She Wore Flowers In Her Hair

I’ve been slightly addicted to Lana Del Rey, she moves me, I can’t wait until her album is released at the end of the month. She has beautiful videos and she’s always seen with flowers in her hair, so glamorous. I thought it might be fun to make my own headdress so I bought several different flower headbands on clearance, took them home, cut the blooms off and glue-gunned them on to a headband I already owned, you know… just because.

I adore it… so does Aidan. I’m wearing it right now just because I can. At the Vintage Fair I went to a few months ago there was a glorious hat covered in tiny pink and lilac roses and I desperately wanted to buy it but didn’t because I had no where to wear it… how stupid, I could have worn it just for kicks. I’ve learnt my lesson, just because things aren’t “in” doesn’t mean I can’t wear it… I’m slowly growing up. It cost me $20 to make, cutting up 4x $5 headbands. Sure I could have done it cheaper but I was in the moment and went with it. Next time I want to make one bigger and bolder!

This is the dress I’m wearing. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (@danimezza) you’ll have noticed I’ve been sharing my outfits everyday. I got this little beauty from Crossroads and it’s currently online for a steal at $14.95. I’m wearing a size 22 and a white singlet underneath to give me a bit of modesty.

Isn’t it so much prettier with flowers though?



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