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A few people might have noticed the the brass peacock I posted on instagram the other day. I’d just finished up at my massage appointment to de-stress my “blogging shoulder” and on the way back to the car I walked past an op shop (which had closed for the day) and saw this little beauty for only $5. I vowed to go back the next day and make it mine.

Isn’t he beautiful!

I was determined to just duck in and out of the op shop, I’m trying to save money not spend more. I walked up to the shelf with Aidan holding my hand, I grabbed the “pretty birdie” which is about the size of an ashtray and with blinkers on, walked directly to the counter. I felt so proud… until I got there.

Underneath the glass top counter was a glimmer of gold glomesh. I couldn’t contain myself, my blood started pumping, a mix of nerves and adrenolin kicked in and I couldn’t hold back. “Hi, umm could I have a closer look at the gold bag please?”. The pretty shiny bag of awesomeness suckered me in just when I thought I was safe.

I checked the bag for any broken links, faulty hardware and stained lining but found nothing. At one point I willed for  a deal breaker, some hideous mark that wouldn’t allow me to justify spending $30 on it… I didn’t find any at all. It looks pristine. I checked to see if it was an original and as far as I’m concerned it is. I was sold.


I justified the purchase, I didn’t own a gold golmesh bag, only silver and white and lets be honest, every woman’s wardrobe needs a gold bag… right? Ahh… who cares, I love it so much! My favourite glomesh bags are the slinky kind, they feel soft like butter despite being made of metal, it’s hard to describe. I’ve tucked it away in a special soft bag for special occasions as I’d hate to see it being dragged around the house by Aidan.

Have you scored anything from the op shop lately?



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    Love the finds – so lucky!

    I actually purchased a black glomesh bag, but it is more like an oversized clutch ($10) and a white one, kinda like yours but not as slinky (15) and real glomesh!

    Was tempted to put them on ebay, but I like them too much haha.

    Talitha xx

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      I will have to try it one of these months, but I have sotheming important tomorrow that requires me to drive in. I suppose I could hoof it up to the MCA and then back down again and drive home… we’ll see.

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    That peacock is lovely! What a bargain!

    Now I prefer my bags bigger and with less… sparkles. But finding such a good item in prime condition in an op shop is a rare find! It is indeed lovely~ <3

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    Loving the Glomesh! I found a vintage Oroton Glomesh bag last year. Absolutely beautiful, I don’t think you can beat the original thing!

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    Jill says

    I had a silver one exactly like it. Also the sunglasses case, compact, key wallet, wallet, perfume atomiser and cigarette packet case.

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