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It’s been a long time since I last posted about my studio, so much has changed in that time so I thought I’d give you all a bit of an update. The studio is right next the the lounge room, across from the kitchen and far away enough from the bedrooms that I won’t disturb the boys when I’m doing my night owl thing. This is what the room looks like when you first walk in… “eclectic” is an understatement.

On my door I have a poster I made using Instagram photos (post coming soon), my trusty Target Enviro bag hangs from the knob and along the wall is my Business Certificate, a pom pom garland leftover from #gnid11 and a few framed pretty things to look at. Behind the door is more wrapping paper than any one person needs and my large grey backdrop gifted to me from Gisela. This is also where my Dyson usually ends up living too.

The beautiful lanterns are from Typo a few years ago, a gift from Rhi that always makes me smile and feel girlie. The lamp is from Ikea as are most of the 4×6 frames on the wall. The bird decal is from Typo, a bargain I picked up in Melbourne last year.

I’ve lusted after Kal Barteski’s work for years, she’s one of the reasons I started blogging. I find her so inspiring, ever changing, constantly emotive and a provoker of thoughts. I recently bought two of her script prints as a gift to myself for Christmas, it’s like having a piece of her in our home. When I look at them I appreciate their message but I also remember that what she does has an impact on me and my words, actions and passions will effect someone else the same way if I’m truthful, creative and allow myself to be vulnerable.

Would you believe the owners of the house left us this cabinet and for the first two years we lived here it remained in the shed outside? Eventually I saw sense and after a bit of a clean it moved inside and now stores all my photography gear, photo magazines, spare batteries, flashes etc. I thought about stripping it back and painting it but decided I liked the worn charm. My Kelly Moore Libby Bag happily hangs awaiting our next adventure.

This space always gets cluttered as it’s where I do my hair each morning. Our bathroom is too small to hold my hair straightener, hair dryer, my favourite Original Mineral products and other bulky bits so it just seemed smarter to move it all to another room and now they live in the draws. “Dream” is from Spotlight. The hand, “&” and “@” are from Typo. The blue ceramic container is filled with my 3M velcro/hook collection and the straw holder is filled with coloured pencils. The framed floral tapestry is beautifully detailed and a steal at $10 from an op shop in Nelsons Bay.

It’s my job to do the household filing and everything is easy to find in the two draw cabinet from Aldi. On top lives my Blythe doll Ellie and her makeshift wardrobe also from Aldi. My Canon printer lives on my little op shop coffee table under my desk and two of my Kenji clear draws from Officeworks are vital for my desktop to remain uncluttered. The desk was designed by me and made by whitewood warehouse and only cost $200. I wanted a longline desk which was shallow but wide enough to pile whatever I was working on beside me. The mirror is where I take my instagram outfit photos in case you were wondering.

The chair is my newest purchase, a chesterfield white faux leather dining chair with black legs. The seat is nice and wide and the extra padding is nice and soft but most of all I feel supported in it even after long hours editing. I’ve only ever had wheel-based chairs in the past and they were never quite right for me. After using one of our dining chairs when my old one broke I realised I didn’t need a typical office chair to do the job.

The pretty bunting is from our party supply box and was made by me for Aidan’s 1st Birthday, it always makes me smile when I enter the room. There are two different white curtains in the studio, both from Ikea. One panel on either side of the window is thick and sturdy, the others in the middle are soft and whimsical. The same curtains are also in the main bedroom.

I can walk into my studio, close the door and I’m in my zone. There are no distractions and I’m free to delve into the internet, make skype calls, listen to music and let the words just fall from my fingertips. My studio is freeing.

I hate wires and cords all about the place but with my job it involves a lot of cords, usually small ones that are hard to find when you need them. Whenever I see these jars in my op shop travels I have to take them home with me. Two live on my desk, a green one for pens and this yellow one keeps my “daily cords” handy.

When I was doing the big clear out over the holidays I tossed out a lot of magazines… like a lot. I’m still not sure what made me do it but I tore out a few pages I loved from each and stuck them on the wall with blutak, kind of made me feel like a teenager all over again. The signed poster is of Thirsty MercI got it at their concert (I was right at the stage) in Townsville when I was 19. I had to batt my lashes at the bouncer to let me have the only poster at the venue, eventually he pulled it down from the wall and I strutted proudly over to the band and they all signed it… one even offered to sign my chest! I can’t bare to part with it because it reminds me of crazy days of drinking, sex and loud music.

