Funky Pajamas

Aidan has been in the nude all summer, especially at bedtime so with winter around the corner we headed to the shops to find some funky new PJs.

As soon as Aidan saw these brightly coloured dinosaur flannelette PJs at Target he jumped up and down like he’d won the lottery, it was so cute that people passing by stopped and said “awww how cute”. Thankfully they were pretty cheap, sorry I can’t remember how much exactly.

I guess it didn’t really matter how much they were because of that smile.

Aidan loves attempting to do up his own buttons now, he’s only ever really worn T’shirts so hasn’t had the practice. I love the little blue piping detail and the cute little cuffs too.

If for some reason his clothes had been removed during the night at potty time or if he had an accident, in the morning he would demand to wear his PJs at breakfast. Apparently cereal and cartoons aren’t the same without them now.

The next time I was in Target I grabbed another set, I was so thrilled he was agreeing to wear clothes to bed I didn’t mind. We’re all naked sleepers at our house and with Aidan’s tendency to kick the blankets off I was worried he’d have more of a chance of getting sick. I’m so glad we found these adorable PJs.

What do you wear to bed?


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    Oh! Is it weird that I want those pj’s for myself? Except I can’t stand flannelette. I need to pick up some new winter pjs, living back with my parents means I really should wear pjamas. Funnily enough, Target tends to be the place I buy my PJs from!

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    Loving those PJs! I think I wouldn’t mind a set, actually! In my house, I’m a singlet and boxers gal, same as my husband. I used to be a nudie rudie, but it’s too cold in London to do that now.

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