Romantic Escape

On the 24th of March 2007 a girl married a boy and for the following five years they lived happily in love. Just in case you were wondering I was the girl and the boy was Steve. To celebrate 9 years together and 5 years of marriage we went over budget and splurged on a fancy pants hotel in the Blue Mountains for the night.

We stayed at Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa which is full of old world charm and detailed upholstery. The bed was huge, soft and the sheets were worth every penny. Everything about the room felt luxurious.

The room was small but well lit  with big windows and was intimate and cosy.

I went gaga for the matching curtains and fabric wallpaper.

Blog Assistant in the making?

The view from our room.

The man just can’t help himself, whenever we go and stay in a hotel Steve will pull open every door, draw, cabinet, closet… you name it and the nosy parker gets into it, sussing out anything that isn’t completely nailed down. He was delighted to find decent coffee, robes, slippers, padded coat hangers, personalised stationary, nice toiletries… he was in heaven.

After we checked into the room we decided to go for a walk around the grounds and take some pictures, I knew from the drive in that there were plenty of gorgeous flowers.

Why oh why can’t this hedge be in my back yard? Obviously it would need to come with it’s own gardener but still, I fell in love so hard that I demanded Steve take some photos of me flouncing about in front of it. I have bad hair, sunglasses on my head and absolutely no make up on but who cares, I felt like a princess in my own secret garden.

I’m wearing: ASOS Jersey Maxi Dress, Target Cardigan, Crossroads Belt, City Chic Bangles, Williams Sandals and Witchery Sunglasses… and yes, I’m being a total tool and standing on my dress!

After I’d finished prancing about we stumbled our way through more of the cottage gardens and I wished I was better at maintaining plants.

After the walk we headed back to the room to change so we could go down and check out the heated indoor pool. It looked beautiful but wasn’t quite as warm as we had hoped. I wore my Navy Polka Dot Two Piece Swimsuit from SARA but forgot to take a photo.

After about 20 minutes of splashing, dunking and racing each other we got out shivering and raced back to our room wearing our robes. I was determined to have a nice bath when I got back to the room.

Steve had other ideas so I barely had time for a shower before our reservation for dinner. The bathroom was covered in marble, if the bath was a little deeper I would of moved in. All the linen was so soft and thick, I’m a total sucker for white towels. The robes were nice and I was quite surprised that they actually fit me, that was a nice.

I was sent a bottle of Molten Brown Sensual Halaleni Bath & Shower Cleanser ($39.95) to try the week before we left and I saved it to try on our little 5 star getaway, it seemed like a more fitting location than my domestic suburban bathroom. I was surprised how quickly I fell in love, the lather, the fragrance, even Steve said he’d buy me more for my birthday if I liked as he loved how good I smelt after using it. I quickly found myself breaking down the cost into “per use” as a way to justify the expense. It’s also made it to the top of my “gifts to give” list.

Afterwards we just hung out in our robes for awhile.

Steve doing his best “Catalogue Pose”

Me being a saucy minx.

I wrapped myself into my slinky magenta Kiyonna Sweetheart Dress which is totally and utterly boobilicious and teamed it with my brand new black SARA Longline Drape Cardigan which I’ve been living in ever since. Black We Love Colors Tights and my knee high black heeled boots from City Chic complete the look. Sorry about the Instagram pic, we were in a bit of a rush.

Steve asked me to leave my DSLR upstairs in the room so I just snapped a few pics on instagram. He bought a new shirt for the occasion. We couldn’t remember the last time we went out and had a nice posh meal together.

Roasted baby beetroot and goat’s curd tart with watercress and hazelnut vinaigrette

Grilled Angus tenderloin, creamy mash potato, roast mushrooms, pumpkin, red wine jus.

Black Forrest Cake in a white chocolate box with cream, chocolate swirl and cherry served with raspberry sorbet in a brandysnap basket with raspberry sauce. Our wedding cake was Black Forrest and for dessert we’d served citrus sorbet in brandy baskets with fresh fruit… Lilianfels dessert choice was perfection in our opinion.

After a 2 hour dinner filled surprisingly with constant conversation (none of which was about Aidan, go us!) and full bellies we headed back to the room to lay star-fished out on the big wide bed and watch TV. Within 2 minutes Steve was snoring. Aidan’s been a Dadda’s boy the last few months, only wanting him at night time and I guess the lack of sleep just caught up with him and peace lured him into slumber so I let him sleep. There was no laptop or phone reception so it wasn’t too long after that I passed out as well.

