Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: A Woman’s Perspective


Having the Ford Territory parked in my driveway has been ever so lovely but really in the end, it's just a car... albeit a luxurious car that gets me comfortably from point A to point B. What really sets it apart from the one I have now is in the details. I can easily find happiness in the littlest things and thankfully the Territory has plenty of them, so many in fact that I have to list them all! Diesel - When Steve and I bought our car we ummed and ahhed about getting a diesel engine ... [ Discover More ]

Monica’s Quigo Nursery Part Two


I didn't think I'd be talking about babies anytime soon on my blog but as it turns out, for the last month I've been consumed by the plans, thoughts and little cute things all revolving around them... I blame Monica. This is her sweet little two week old "Skyla" and below are the finishing touches that Monica and I added to the nursery before she was born... ... all thanks to Bosch Quigo. After the LAST POST all there was left to do was add the finishing touches and install the shelves. ... [ Discover More ]

Colour Correction at Stevie English Hair


Over the Christmas holidays I did something very silly... I box dyed my hair. I know, I know, lots of people do it and I used to do it for years, it's an OK thing to do but my hair hates it now. I switched to Original Mineral hair care had a lot of luxurious salon colour treatments all last year, so after just one box dye application my hair felt like it had shriveled up and died. Yes, I'm very dramatic when it comes to my hair. My first mistake was picking one of those foam dyes, my second ... [ Discover More ]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Childhood

pajero 001

 If you've voted, commented or shared any of my posts for the Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Competition, thank you so much. If you haven't there is still time, just click the link, click on my face and enter your email address to go in the running to win $5000 cash! This week's post is all about "childhood" so I decided to mix up parts of my past with parts of our present. I hope you enjoy the video and the little sneak peek into what it was like for me growing up, almost a total contrast to ... [ Discover More ]

Female For Life: Part Three


Rhian With daylight savings all but a distant memory, I’m finding it harder and harder to get the chance to work out outdoors. Normally I’m able to fit a run in on the weekend, but during the week I need to keep my fitness levels up so I’ve been doing a Jillian Michael’s workout each day. The workout DVD I’ve chosen is Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 Days and I adore it as not only do you get a killer workout, but it’s over and done with in 20 minutes. I throw on my Female For Life Double ... [ Discover More ]

#NNF2012 Stunners


At NuffNang Fashionopolis last weekend I took the time during lunch to photograph a few of my twitter peeps who were in attendance. I planned on just emailing the photos to them but I really wanted to share their gorgeousness with you all. Enjoy! Inspired Wish Smaggle Omega Check out the official photos from NuffNang Fashionopolis, so many awesome outfits. ... [ Discover More ]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Day In My Life


On Tuesday 15th May 2012 I decided to film everything I did that day for my entry in this weeks Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Bloggers Competition prompt "Day in my Life". It was a huge day but an even bigger drama trying to get the video uploaded. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into my life and yep, this was all done in one day. I love my life. VOTE HERE ... [ Discover More ]

Monica’s Quigo Nursery: PART ONE


When I received an email from Bosch I wasn't even sure I should bother opening it up, but I did because I was curious and I'm so glad I did. That one simple yet personal email has offered me more than an opportunity to work with a new brand, it's helped a friend in need, become a bonding project between us as well as given me an outlet to work on some feelings I'd been repressing... PR to the rescue! Bosch wanted me (and fellow blogger Belinda from The Happy Home) to review their fancy pants ... [ Discover More ]

Distant Love


I was in Melbourne when I got the call, standing in the middle of the apartment wearing only stockings and a bra, curling wand in my hair, getting ready for Fashionopolis. The nervous voice of Monica's mother gave me shivers. She sounded scared, which made me scared, which made me want to run home immediately. Monica and I are close, really close and if anything happened to her... I hung up the phone and my whole body shook with hard sobs. My roommate Hayley held my shoulder as I composed ... [ Discover More ]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Passenger


As one of the (extremely lucky, like omg how did that even happen?!?!) Top 5 chosen from the Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Bloggers competition I'm required to write four blog posts on specific topics over the next few weeks. Who knows, if I do a good job I might get to drive this bad boy around for a whole year and maybe even land myself in New York in August for BlogHer alongside the likes of Woogsworld, Edenland and Styling You... as they say, it would be #totesamaze!!! A beautiful brand ... [ Discover More ]

MBFWA – Thursday’s Outfit


Photos by Caitlin What I wore to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia on Thursday 3rd of May 2012 to attend The Innovators and Roopa Pemmaraju shows... TS14+ Pebble Stone Dress TS14+ Essential Legging TS14+ Essential Singlet ASOS Overshirt (borrowed from Caitlin) City Chic Belt City Chic Bangles Lovisa Necklace Guess Jelly T-Bar Sparkle Flats Equip Sunglasses   What do you think of my outfit? ... [ Discover More ]

Perfect Hydre Curls


This was my first official runway show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and it couldn't have gotten off to a better start, the Camilla "Gypset" Runway Show was sensational. So much colour, movement, ethnic exploration and expression... I fell for each and every piece. I was right up the back in the nose bleed section and I only found somewhere to stand moments before the models came out and started strutting their stuff but I was lucky, some didn't even make it in the doors! I was ... [ Discover More ]