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BigW: Navy Print Stripe Long Sleeve Tee $5.48 & Light Blue Value Jeans $9.00 Aidan's Own: Hat, Shoes, Belt & Tricycle

 Last week I shared that BigW had sent me a $100 gift card to buy Aidan some new clothes (keep reading for the chance to win one for yourself!) and that we had gone out and picked up two spunky, affordable outfits that will see him into the cooler months ahead. What I didn’t tell you was that the best part of all was yet to come! BigW had organised for Rachel Devine, a commercial children’s photographer to meet us at a special location for a mini photoshoot with Aidan wearing his new digs.

Being a photographer myself I never actually got around to organising official family portraits, I just used a tripod and a remote. I have so many talented contacts but orchestrating the “event” involved sorting outfits, convincing Steve to wear his, getting haircuts, being hormone-pimple-free and arriving to a location on time, often in Northern Sydney was just way too much effort not to mention it would take a fairly large chunk out of my budget. Having most of that stress taken out of the process made it so much fun and best of all Aidan had a blast and didn’t kick up a fuss, not even once.

BigW: Green Basic Long Sleeve Slub Tee $3.93 & Grey Coloured Pant $14.88 Aidan's Own: Belt & Toys

The drive from our place to Manly took just over an hour but the weather was brilliant, the sun shone brightly and it was quite warm even though we were right by the water. That didn’t phase my little man as we switched his outfits, juggling pairs of shoes and fiddling with belts. He loved Rachel thanks to her super smiley face and a few pep-talks leading up to the shoot. I’d taken along a few props and I’m so glad I did as they kept him entertained and they added a bit of extra interest to the photos.

Aidan wore a mix of his own pieces with the things we got from BigW, I didn’t want him looking like he just walked out of a catalogue. Aidan and I spent the day before laying some of his favourite belts, hats and shoes on his floor. He picked out his favourites this is what we came up with. I was a bit disappointed that it was too warm to wear the funky beanie and the hoodies we’d chosen but that can’t be helped, it was more important that he was comfortable. In the end he was wearing hardly anything at all!

BigW: Grey Coloured Pants $14.88 Aidan's Own: Belt & Toys

The shoot flew by and from the few shots Rachel showed me on the back of the camera I knew Aidan had done a super awesome job but it made waiting for the finished images absolute torture! I am extremely happy with them all and can’t get over how grown up he looks! It was also interesting to see how he looks through someone else’s eyes too, that was kind of cool. The clothes got a good work out and Aidan didn’t complain once or try to adjust them which was a good sign. As you can see the colours came up great, even after a few washes they’ve stayed the same and are still just as soft.

Now it’s your turn to kit out your little one (maybe even spoil yourself) as BigW is giving away a $100 Gift Card to one lucky reader! To enter all you have to do is answer this question:

“What is your child’s favourite thing to wear?”

Please note: The prize is x1 $100 Big W voucher which will be awarded to the most original and creative response. The winner will be chosen and delivered by Nuffnang. The giveaway will open from the 15 February 2011 and close at 5pm AEDST on 29 February 2012. One entry per person. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you directly if you are a winner. Winner will be announced in the comments section of this post. Please refer to Term & Conditions.


  1. 2


    Aww, Aidans such a handsome little model!
    As for my son, Flynns favourite thing to wear is his green Sesame Street t-shirt ( a vintage style Sesame Street print with the words ” A-B-C-Ya Later ” on it ), some basic blue shorts and sneakers. He’s such a dude!

  2. 3


    Great shots! My daughters favourite thing to wear is her undies “with her boobs out”. No matter where we’ve been, no matter how warm or cold it is, as soon as we walk in the door the clothes come off. But when she is wearing clothes she loves skirts / dresses / tights.

  3. 4

    Natalie says

    Cute photos!!
    My little Annelise loves to wear shoes. It doesn’t matter who they belong to she just loves shoes. She has a shoe fetish at 2 years old and picks new shoes over toys. She can also walk in very high stilletos up and down the stairs!!

    • 7


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    • 8


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  4. 9


    Great photos – spunky little model there!

    My 4 year old prefers pants off fashion when at home… once I manage to get him dressed though he prefers a pair of denim shorts and a polo shirt – he loves collars.

  5. 10


    Wow our little dude looks great in that gear,he looks so happy too! I have recently seen first hand how he likes to select his clothes. Lovely to see the photos.

  6. 12


    My little princesses love hats and shoes and in particular, my eldest girl loves anything blue. My Mum bought a long sleeved skivvy+cardi set in bright blue from Big W last winter and she wore it til the sleeves were nearly up to her elbows!

  7. 13


    My Daughter LOVES dresses!! She loves to pick her clothes and every outfit she wears her pale pink crocs… No matter what colour dress she has! So Imagine a Aqua Baby doll dress, her pale pink crocs White sunglasses and A yellow hat!! She needs some serious help in the fashion department! She’s cute though, she gets tons of points for trying ;)

  8. 14

    Hannah Stewart says

    Indigo’s favourite thing to wear are dresses – mostly because they are easy to put on and take off, but also because she likes flashing her nappy or bloomers at everyone!