We’d planned to wake up early, go for a walk and hit the buffet breakfast on the way back. Plans were dashed as I woke at 9:50am, pushed Steve out of bed and clambered into so clothes so we’d look decent for breakfast… which finished at 10:00am! Thankfully it was very relaxed and they looked after us without a worry or concern.

I sat back, relaxed and happy in my chair looking out the window into the grounds whilst Steve took the paper back up the room for some alone time. I felt like a posh lady of the country in that moment, sunning myself in the morning light, stirring my tea with a dainty silver spoon and slathering butter and honey on freshly baked bread. I joined Steve back in the room for coffee, hot chocolate and a bit of packing before we checked out.

We really needed that one night away more than we realised and like most married couples we vowed to do it more often, to invest in “us”.

Now I don’t see us doing anything like this again for awhile but until then at least I can relive the moment in the shower… no, not like that! My Molton Brown shower gel is so aromatic that I can’t help but think about our trip every time I open the bottle. Since then I’ve also received Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath & Shower and Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Body Cream to try, the cream has this really beautiful shimmer through it. Thanks to a little persuasion from little old me, I have one wonderful sumptuous gift pack of Molton Brown products to give away which would be perfect for Mothers Day or just to simply keep for yourself!

 The ‘Beloved’ Gift Set includes:
  • Warming Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Therapy – (300ml)
  • Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer Body Lotion – (100ml)
  • Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath & Shower – (300ml)
  • Heavenly Gingerlily Body Cream – (100ml)

RRP: $90

To enter all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post answering this question:

When was the last time you treated yourself to something that pushed your budget and what was it for?

Please Read: Open to Australian residents only. This is a game of skill and entries will be judged my me. One entry per person. Entries close Friday 4th May 2012 at 10:00am. You will need a valid email address to enter. Winner will be notified by email and formally announced in the comments section of this post. If the prize isn’t claimed by Sunday 6th May 2012 at 10:00am it will be redrawn. Prize will be shipped (no PO Boxes) on Monday 7th May 2012 in an attempt to arrive to the winner before Mother’s Day (Sunday 13th May) but I offer no guarantee that it will arrive in time, prompt response to winner notification will assist in speedy delivery. Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, I actually requested something from Molten Brown to giveaway because I wanted to share my new product-love with one of you. I received some product as a gift. We were not staying as a guest of Lilianfels, we had to pay for that ourselves and almost a month later I’m still feeling the financial pinch from it… but it was worth every cent.


  1. 1


    W-o-w. Everything looks absolutely magical! I’m so glad that you two had a wonderful time! :)

    And the last thing I treated myself to that pushed the budget was… *gulp* … actually an iPhone.(I know… NERD ALERT!) Was it a necessity? No. Cheap? Absolutely not. But the thought of being able to Facebook, tweet, e-mail and blog on the go was to seductive to deny any longer!

  2. 2


    The last time I spoiled myself was a year ago, when I went to Melbourne for a weekend. It was my first trip away on my own, and I spent two nights in a glorious hotel before spending a day of shopping and exploring the city on my own. It was my first way of really feeling independent, or being able to spread my wings and have fun while I did. And while it pushed my budget quite a distance, it was a total morale booster for the rest of the semester at university.

    Caitlin Bradley
    Sales & Travel

  3. 3


    Woweee looks wonderful….

    The last time I treated myself, did, bought something for me? It was 3 weeks and one day ago. It was they day after I was supposed to start work from holidays. Except I went back to only get fired… As a single parent, pretty much a scary situation. I walked into my best friends work (she’s a travel agent) and threw caution into the wind. I handed over $900 and booked myself 2 nights in Sydney staying at a lovely 5 star hotel. I then went home and booked my ticket to Nuffnang Blogopolis. An early birthday present, bugger it. Yes I could definitely use that money for other things (still not working) but if I had held off. There is no way I would be going. I now wouldn’t be able to justify it. I AM glad did though, the high of booking that trip has not let me get down in the dumps whilst looking for work. It’s giving me something to look forward to.

  4. 4


    What a lovely, romantic escape. I adore the Blue Mountains, there is something mystical and relaxing about the area. The last time I pushed the budget was in March for a catch up [seven years in the making] in QLD with a very dear friend. The flight + hotel cost a lot but it so worth it to see my lovely friend after so many years. When we were both struck down with gastro at the hotel & I had to stay an extra night & change my flight I pushed the budget to another stratosphere. No more kid-and husband-free holidays for me for many years!

