Yesterday my Grandparents “Poppy” and “Grandma” (my father’s parents) came to visit us for the afternoon. We hadn’t seen them since September and Grandma had been quite ill. Even though we only live a few hours drive away, Aidan’s constant sniffles and colds made it difficult to visit for fear of making her condition worse. It was lovely to see her so well and playful.

Aidan couldn’t get enough them both, he loved them to bits and as you can tell they loved him right back. They played cars, trucks, bubbles, bikes… anything his tiny heart desired but almost everything ended in a tickle fight, even this photo.

Steve and I had just gotten back from our little overnight escape up the Blue Mountains so it was a real special homecoming, a house filled with love and relatives. Moments like this remind me how beautiful family really is and how easy it is to forget to cherish it.


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    Aw, such a great post, and yes family is so important. One thing I miss, being back in Sydney, is my Grandmother. Last time I lived here, she was alive and living with us, I not have her room, so it’s constant memories. Hope you had a great time up the Mountains!

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