TS14+ Winter 2012 Catalogue Shoot

Sometimes the most magical things happen when you least expect it. You could be sitting on your couch in your PJs, reminding your toddler for the millionth time that jumping off the couch isn’t as cool as he thinks it is and then BAM you get a phone call about something awesome. I was lucky enough to receive one of those calls and I can’t even begin to describe how surreal it all feels.

I’ve been working with TS14+ behind the scenes for months, they’re just one of those companies that got me, I mean really got me and valued my opinion. If I had a question they’d happily answer it. If I found a fault with an item of clothing I was reviewing they’d recall it. If I needed goodie bag fillers or assistance with charity events they were there for me. With Ts14+ there’s a level of trust between us that I can’t even get into right now. Let’s just say that when blogging mentors talk about great relationships between bloggers and brands, we would be a prime example.

Being invited to see behind the scenes of a shoot is always lots of fun but just a little bit more stressful if you’re the one in front of the camera. I’d picked out the outfits from their initial selections the day before so on the day it was all just a matter of throwing it all on and trying not to sweat my make up off, it was the end of Summer after all. My hair is a little crazy but big hair is always a bit of fun. Afterward we chilled out, ate a huge lunch and talked shop, so good. There was even talk that I might also make it into the print catalogue….eeeeek!


Just looking at the TS14+ homepage is so bizarre. I know it’s me, it looks like me but it’s just so hard to believe I’m so “out there” just doing it, all on my own, not trying to be a “plus size model” but just being me. I’m keen to see how the TS14+ customers respond to seeing the larger sized pieces on a larger sized lady, it’s like my old Changeroom Confessions post but on steroids, I’m so flipping excited I can’t stand it. I feel so lucky.

Click HERE to see read all about me on the TS14+ Website


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    Love the tunic ‘in a pickle’ on you. I went into my TS store to try it on and it’s not in store yet. *sulk*. I didn’t leave empty handed though. So hard not to walk out without a bag full.

    Love that one of my fav bloggers has hooked up with my fav brand! Only good things can come of it =D Congrat’s and well done, you looked great. Great video too.

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    AndyT says

    I have never been a fan of TS14+ it always screamed out I’m old and fat to me. After seeing you model it my opinion has definately changed. You look fabulous & absolutely gorgeous, even better than the models in the catalogue. Actually I think the clothes look so much better on you than the actual models. Loved the outfits on you especially the In The Fire Tunic outfit, TS14+ should you use you more often. I related to you far more than the models. I’m off to check out TS14+ on the weekend :)

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      AndyT wow, thank you and you know what, I thought the same thing too initially. The Bella Models are so stunningly beautiful and they just know what they’re doing, it’s really hard work to be honest. I think I overused my “teapot” pose :P I’d love to do it again and maybe for Virtu as well, this was just a trial and I’m proud to say the response so far has been really positive. Cross fingers xx

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    Contratulations D, you are an awesome role model for girl power ….the power of thinking about what you could do, can do and then doing it. So proud. Beautiful images of a beautiful girl. D x

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    I know we have already spoken on the phone, but I just want to say again how glad I am that all your hard work is being rewarded.
    You look great in those photos even with big hair, love always…..

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    Stacey says

    Amazing ! I’m so happy I found your blog … I didn’t even know TS14+ even existed !! I’m very “style challenged” but you make it look so easy !

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      TS14+ pieces are so easy to wear it’s not funny and the fabrics are lovely and great quality. They have a great online presence so be sure to check out last minute sales. Thanks for the support Stacey xx

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    Wendy Pearson says

    I agree with Andy T.’s comment regarding TS14plus clothes! You have certainly brought the TS demographic and age of interest down considerably! What do you think of City Chic’s clothes? I just LOVE them!!! Would be interested in your comments! Keep up the great work!


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