  5. 5


    OMG! soo jealous right now! The pictures of your getaway look so beautiful! Congrats on the anniversary!
    The last time I seriously splurged and pushed the budget was on a trip last september for my partners birthday, she had always wanted to climb the harbour bridge. So I saved pennies and organised the climb and a romantic stay right on the harbour… so worth it to see her face!

  6. 6


    The last time I spoiled myself to something I couldn’t afford was when I bought a block of chocolate for cooking…and instead shared it with my partner while watching a movie! With a young baby and no family close by to babysit, spoiling myself has definitely taken a back seat!

    Gorgeous photos, I hope you get a chance to spend some couple-time together again soon!

  7. 7


    What a lovely place for a getaway. :-)

    Hubby & I recently purchased a 2 night getaway to Coochiemudlo Island, we will be going in July for our Birthdays. Just the two of us. whoo hoo. can’t wait.
    Pushed the budget, but will be worth it. :-)

  8. 9


    Everything looks so lush, including the two of you. Congrats on your anniversary and your decision to treat yourselves. The last time I treated myself beyond the budget I dared to book a weekend escape at a Yoga Retreat. It was totally left of field but i had the best, relaxing time.

  9. 10


    I love Molton Brown products. So yummy! I’m not an Aussie resident so sadly can’t enter but just wanted to say that I hope you had a great time and the photos look fabulous!

  10. 12

    Kelly says

    Happy Anniversary guys! Time is just zooming on by, can’t believe it’s 5 years!! Good to see you’ve been working on Steve’s poses :)

    I’m trying to think of the last time i pushed the budget to spoil myself…. It was actually a couple of weeks ago. I turn 30 in a couple of weeks, so i bought myself a couple of new dresses that i wouldn’t ordinarily allow myself to buy. Now i have choices for my birthday dinner :) bring it on! Xx

  11. 13

    Keena says

    im in love with your pink cardigan, i need it! i have to get back to the blue mountians one day soon.

    the last thing the bf and I treated ourselves to – was our kitty cat Beatrix! She was free, but is quite a financial commitment with us on 1 income at the moment, with all her vet expenses/food/litter/toys/desexing/ microchipping etc.

    we wanted a pet for ages but waited until we were ready. she is the cutest thing EVER and makes us so happy, even if she does make the house a little messier. and the claws!! she makes me smile about 50 times a day :D

  12. 14


    What a lovely post about the weekend. Some people may have the idea that as your preferred babysitter I live close by your neighbourhood and can pop in any time.
    Since I do live in Newcastle and work as a casual in a supermarket,and have to share the car we own, time has to be managed and personal choices of monetary gain or family are often necessary.
    I am very glad on this occasion to have chosen family.
    Love always…….

  13. 15

    natasha andrews says

    The last time I spoilt myself was last June on a girls trip to Melbourne I got myself the most divine leather boots for $350 (they we reduced from $600!!!) I wore them constantly last year and am wearing them today looking every bit the soccer mum LOL

  14. 16

    Esther says

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I pushed the budget to get something for myself. I can tell you though what the next thing will be. I’m going to save up and go to that hotel. It looks beautiful, not the room (which was very nice) but the grounds, they look amazing. I reckon autumn would be a great time to visit, with all the leaves turning. I live in Brisbane but grew up in Tasmania and I really miss having proper seasons.
    I reckon you should do more of this type of story (preferably not ones you have to pay for of course), they’re fun to read, like a small vicarious holiday.

  15. 17

    Lani Kennedy says

    I live in a small country town with a fantastic, lush Balinese Spa/ Sauna. I have a massage or facial with sauna/spa when I feel a treat is needed.

    • 18


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    • 19


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  16. 20


    For me my ultimate splurge was for our honeymoon. We went to LikuLiku Resort in Fiji, by far the most luxurious and expensive place we’ve been in our life but oh my it was just BLISS. Worth every cent!

  17. 21

    kerry santillo says

    The last time I treated myself was a few years ago as I am still paying it off!!! was a trip overseas to Singapore and Penang. Stretched the budget ALOT!!but had the time of our lives. Too many clothes, massages and jewellery and the odd champagne lolo

  18. 23

    roberto colombi says

    An inter-rail ticket around Europe – I’m on the Right Track for a month of travel, culture and new experiences – can’t wait!

  19. 24


    You look amazing – that long blue dress with pink cardi makes you look like a princess.

    When was the time I treated myself?? Well I guess it was the overseas flights! That’s a treat! But on a budget – I treated myself to a gorgeous bangle by Envy jewelry – they have lovely stuff.

