who love a conference but are spawnless.

    Please. Don’t let the fact that I’ve been too selfish to procreate thus far in my life, prevent me from getting jiggy with Mrs Woog, Nikki, Eden and Sawhole.

  21. 29


    How generous of you! I would love to go to DPCon12. I was looking at it back when tickets were first released and while Mr Monkey was supportive he vetoed it once we realised how much it was going to cost for flights and accom and the ticket (I’m in Sydney).

    I need to go to this! My blog is almost a year old but my readership is still small so I’d love to find out how to grow that. I’d love to take photos on my DSLR and work on my photography. I’d love to be able to tweet without people looking at me like I’m rude! But most of all, I want to do something completely out of my comfort zone – fly to another city by myself, stay in a hotel room by myself, meet a whole heap of people I’ve never met before and actually talk to people. I need to work on getting over my shyness and this would be the perfect way to do it.

  22. 30


    Oh so generous!
    I would love to win a ticket! I live in Melbourne, have been blogging for almost a year, have two little ones and just couldn’t fit DPCon12 into our budget. It’s teasing me, being so close but yet still not able to go! I think it would be a great experience!
    Enjoy the weekend with your hubby! Thanks for the opportunity. xx

  23. 31


    Wow, so nice of you to give away your ticket, but I’m sure you’ll have a fab time with your Hubby!

    I’ve been blogging for 1 whole year now but I’ve never been to a blogger’s event, probably because of that in-built guilt of having to leave Hubby with the 3 kids while I’m undoubtedly going to be having fun ;P Winning a ticket will give me a rock-solid excuse to meet other bloggers IRL guilt-free (ok maybe just a little!), don’t you think?

  24. 34


    Thank you to everyone who entered, I wish I could give you all free passes. Congratulations to Jody from “Lemon Rhodes” on winning the ticket to #DPCon12. It was extremely hard to decide which is why the announcement is a day late. I love all your blogs and the contributions you are making to the blogosphere, keep on writing and sharing x

  25. 35


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