Rough & Tumble BigW Style

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Last week was rough, actually the last few weeks have been. Our little family is adjusting to changes, we’re growing, exploring and quite often we’re tired too. I’m still getting used to my domestic routine and spending more time with my camera, Steve’s trying to deal with new work challenges and Aidan is determined to do absolutely everything all by himself. Each of us is requiring a little more patience and a little more time to breathe, to play it cool. It had rained for days and we’d been trapped in the house for fear of “boredom spending” you know, when you walk around the shops just to be out and then you end up going home with bags of stuff you didn’t know you needed, yeah that. So you can imagine when BigW sent me a $100 voucher to buy Aidan some new threads from their Rough & Tumble range we were dressed and out the door in minutes.

The new BigW Baby to Toddler Catalogue had arrived the day before and I’d already made a few marks and even Steve had picked out a few things he liked for Aidan, he’s a big BigW fan and always looks out for their catalogues. We were both pretty surprised by the varied styles of clothes available for boys and the prices were good. Aidan needed a few basics for the cooler months ahead and also for Daycare as I didn’t like him wearing his designer tees as they always came back stained from play but with these he could go nuts.

It was all a bit of a blur, we were in and out within half an hour. I wanted to go relatively early to make sure we got the styles in the sizes we needed… apparently everyone in town had the same idea, it was madness!!! One woman grabbed one “size 4” garment from every boys style available then huddled away in the lingerie department sorting through her pile picking out what she wanted and discarding the rest. Totally crazy. I wasn’t like that, I found selecting what I want in advance meant I could just swoop in and grab what I need. Aidan enjoyed it, he loves getting dressed and creating his own outfits. He helped me by choosing the colours and pulling the trolley basket, oh how I love those things!

Aidan got some great tops, hoodies and pants but he also got some more jocks. Did I tell you he hasn’t worn a single nappy for three weeks now? He’s had a few random accidents at night time but nothing major. I even managed to take him to the cinema and he stayed dry the entire time, I was so proud. He’s changed so much, there are less tantrums and his self confidence has soared. As a special treat for being so helpful that day he got a Hot Wheels Car which he hasn’t put down since.

When we got home I laid out the two little outfits I’d picked for Aidan. I still couldn’t believe Aidan had picked out the beanie. I had told him he could buy any hat he liked and was deciding between an Elmo beanie and a Cookie Monster beanie then out of the corner of his eye he saw the big blue Mambo pom pom beanie. Aidan pulled it off the rack, popped it on his head and squealed “This one Mumma!”. I’d never been prouder as he dropped it into the basket and did a little happy dance. This kid has his own style and I could afford to accomodate it, especially at these prices!

OUTFIT ONE: “Chill Out Dude”

  • MAMBO Earmuff Pom Pom Beanie (o/s) $13.92
  • Blue Zip Thru Hoodie (size 3) $9.48 special $9.00
  • Green Basic Slub Tee Shirt Long Sleeve (size 3) $3.93
  • Grey Coloured Pant (size 2) $14.88
  • also shown: Rio jocks and Aidan’s own shoes + socks
  • TOTAL SPEND = $41.73

OUTFIT TWO: “Racing Stripes”

  • Red Zip Thru Hoodie (size 3) $9.48 special $9.00
  • Navy Print Stripe Tee Shirt Long Sleeve (size 3) $5.48
  • Light Blue Value Jean (size 2) $9.00
  • also shown: Rio jocks and Aidan’s own shoes, socks + belt.
  • TOTAL SPEND = $23.48

Steve prefers Rio jocks (just incase you were interested) and Aidan’s the same. We’ve offered him special Elmo or Chuggington jocks but he prefers his black 5x pack Rio Briefs and at only $11.84 I have no problem with that at all. We’ve now bought three identical packs and five jocks live permanently in his school bag just incase he has any accidents at daycare. I also picked up two White Boys Basics Sueded Long Sleeve Tee’s for $5.48 each simply because they’ll look great when worn underneath his Threadless Tees and they are super snuggly soft. There were so many more styles and brands but they weren’t to our taste, we’re not big on commercial prints or typography tees. That said, if Aidan didn’t have so many short sleeve tees I definitely would have picked up a few more basic ones as they were really nice and soft. Instead I decided to keep the remaining amount on the gift card to go towards something fun for Aidan the next time we have a rainy day.

The gloomy weather ended and the sun shone brightly so we headed out to play with Aidan all decked out in his new rough & tumble threads and BigW were kind enough to make sure we’d never forget a moment… check back soon to see the photos!!!


  1. 3


    great outfits! you did so well for your $100 and I’m loving reading what everyone spent!

    oh it was crazy at my store too, first day of the catalogue sale always is!


  2. 7



    Big W are great for daycare/weekend basics…. they wash and wear pretty well, they’re cheap and you can usually find basics…. plain tees, cardigans, pants etc it’s not all licensed or part of sets etc

  3. 11


    I remember taking a certain young lady shopping and she was always insistent on choosing her own clothes too. Colours were either in or out, and you would stand in the change room asking me,do I look pretty? Ï love the outfits and just wish there was a store nearer to us. Can’t wait to see his photos. love you all.

    • 14


      Aww… “hello”… that is so sweet, thank you Sharlee x Katie’s posts have always left me feeling raw and a little exposed, she is my Pioneer Woman :)

  4. 15


    That beanie is adorable, your son has style! BigW is great for basics, I get a lot of my singlets, plain tees & pj’s because they are such a great price and super comfy.

  5. 16

    Caz Makepeace says

    Gorgeous clothes. I was really impressed. And I found it really busy there as well. There were lots of empty clothes racks.

    Know what you mean about the boredom spending. We’ve been doing that a little too much on coffees.

    Hope this week is going better for you!

  6. 17

    Kelly says

    Love his gorgeous little outfits, his lovely little personality is really blossoming, I’m loving the person he’s becoming Dani, you and Steve have done an awesome job! Xoxo


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