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My parents live in a beautiful place only 3 hours away from our house. Every Thursday night we look at each other, mentally doing our accounts and working out a timeline in our heads. Could we manage to steal away for a few days and give Aidan some downtime with his Grandparents? Could we manage to go on that elusive date night? Could the laundry be forgotten for one more week? More often than not we spend our weekends doing said laundry, mowing the lawns and catching up on domestic duties. It sucks but such is life.

However a few weeks ago Steve decided to take a Friday off and we scooted up the coast to chill and did we ever. We’d been driving each other nuts, constantly snapping and shouting. It wasn’t good, actually it’s the shittiest we’d been in long looong while. I’d mad e a personal decision to pull back on my crazy blogging schedule but at the same time started to resent him for it. Steve felt like he was missing out on half my life because he didn’t really understand what I did. We needed to escape the house, play scrabble and hang out at the beach. Since we’ve been back everything is golden, just like everything in marriage it came down to compromise and understanding. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that spending time and money on trips away is still an investment not just a splurge.

Steve never felt like an outsider when it came to my family, he just is and will always be a part of it. He craves the comfort of my parents knowledge, care and good food just as much as I do. Aidan seems to burst with excitement as soon as anyone even mentions the prospect of Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It’s a place of adventures and tickle fights, he knows the rules, sleeps through the night and knows where the potty and all the toys are. These times when the sun shines, sharing lunch by the water, holding hands and skipping, the laughter rolling out of you like an unstoppable wave of happiness… well it makes the distance and the longing worth it.


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    Just beautiful, Dani! It’s so true, we really should be investing our precious time in enjoying moments with our loved ones. What a gorgeous (and well-deserved) getaway. The laundry can go to heck! x

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    I love packing a bag & going on a trip even for a day, some days breathing new air seeing different people can totally change the way you think, feel & even what you want to say.


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    “Sometimes it’s easy to forget that spending time and money on trips away is still an investment not just a splurge.”

    i love, love, *LOVE* that line because it’s true! we’re going away in may. it was supposed to be just down south for a couple of days [2 hr drive away to a place we go nearly every weekend in summer] but then an idea got planted and like i do i ran with it and now we’re headed to NSW for 6 nights. we’re boarding a plane, doing lots of driving and we’re going on an adventure.

    this took a lot of convincing to make happen. Guv isn’t happy about the money we are spending – he isn’t happy about having to get on a plane – he hates to fly and he has mentioned on more than one occasion, how he wishes we were just still heading down south but i fought and am fighting hard for this trip. our last trip away together was 18 months ago and that was just down south again for 3 nights. before that it was to tasmania in 2007 for 4 nights. this interstate trip, no ADVENTURE, is long overdue and i cannot tell you how much i am looking forward to it.

    it’s time for us, to reconnect away from normality, from everyday life.


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    chantel says

    isn’t it wonderful to have a place that you can ‘reset’ everything. we have a similar place about the same distance away and has a magical effect!

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    find the essence of you both..the couple who love each other and love their son…is soooo important to keeping your love and your lives enriched and together…so glad to read this and see such great family shots… Love D

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