I’ve been filming some videos and editing away behind the scenes, this is just a few bulky things I need to get the job done well. I’ll be sharing a more in depth post about lighting and equipment in the coming weeks so hold tight if you’re interested. My basics include the Hanamax roll up backdrop that I got from the op shop for $10, a cheapie tripod, one of my umbrella studio lights and a mini white board to help mark points for the editing process.

This poster is my pride and joy, you might recognise it from all my videos and from the very first Mailbox Love issue. It’s actually a merchandising poster from a surf shop in my town. I walked past their window display, halted, turned around and walked in and asked to buy it. THey agreed to let me have it for free, stapled my business card to the back and promised to call me once they were done using it. I think it was about 6 months later that I got the call and I was so excited. There is no branding, marks or logos on it and it has a lovely matte finish. It’s attached to the wall using only 3M velcro strips. I get a quite a few questions about it so I thought I’d share the story.

The couch is yet another op shop find for only $40. It’s a magenta corduroy fabric and lovely to lay on and read magazines. It was in almost pristine condition and structurally sound, the only thing I had to do was shave off some of the piling and then it was like new. I really want to drag it outside and take our family portrait on it, I mean the green grass, the blue sky and a magenta couch… dreamy! The throw rug and the cushions are all from Target a few years ago and the boxes are from Ikea. The wall decal around the light switch is from typo.

So there you have it, my little corner of the house that is all mine, to do with what I like, when I like. It’s where I work, where I play, where I create and where I learn. Most of the time it looks like a complete shit storm because all that playing, creating and learning is messy business. On those bad days when I can’t even see my feet through the papers on the floor that Steve can’t manage to file or when I step on a toy car or a spiky dinosaur Aidan left laying around or magazines and PR packages pilling up on my desk, well I have these photos to look back on to remind myself that this is what this room was created for… embrace it.

 Do you have a space in your home to call your own?



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    What a beautiful workspace! I’m so insanely jealous. I have half an office that I share with my husband, and I’m in desperate need of another bookcase or some sort of storage solution, so I literally have piles of paperwork and boxes of makeup all over the floor.
    This looks like such a bright, fun, inspiring space – it must be a pleasure to work in x

  2. 4


    that space is absolutely divine, so beautiful. our back spare bedroom used to be my room but it’s currently crammed with junk, however once verge collection happens in april, i am reclaiming it back and will be looking at this post again for inspiration!!

    thanks for sharing, i love taking a sneak peak into other peoples spaces!


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    claire says

    Just like Sara-May, I am jealous of this “me space”. Loving the eclectic feel of the room and the mix of new and vintage finds……… op shop finds.

  4. 10


    Oh I LOVE your space! I especially adore your desk chair :) One day when I have a space all to myself, I am coming back to this post to get some inspiration :D

  5. 13


    It’s so gorgeous… i love the way you’ve managed to combine romantic floral with the bright colourful look!!

    And i love, love, love your chair. Good point, i think i’ve used dining chairs about 90% of the time i spend at the computer or sewing machine at home!!

  6. 16


    I claimed our spare bedroom as my office when I was working full time – but now I prefer our dining room table because I can keep an eye on the kids while I work :)

    I LOVE that poster you scored from the shops… how brave of you to ask for it and how cool they gave it to you for free!! Score!!

    I love your taste – I think I can spot a handful of things that I have myself x

  7. 18


    Ahh I love it!! It’s so inspiring! I definitely need to do this to my spare room. It’s currently a mess for all my clothes that aren’t in my current rotational wardrobe cycle! That bunting looks so bright and easy to make.

  8. 21


    I am soooo jealous of your studio! It’s AWESOME!

    I’ve been wanting to clean out our front bedroom for a while and and turn it in to my office, but with bubs arrival I just haven’t had time. My Mum has offered to come over and give me a hand so hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to get a start on it.

  9. 22


    Oh gosh, how did i not see this!? I’m incredibly jealous, it’s making me miss my old house so much. These days I rent & can’t put half of the amazing things I like to on the walls. *sigh* No more random 3am murals of unicorns across my living room..

  10. 24


    I do have my own space but it is nowhere near as pretty as yours. It also lacks the awesome light you have streaming in those windows. I have so many plans for mine…Thanks for sharing yours, it’s very inspirational!

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    I just publish my oriaingl stuff mostly. If I rip off something, I try and give credit or else change it up so there is no copyright infringement. The net is an animal that we either share and share alike or don’t get much use out of. I enjoy the wild west ways it has so far. Once the rules and laws of other media grab it, then its appeal will be diminished a bit I think.


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