  9. 15

    Kristie says

    Love the pics… having prof photos taken must have been so lovely for you.

    My sons favourite thing to wear are really lightweight shorts and funky printed tees… Simply comfortable and easy to play in.

  10. 18


    I keep catching Miss 2 clomping around in her big sister’s boring old black school shoes. They seem to tickle her fancy in some way, perhaps she thinks if she wears them enough, she can go to school too!

  11. 19


    gorgeous pics dani! he looks like he had a ball, it’s my favourite park because there is so much to do for everyone and the weather was just perfect!


  12. 22


    Raising nudists there isn’t much that they feel they need to be wearing. The one thing both my kids have had a strangely strong attraction to is socks.
    Yep, they will be running around starkers in winter, little bottoms out, but won’t let you take their socks off. Nooo.

  13. 23


    Aiden is so cute. What lovely pictures to have.
    My son’s fav thing to wear at the moment is his pyjamas because they are ‘stripey like a zebra’. Does not make dressing in the morning very easy though!

  14. 24


    Beautiful photos!

    Unfortunately, my son’s favourite clothing is ANY Thomas the Tank engine t-shirt, with Thomas the Tank Engine Jocks (who needs to wear pants/shorts in this day and age!?) and an ugly pair of bright pink gumboots!

    All. At. Once.

    My daughter loves clothes and will put layers of them on.
    Once she fancied going out with a dress of her’s on. A t shirt of her brother’s over it.
    A pair of her plastic pilchers on her head,
    My maternity bra draped around her neck like a scarf, one of my red and white stripey thongs on one foot (the shoe! Not the underwear! Hehe) and one of her brother’s runners on the other.

    But I had a massive fight convincing her to get it all off!

  15. 25


    I’m totally entering!! I love the shot of Aiden playing with the diggers in the sand [the 1st one] gorgeous!

    Addie’s fav thing to wear atm is her ballerina tutu with her “Beautiful fairy princess necklaces” as she calls them. Sooooo cliche – but then she’s not old enough to know that its unoriginal – so it IS her original IYKWIM.

    • 27


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  16. 28

    Katherine says

    My little girl loves her shoes, even though she’s only 16 months (heaven help me!). All I have to say is “c’mon, let’s get your shoes” and she will stop whatever she is doing and search for them, then do a little happy dance in front of me with them in her hand and then plop onto her bottom for me to put them on for her. All with a huge smile on her face – it’s pretty cute.

  17. 29


    “Mum! Is it going to be cold today”
    No honey, it’s going to be hot …
    “Ohhhhhhhhhh (grumble grumble) I want to wear my Rock Star Jeans! Do have to wear shorts agaaaaaaaain?!”
    Yes Dear.

    Every. Single. Morning.
    Summer sucks when you’re three and seriously in love with your skinny jeans.

    • 30



      Your little girl made me giggle so much as I’m exactly the same way about my skinny jeans and I just love dressing up for winter. Hope she has fun picking out some new threads for her “rock star” wardrobe!

      Dani x

  18. 31

    Christy says

    My son’s most favourite item of clothing is his undies…no, seriously. If it is over 20 degrees you will find him in just his underwear (at home only, I have convinced him that clothing is necessary if we leave the house). His “most comfy undies” are a green pair of boy-leg jocks with rockets on them :)

  19. 33


    Aidan is such a handsome little chap – love the photos, they’ve captured him AND the clothes really well. I’m definitely getting my little man some of those grey trousers. Love them!

    Felix loves shoes – he can delay bedtime for hours just putting his shoes/sandals/dip-dops (flip flops – aka thongs)/boots on and off then stacking them on and off the shelf. It’s not restricted to his own shoes and it really is a sight to see him traipsing around with no clothes on in just his Pop’s size 12 sandals! Where there’s a will….. ;)

  20. 34

    Tracy Williams says

    My youngest loves collared shirts, my eldest loves collared shirts…but mainly they love wearing underpants…JUST underpants LOL xo

  21. 35


    My almost-three-year-old twins are obsessed with the home made super hero capes and masks I made them! And accessories. They love a good hat, scarf, necklace.

  22. 36

    Ally says

    My Sam’s favourite thing to wear are his Bonds Wondersuits.

    Ok, so maybe they aren’t HIS favourites, but he’s 8 months old, he’s my last baby, and I love a Wondersuited bub.

    I’m gonna drag them out for as long as possible.

    • 37

      Lee says

      Yep – I STILL dress my 15mth old in bond suits.
      It’s just hard to find ones that still fit him [he’s a size 2] that don’t look like pyjamas.

  23. 38

    Dani says

    Aiden is just too cute!!!