  20. 25

    Melissa Brown says

    I treated myself to a luxury get away when my husband was in Afghanistan. A road trip with my 3 boys up to Cairns was just hat we needed. Fun, adventure and some special treats.

  21. 26


    What a gorgeous place, so hard to resist talking about the kids on those occasions – you did well. We had our five year anniversary in February and treated ourselves to a beautiful meal in Melbourne. I think we managed to avoid talking kids too ;)

  22. 27


    That weekend away looked heavenly!! My boyfriend is working away in WA at the moment (I’m on the other side of the country in Brisbane!) so when he gets back I’m going to organise something like that for us! So special :)

    Since he’s been gone I’ve been so lonely! Lol. Been trying to avoid hitting the shops for retail therapy to save while he’s away but last weekend I couldn’t resist. I’d had the SAME doona cover for 9 years since I got my queen bed when I was 20… 9 years! Can you believe it? I’ve always had my heart set on a white, Sheridan doona cover… Last weekend I bit the bullet and splurged, and now our bedroom is looking so fresh and classic! I can’t wait for my partner to come home and see it ;)

  23. 28

    christine Williams says

    A couples weekend away with my sister and her husband.
    Wine tasting, great food and an excess of laughter and frivolity.
    Wasn’t really in the budget, but they flew out to America to live
    yesterday. So my credit card can suck up the pain just like I am.

  24. 29

    Steph says

    Biggest treat was planned and calculated – my 2 month trip to Europe…
    Quiting my job a month ago and booking a flight to Sydney… worth it but not planned what so ever
    Pushing the budget… well hopefully if i get into uni then packing up my gear and moving it from townsville to launceston or soldiers point will not be anywhere near budget seeing as i have no money left.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend away!

  25. 30

    sam says

    Two weeks ago, we went to Whitsundays for 3 days. It pushed out the budget but it was a dream on our bucket list to see the Barrier Reef. I did my first dive and it was awesome.

  26. 31

    VandaB says

    I treated myself to a pure silk designer dress when I was on holiday in Bali at Christmas time. The holiday broke the bank as we stayed in the most amazing palatial resort and I was already broke when I got there, but I could not resist this stunning dress which I found in a boutique that was in my size and the only one left.

  27. 32

    Rachael says

    Loved seeing this today:

    Hubby and I spent 2 nights in the beautiful Hunter Valley. First time alone since having our 2 children (4 and 1). Lots of champagne and love was had. We really needed it and it ‘jump started’ our relationship. We also went to the Hawkesbury Show this weekend, totally blew the budget but it was so worth seeing the joy on the kids faces.

    • 34


      I do enjoy the manner in which you have prteneesd this challenge plus it does indeed offer us a lot of fodder for thought. On the other hand, coming from just what I have witnessed, I only hope when the feedback pack on that individuals stay on issue and not embark on a tirade associated with some other news du jour. Yet, thank you for this exceptional point and although I can not necessarily go along with the idea in totality, I regard the viewpoint.

  28. 35


    The last thing I treated myself to that TOTALLY pushed the budget is a STUNNING completely sequinned vintage dress and matching wrap. At just under $300 it was a rather unexpected purchase that to be honest I really couldn’t afford but as a one-off vintage find in the very rare occurrance of my size I just HAD to have it. It’s amazing! I am wearing it to the Garterbelts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival as Assistant Pin Up Coordinator this weekend and I absolutely can’t wait! It makes me feel so special and gorgeous! There will definitely be lots of pics of this coming up!

  29. 36

    Stacey Pitman says

    The Last time I treated myself to something that pushed my budget was …… 3 months ago when I spoilt myself with a haircut and colour ! (oh and an eyebrow wax!) With the average price of a simple cut and colour costing me over $100 , it took ALOT out of our weekly budget .. I suppose thats why I can only get it done every so often.

    The reason why I got it ? …… To help me feel human again !

  30. 38


    Oh wow, what a beautiful, beautiful location! The pool is so inky, it looks awesome.

    The last thing I splurged on for myself was a DSLR 18mths ago. My old point-and-shoot had broken and after a month or so of missing out on pics of my girls (then aged 6mths and 3.5yrs) I knew i *had* to get a camera. The cheapie point-and-shoots were still around $200+ and I couldnt really waste any more time waiting for specials but after a bit of research I realised I could buy a beginner Canon DSLR for around $500 so I used my bday money and some of my own money to buy a DSLR with twin lens kit. I love it, one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Oh and then I splurged (true splurge, completely unnecessary, haha) on a gorgeous camera strap from CR Couture so i didnt have to keep the daggy canon one on my beautiful camera.

