Paddle & Kick

Aidan started going to swimming lessons again with Steve as his support person.

He was nervous at first but as soon as he saw the water he was so excited.

Steve was a little nervous too as he’s not a great swimmer but you couldn’t tell.

You couldn’t wipe the smile off their faces. It made me happy to see them so happy.

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Aidan was always the first to face a new challenge.

I loved swimming growing up and I can see it being a big part of Aidan’s childhood.

I was sad I wasn’t his support person this time but still happy to take these photos.

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Everyday he’s asked to go swimming, I might have to go with him midweek.

My son… the teachers pet.

They played games and laughed a lot.

He tried to use the kick board but wasn’t really sure what to do with it.

20 minutes later class concluded with “If you’re happy and you know it”…

… and we sung and clapped the whole way home.

 Do your kids do swimming lessons?


  1. 1

    sally says

    Hi Dani,

    Just curious… Did you ask permission from the other families at swimming to publish these photos on your blog?

    I would really hate it if someone did that to me, that’s all. Food for thought.

    Sally : )

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    He looks like he’s having SO MUCH FUN! I can’t swim and swimming pools + my kids freaks me out. I want Addie to have swimming lessons, but getting the Dad to be the support might be a good solution for us because I don’t want to pass on my fear. I also reckon if someone took fab photos and gave me print outs, I’d be so happy :) Lucky kids in his class.

  3. 5

    charlie says

    the photo idea sound great and im sure they dont have someone with the best camera taking pics of their kids this often.
    we dont do swimming lessons yet but we go to the same pool, i love the depth of the pool, we can walk around and still hold on to bubs without bending over

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    We have just started swimming lessons with our Little Strudel (11 mths) and at first she HATED it, but slowly, each lesson she is learning to have fun. I’m a bit jealous of your photos though. I am the one in the water with my but and I had my hubby come along for the first lesson and asked him to take some photos of us. Truly I don’t even know what he was pointing the camera at. I have all kinds of out of focus photos of water!


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