Pearly Whites

… or should I say “Partly Yellow”?

I didn’t smoke, I brushed my teeth, I went to the dentist and ate all my vegetables. However in high school I developed a few additional bad habits such as a taste for potato cakes with chicken salt, licorice sherbet bombs and litres upon litres of coca cola. All this affected not only my teeth but also my weight, personal fitness and emotional wellbeing… and you thought this post was just going to be about teeth!

After I moved in with Steve and my Mum was no longer standing over me telling me to do such unholy things as going to the dentist I swung by without a care for a few years. Life was good. Infertility sucked and the medication the doctors prescribed screwed with my hormones and as a lovely little side effect ruined my gums. I went off the meds and they slowly returned to normal and then I fell pregnant with Aidan, hormones went crazy, as did my gums.

It got to the point where my wisdom teeth started to crowd my jaw and my gums were so sore and swollen that I made an appointment to see the dentist when Aidan was only 2 weeks old. They looked at the mess that was my mouth and said “err we didn’t schedule enough time to do all of this so we’ll take some xrays, give them a clean and you can come back in two weeks”. Suffice to say I didn’t go back. I was busy with a brand new baby, my teeth were the last of my problems.

Finally a year later I return, they clean them again and point out that I’ll need 6 fillings but they can’t do them all at once, they’ll break them up over a few visits. Oh and we may have to look at pulling out my wisdom teeth as well. Awesome. We have private health insurance which helps but it’s not the money that concerns me, it’s the time it would take. So as a result it’s been over a year since I’ve been there.

Aidan is in daycare once a week. Every time that day rolls around I think to myself, “I should have made a dentist appointment” but then I think “oh well” and carry on with my day. After all that one day a week is my busiest day full of editing, writing, conference calls and project planning, it’s my alone time. Why would I want to spend half (if not all of it) at a dentist’s office?

This is where my vanity creeps in. “You don’t want to keep your teeth in a jar do you?“. “You do want the soft minty breath of a princess, right?“. I realise something has to give if I want to stop feeling self conscious when I open my mouth. A few hours over a couple of Tuesday mornings is nothing really in comparision to what my mouth could end up like if I don’t.

I’ve wanted to whiten my teeth forever but I can’t see the point in investing in dentist in-chair treatments if they’re not taken care of first. I’ve dabbled in different DIY whitening applications like pens and strips and whilst they’ve been effective to a point, I really think my smile would benefit from professional treatment. I know this because I’ve seen first hand what it did for my Mum’s smile and confidence after she had her teeth fixed and whitened last year, you couldn’t turn off her mega watt smile!

Being in a job that entails being photographed at any given day, meeting people at events and needing to feel confident alongside a runway or whilst interviewing a model or celebrity… one REALLY wants to look their best. When speaking to someone, most of the time they’ll find themselves watching your mouth as you speak, all the emphasis is on that area, why wouldn’t you want them to look perfect?

This year I intend to travel, take lots of photos, wear lots of lovely outfits, expand on my video production and above all take care of my family and myself. 2012 has already been and will continue to be an amazing year, I can feel it. i just want to be able to put my best face forward.

Do you take care of your teeth?


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    My teeth are so terrible! They got butchered by UK dentists then Aussie dentists and I just don’t have any faith any more that going to the dentist is worth the time, money, effort and pain!

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    Permanently 23 says

    Absolutely! I am anal about getting them checked every 6 months, more from a preventative health POV really. I have a friend that spends thousands on his teeth because he ignored them for many years. Value your health and your teeth, DM. x

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    I love going to the dentist! Everyone tells me I’m weird but it’s true. I’d rather go to the dentist any day than the doctor. Having said that I don’t have any fillings. I look after my teeth very well to keep it that way!

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      Yes been in offices where they use both take home trays and zoom. Seems like the zoom pt are happy with the imemdiate results then make statements about the bleaching not last or looking as white as when they left the office. Wonder if it could be from the drying of the tooth caused by the light. I think most pt are having having both the zoom and touch up with trays. C

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    Stephanie says

    I got 8 fillings so far and they arent white. Recently had a wisdom tooth pulled.
    Fillings they did 2 at a time. If i were you id book yourself in the morning when aidan is away and get 2 done at a time. Get wisdom tooth out one or 2 at a time just keeping it in the chair. Take your ipod and you will be fine :D music saved me, as long as i didnt hum

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    I haven’t been to a dentist in years. But yes it’s on my “to do soon” list. Although it’s important, I keep putting it off, not sure I’ll ever make it there. lol

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    I haven’t been to the dentist since before I had my braces. My mother never scheduled me a dentist’s appointment because, while orthodontia was clearly important, my actual dental health didn’t really take a front burner. That being said, I have straight-ish teeth from several thousands of dollars of orthodontial work that are also yellow from a lot of time spent not caring for them. I really should make an appointment…

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      Ah that sucks! I’m kind of looking forward to my appointment now because rather than focus on how uncomfortable I’ll be, I’m think of how great they’ll look afterwards :)

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