  31. 39

    Birdie says

    The last thing I splurged for myself would have to be the lovely bangle I currently have on layby for my upcoming birthday!! It is so lovely and so GOLD. In the past I have had small bracelets but they only seem to last such a short time before they fall apart (I’m keeping them together to eventually melt into something lovely).

    Although I’m not working (SAHM) I really wanted to treat myself this year . . . also, I will be getting birthday funds from family members to contribute towards it.

    Looking forward to getting it off layby very soon!!


  32. 40


    The last time I splurged on myself would have been a long time ago, so long ago that its hard to recall. May have been when I brought myself new boots but they were not expensive…the children have always come first for me.

  33. 41

    Carly Rogan says

    Last week we took the girls on a farm stay, super pushed the budget to the limit with hubby off work with a back injury and me on maternity leave, but the smiles on their dials as they were chasing the animals around made it all worthwhile!!

  34. 42

    Karen Kitto says

    My girlfriends and I went away to Kiama last November, it rained for weeks leading upto it but that weekend but we got all sunshine, great beach side weather. It all started with seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 in Gold Class Friday morning and then heading south to Kiama. Waking when we wanted, reading when we wanted, eating when we wanted. It was a well deserved break indeed.

  35. 43

    Linda Courtney says

    Your getaway looked amazing. The Blue Mountains and the Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa look like something to add to my bucket list.

  36. 44

    laura c says

    Gosh, come to think of it, it was buying myself a gorgeous coat- 10 years ago! Think it might be time for another treat!

  37. 45

    zorks says

    My husband works away a lot and one day I thought lets go and surprise him because the kids miss him so much. So we flew interstate and he was so excited to see us. We couldn’t afford it, but the look on his face and the kids was priceless. Best money ever spent.

  38. 46

    Happymum says

    I love your pics, love Lillianfels, love how they look after you there. The last time we splurged on a break away that was in total luxury was actually at Lillianfels.

    I enrolled in a Botannical art course there and it was amazing. We stayed 2 nights and during the day I did drawing and painting and my husband looked after our 15 month old. It was heaven! Because we had a baby in tow, they had a cot set up with beautiful linen and baby bath products for us. They went the full mile to make it as easy as possible with a baby.

    That stay was 9 years ago, and when things are tough on the farm…. I think of those two nights in the most comfy bed in the world surrounded by luxury. And dreaming of doing the art that I love to do without interruption.

    Next time we go somewhere flash, we may have to leave our children behind as they are not so portable now that I have three boys since that trip.

  39. 47

    Kirby says

    A Canon SLR camera. I ummmed and ahhhhed for almost 12 months deciding whether to get one. How I wish I hadn’t waited pndered for those 12 months. Having two young children I now have some absolutely amazing photos of them and I wish that I had an extra 12 months of photos! The camera has been worth every cent it cost thanks to the ‘warm and fuzzies’ I get when I look at some of the photos – especially the expressions I have been able to capture when taking the photos – those ‘unawares’ shots.

  40. 48

    ron lucas says

    I spent all my emergency money and a bit of my pension on finally buying my wife an engagement ring before it is to late ,she certianly deserved it .as they say you can’t take it with you and she is such a treasure

  41. 49


    Walking through the shops the other weeks , I had $30 for dinner and I saw a massage booth. I said to myself I need this, and enjoyed the 30 mins massage. Dinner that night was egg and chips and the family didnt complain as they didn’t know.

  42. 50

    Laura Jilka says

    A new kitchen at home,
    Before, didn’t I moan!
    It’s now flash and things work,
    It was driving me berserk!

  43. 51

    Shell says

    A pair of pink high heels about 8 years ago! They were very cute, very expensive … and very uncomfortable!! I’ve since had kids and now all the spoiling I do tends to be on them. I even feel guilty getting an ice-cream if the kids aren’t with us!

  44. 52

    Tory says

    The last time I spoiled myself I was 7 months pregnant. I indulged in half a day at a day spa. While my family was out bush walking for the day, I got a massage, facial and decadent morning tea overlooking the Gold Coast Hinterland.

  45. 53

    katrina oconnor says

    The last time i spoilt myself was UMMM so long ago i can not remember how sad just so busy with my family and day to day life. I will spoil myself in retirement LOL

  46. 57


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