    Mason’s favoutite thing to wear is his red Elmo bucket hat. It just has elmo’s eyes and nose on it. It wust be worn at all times and saves him from the “hot” aka sun.its really cute when he wears it with his cape top coz he looks like a little flying Elmo

  24. 39

    Susan says

    My sons favorite thing to wear are my “new” pink gardening gloves!! Every day he puts one on and then needs help with the other! I am not allowed to wear then!

    They are 6 months old but still “new” as I had to go and buy an ugly pair for me to actually use in the garden! These ones, my son declared are HIS and he uses then in the house for everything EXCEPT gardening!!

  25. 40

    Claire says

    Aiden is just gorgeous in these photos, and what beautiful photos they are too! My sons favourite thing to wear are his Daddy’s thongs! He runs over to them, shouting “shoes, shoes”, puts them on and parades around the house (gosh knows how he manages to walk in them-they’re as tall as the length of his legs) saying “Dadda shoes!”

  26. 41

    Cheree Robinson says

    Miss Almost 2 LOVES LOVES LOVES to wear her Spunkerella Pettiskirt!

    For a child that isn’t even 2 she knows what she wants and how to get it. Everyday she walks me to her cupboard saying “kirt” “kirt” “kirt”… aka “skirt”

    As soon as I put it on her she twirls and twirls and dances to The Fairies.

    • 42


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  27. 45


    Violet is a child of nature. She choose to be free and naked 99% of the time. If she has a nappy on she requires something over the top of it so she can not rip it off.

    She also choose to wear a pair of love heart glasses and he loui vuitton handbag. It really is very cute but not at school drop off and pick up.

  28. 46


    What beautiful Photos!

    Campbell’s favourite thing to wear is shoes! And they dont have to be his. he can be in nothing but a nappy, he has to have shoes on.

    • 47


      Hi JudyThank you for your lovely cnotemms and I believe being a little smug from time to time is perfectly healthy. Lets work on finding you the perfect leather jackets. Stop by again soon.RegardsJo

    • 48


      First thing that comes to mind is a scientific scale. You will pay for it, but crodisening how many cheap ones you buy and throw away, it pays off in the long term. I would expect a >10 year life from a scientific/industrial piece of equipment. They should also have calibration, so you can correct it if it drifts. I wont link, but graysonline(.com) have a 7.5kg max, 0.1g interval, +/-0.3g linearity. Current bid = AU$169It might be a case of doing it once and doing it properly, instead of cycling scales every few years. On the other hand, maybe I’m just watching to much of Heston.

  29. 49


    I’ve never been able to tell any of my children what to wear, so I have just gone with the flow & enjoyed watching them find their own style. Some of their choices are startling – today Mr 4 is into Indian Jones, so it’s cargo pants, stained orange shirt, a rope belt with various ‘equipments’ hanging off it, leapard print gum boots & an ancient & beaten up scout hat. He’s loving it, & so am I!

  30. 50


    My son loves to boardies and a singlet, even in winter! And my daughter loves anything in pink and purple, particularly swimmers, as she is rarely out of the water! Mostly they love anything but their school uniform!

  31. 51

    natasha andrews says

    My daughters are like chalk and cheese. Miss 3 loves pink tutus and dresses while miss % is much happier in shorts and T-shirts from the boys wear section. But the one thisng they have in common is they are both happiest when I let them choose their own things!

  32. 52


    The outfits you chose Aiden are very cool!
    As I have 3 kids the $100 would be very handy. Their Favourite things are as follows

    Mason 11 loves a good WWE shirt and even when I clean out his cupboards of small wwe
    shirts he always puts them back in.

    Airlie 6 loves anything that is girly from dresses and skirts to shoes.

    Aston 20mths loves his shoes on day or night. His fave pair of shoes are blue gumboots.

  33. 53

    Stephanie says

    Well if i had a hypothetical child they would be in blue and greens and purples, boy or girl doesnt matter.
    Pretty much just running around in Jocks/Nundies because it is far to warm, $100 from Big W would go a long way for him/her.

  34. 54

    Tamara says

    Miss 9 is obsessed with fluffy, tutu skirts – not really conducive to all the tree climbing she does, but whatever. She makes it work. Miss 11? If it’s quirky, she’s happy. The nerdier, the better. She’s got an awesome collection of Dr Who tshirts, and watches Big Bang Theory as much to check out Sheldon’s shirts as for the laughs!! Mr 17 – black. Camo. That’s it. All year round. Sigh.

  35. 55


    Currently my son’s favourite thing to wear are my shoes which he clonks around the house in and also my bright pink hair towel… he wears it like a veil!

  36. 56

    micp says

    Miss E Aged 5….anything other than pants (Godforbid!) lol
    Miss M Aged 3…Little miss shortcake singlet…shirt/dress over the top is optional :)

  37. 58

    Chantel says

    My sons fav thing to wear.. Hmm food.. Lol.. From head to toe, in his hair & ears also..

    Clothes wise- he loves good old boardies thongs and a bonds singy (singlet) QLD weather is pretty tropical!

    Winter wise he loves wearing converse chucks jeans and plaid or stripey shirts simple yet stylish on my wee rugrat


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