Funky Pajamas


Aidan has been in the nude all summer, especially at bedtime so with winter around the corner we headed to the shops to find some funky new PJs. As soon as Aidan saw these brightly coloured dinosaur flannelette PJs at Target he jumped up and down like he'd won the lottery, it was so cute that people passing by stopped and said "awww how cute". Thankfully they were pretty cheap, sorry I can't remember how much exactly. I guess it didn't really matter how much they were because of that ... [ Discover More ]

Blythe Swap with Something for Kate


"Eeeeeeeeek, Mumma it's the last present from the swap!!!" "Oh I'm so excited!!! (rip-tear-shred)" "Umm sorry about the mess Mumma, I just couldn't wait." "Look I got funky knee high socks and OMG... PINK BOOTS!!!" "Not only that but I also got the cutest handmade smock dress *squeal*!!!" "Hey, check out my new kicks." "What was that Mumma? You want a pair in your size?" "Thanks Kate for my new threads and kick ass boots!" I feel totally spoilt, thank you Kate for being so ... [ Discover More ]

Blythe Swap with One Crafty Mumma


"Mumma I got another present! Can I open it? Pretty pleeeeeeeeeease!" "Oh WOW,  Mel from One Crafty Mumma sent me a dress from one of my favourite designers! How did she know I already owned two? I love it so much..." "... but just between you and me Mumma, I think the little pink cardigan is the bomb-diggity." "Look at the stitches and the colour, oh the pink is divine!" "Seriously Mumma, it will go with absolutely EVERYTHING I own!" "Check out my new dress and matching beret, it ... [ Discover More ]

Blythe Swap with My Poppet Shop


As I mentioned in my last post about Ellie, I participated in a swap with a few special ladies. We each had to made three little gifts to send out to one another, all relating to Blythe in some way. I'd never participated in a Blythe swap before and it was quite nerve wrecking being a total newbie. The first package arrived from Cintia at My Poppet and Ellie was so excited!  "Oh look Mumma* I got a parcel and check out the packing tape... Soooooooo Cuuuuuuute!!!" "Ohhhh and look at the ... [ Discover More ]



This is Ellie, she's my very first, one and only, Blythe Doll. There are few people who fall head over heels for a doll, especially one with such odd proportions and creepy colour changing eyes but I did and I fell hard. It started a few years ago as I stumbled around craft blogs, flickr and the magical land of Etsy. It was like Barbie for grown ups except this doll wasn't an over achieving, wannabe princess. Blythe had attitude, tiny boobs and a big head full of dreams. I've looked at these ... [ Discover More ]

LIVE CHAT- Bree Warren, Plus Size Model


I'll be interviewing Bree Warren, Australian Plus Size Model and regular face of ASOS Curve on Thursday 22nd March at 9pm AEST, check your local time here. This is how Spreecast works: RSVP by clicking the button below, you don't even need to sign in! You can participate in real time, interact with other attendees, comment and ask questions, it's awesome. Click the "Chat" button on the side of the Spreecast frame and a pop up window will open allowing you to see all the attendee ... [ Discover More ]

The Tide is High


I watched as my personality seemed to shrink in front of the mirror as I stood there, my eyes grey and bemused by my reflection. I slipped on my favourite SARA swimsuit, I loved how I felt in it, secure yet colourful. My eyes caught a glimpse of my inner upper thighs and I shuddered, how did I get this lazy? Once firm taught flesh had become chubby, soft and saggy, I felt far from sexy and tired of feeling so blah. It was late in the afternoon and Steve and Aidan were playing outside, I could ... [ Discover More ]

Totally Golden


A few people might have noticed the the brass peacock I posted on instagram the other day. I'd just finished up at my massage appointment to de-stress my "blogging shoulder" and on the way back to the car I walked past an op shop (which had closed for the day) and saw this little beauty for only $5. I vowed to go back the next day and make it mine. Isn't he beautiful! I was determined to just duck in and out of the op shop, I'm trying to save money not spend more. I walked up to the shelf ... [ Discover More ]

The Fashion Front for FFFWeek™ 2012


The announcement has been made... I'll be a member of "The Fashion Front", an official blogger for Full Figure Fashion Week™ 2012. One of a select few who will have full access to all areas of the event; the in's, the out's and behind the scenes. I can't even begin to tell you how excited this makes me. The event is from the 13th-16th June (just 12 weeks away) and will be hosted in New York, the city that never sleeps, the place where dreams, even the highest of the highs can be reached. I'm ... [ Discover More ]

Skinny Cargo


I fell in love with a pair of pants on the internet, this happens occasionally and is usually followed by a flood of doubt. Will they fit? If I bend over will they show my gorgeous crack? Will I get camel toe? You know, these are the big questions women ask themselves when they take the risk of buying pants online. Since I'm usually the one convincing you to buy all those pretty things on my Curvy Couture pinterest board I figured I should be the one to take a risk, to sacrifice my savings and ... [ Discover More ]

Pearly Whites


... or should I say "Partly Yellow"? I didn't smoke, I brushed my teeth, I went to the dentist and ate all my vegetables. However in high school I developed a few additional bad habits such as a taste for potato cakes with chicken salt, licorice sherbet bombs and litres upon litres of coca cola. All this affected not only my teeth but also my weight, personal fitness and emotional wellbeing... and you thought this post was just going to be about teeth! After I moved in with Steve and my Mum ... [ Discover More ]

10 Things to Take to an Event


#1 - PENS: Don't assume that they will be at the event, you will need one to write down product codes you love, names of people you want to google when you get home, notes of what was on the menu and writing down your details for others if you happen to loose or run of business cards. #2 - BUSINESS CARDS: Take five times the amount you think you'll need, it's better to have more than less. You may be handing your card to someone and then out pops somebody new asking if they can have one as ... [ Discover More ]

Where I want to be


My parents live in a beautiful place only 3 hours away from our house. Every Thursday night we look at each other, mentally doing our accounts and working out a timeline in our heads. Could we manage to steal away for a few days and give Aidan some downtime with his Grandparents? Could we manage to go on that elusive date night? Could the laundry be forgotten for one more week? More often than not we spend our weekends doing said laundry, mowing the lawns and catching up on domestic duties. It ... [ Discover More ]

Thankfully Grounded


I’m not sure why I let it affect me so much, this feeling of inadequacy, the mistrust in my own decisions and constant fear of social rejection. I know these feelings have been around much longer than my career in social media, so why is it taking me so long to shift my mindset? Surely my teenage years are over and it’s time to become a confident adult… right? Despite pulling back on social engagements in order to free up more time to writing, creating content and exploring new creative ... [ Discover More ]