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Last month we added two more peeps to our family unit. Steve thought Aidan was more than ready to have his first pet, I on the other hand disagreed and knew that within a few weeks they would become my pets to care for. I sent Steve and Aidan out for dog food one Saturday morning and they came back with a fish tank set up as well as the dog food. I sighed and resigned myself to the fact that I was now the proud owner of fish babies. The tank was set up for almost three weeks before we eventually headed out and bought the fish, you could say I was delaying talking to Aidan about death for as long as possible.

You can only resist Aidan’s soft chubby little face saying “Where’s fishie’s Mumma?” for so long and I found myself spending another Saturday morning in a pet shop selecting fake ceramic logs and plastic ferns whilst Steve and Aidan played with the dogs toys at the other end of the store, completely oblivious to the whole fish thing. The tank Steve bought is nothing fancy, it’s plastic and it came with the basics you needed for under $50… oh and a dinosaur ornament which I’m 99% sure why Steve bought it in the first place.

We told Aidan he could have two fish so he pointed to the orange fish then to the black fish and ran off to play with a giant tennis ball. I stared at the tanks, I found it impossible to choose, all their little googly eyes staring back at me, flashing their fins about. Eventually I picked an orange one I liked, I felt he was unique, turns out he was a fantail and had been transferred to the wrong tank and cost almost twice as much, oh well he was ours. Then I picked out a little black dude who kept pecking at my finger through the tank, sold. We took our new little buddies home and transfered them gently into the tank.

Aidan LOVES them and gives them their every meal and every second Saturday he helps Steve clean the tank. We’ve had the fish for about six weeks now, I wonder how long it will be until he looses interest, but so far so good. When I was a teenager I had goldfish and they all died. When I moved in with Steve I bought a fighting fish and that died too. I was determined to stay out of it all, leave it to the boys and give the poor little things a fighting chance.

The tank is made of sturdy plastic and isn’t that big but a happy little home for two little fish. The kit came with gravel, the dinosaur, a filter pump, food, water conditioner and instructions that Steve instantly threw away. I bought some plants and the cute little peek-a-boo log for them to play in. Pretty simple, easy to clean and keeps Aidan happy.

It took Aidan almost two weeks to decide on names for them. We threw a few different options at him to see what would stick and it took awhile but eventually he chose…

“Dorothy” (just like Elmo’s fish)

“Bruce” (we have no idea)

Dorothy and Bruce live happily on our entertainment unit and there they will stay… for as long as possible, wish us luck!


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    I just about to say the same as Lisa!
    And i’m like you Dani, i’ve always had the worst luck with fish! I actually had some when i was pregnant with Flynn and when they died had a huge crying fit – ” If i cant even keep fish alive, how am i going to look after a baby!?! ” Luckily, my son is thriving!

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    charlotte webber says

    i had the exact same fish for 13 yrs, same as aidans ones. just give you the heads up about dead fishies is they dont like the tank to be “too clean” they can die overnight from it being too clean.. i dont mean clean glass, i mean the water quality, but having said that they also need 1/3 of the tank water changed weekly as goldfish produce alot more poo than other species. i suggest getting some snails for the tanks as they eat all the algae, but only get one.. i got a few and ended up with over 100 babies
    try not to worry too much about the water though if you dont over feed it wont get cloudy, and keep half of the old water in the tank when you change it.
    when you add the new water, keep it in a bucket over night with all the chemicals drops the night before cleaning out the tank that way the water is ready and the fish arent in half a tank full of water/ you can also add the fish to this water while you clean the tank..

    have fun.. fishies are lots of fun, and not too much food either as it just make the water filthy very quickly…think back to finding nemo and when the filter turns off lol

    have fun little man


    aunty charlie and tobias

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    charlotte webber says

    oh and when you get them out of the tank for cleaning be careful with the blackmore as its eyes can get damaged due to sticking out more

    and a small living plant will help with oxygen in the water and food supply if you go away or a calcium block

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    We went down this fishy road back in 2009 when we bought our fishy Brundon and some others. Brundon is still alive and kicking (or swimming perhaps). The others weren’t so fortunate, we think Brundon may have had something to do with their demise.

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    I would advise you not to remove the fish when you do a water change. It just puts them under stress. I’d be doing a 50% water change once a week on a tank that size – the smaller the tank, the easier it is for the eco system in it to crash [amonia, nitrites, nitrates] :-)

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      Yeah the fish stay in the tank and only half the water is taken out. I’m so glad you guys are all so helpful, Steve’s been reading all the comments :)

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    Haha, Bruce! Does he watch Finding Nemo? The shark is called Bruce. I had around 8 fighting fish at one stage, all in separate vases set up next to each other. I miss having fish, I find them rather soothing at times. I LOVE that it came with a dinosaur ornament, totally random for a fishtank, but awesome!

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    LOL at the names kids pick. I’ll see you your ‘Bruce” and raise you a Walter and a Shirley (no joke!!)

    Sadly, we lost our 2 fish on Friday, but we had them for over 2 years before that.


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