Colour Correction at Stevie English Hair

Over the Christmas holidays I did something very silly… I box dyed my hair. I know, I know, lots of people do it and I used to do it for years, it’s an OK thing to do but my hair hates it now. I switched to Original Mineral hair care had a lot of luxurious salon colour treatments all last year, so after just one box dye application my hair felt like it had shriveled up and died. Yes, I’m very dramatic when it comes to my hair.

My first mistake was picking one of those foam dyes, my second mistake was choosing a dye that was a shade too dark and it all went downhill from there. The foam dried out my hair and made it brittle even after my desperate deep conditioning. My locks looked black which made my blonde regrowth look ridiculous.

I looked unkempt which in turn left me feeling lousy. I needed to fix my hair ASAP as I had so many high profile social engagements to attend in the coming months. As vain as it is, my confidence it tightly paired with the fabulousness of my hair. I could be wearing a paper bag but if I have stunning locks I’ll rock that paper bag like it was couture.

I called out to Stevie English on twitter (gotta love twitter), showed him my regrowth and dodgy colour via instagram and he made me an appointment to come in straight away. I headed to his brand new Bondi Junction salon where my tresses would be treated by the ever lovely Stephen. Straight away he knew the first thing we had to do was massage bleach through my hair so the final colour would be balanced from root to tip.

Once the bleach had stripped my hair just enough I was taken to their fancy pants ‘wet area’ of the salon. It was so dark and romantic. I loved the inverted signature wallpaper switch between rooms. The chairs (or should I say “basin lounges”) were luxurious, all the settings were automated and the best part was that they massage… so good. If I lived closer I could see myself swanning in for regular blow dries just for the hell of it.

Does anyone look good in a hair dressing smock?

All rinsed and my hair is feeling tortured the poor darling. Also might I add, check out that regrowth! I’m relieved that the severely dark brown is gone but I’m not a fan of the ash red that the bleach has left behind.

Time to treat my hair to some luxe liquid colour, CCT™ Clean Colour Technology from Original Mineral. I still remember the first time I tried it, it felt so cool and soothing on my scalp with no irritation at all and it leaves my hair feeling so soft. Totally unlike any other colour I’ve ever used.

While the colour was seeping into my follicles I sat back, relaxed with a glossy magazine and put an order in for a hot chocolate. I couldn’t help but think how much Steve would love a set up like this at home.

Mmm yummy!

Oh, did I mention that I had Aidan with me? Yep, my little dude is pretty good “on the job” he’s so cheeky and such a charmer that people are instantly smitten and let him do whatever he likes so he comes to work with me quite often. I knew it would take awhile so my sister Stephanie who was visiting at the time came with us to help keep him occupied.

Everything about the salon is so shiny and new. Compared to the Glebe salon where everyone seems to be working over the top of each other, there is so much more room and it all feels quite grand. Honestly, if I had to choose I’d prefer to go to the Bondi Junction salon, for me it’s closer to the train, there is plenty of parking and the perfect excuse to make a day of it and head to the shops afterward.

Six weeks ago I ran out of my Hydrate & Conquer shampoo and conditioner (the bottles lasted over 6 months) and another PR company sent me a different label to try, so I did. The one I received was an expensive product and I already liked some of their styling products but whilst the shampoo and conditioner was really nice, it just wasn’t on par with the results that I got from Original Mineral. I really want my milky, silky locks back and I’m lusting after “Mini Minerals” for my trip to NYC in June which contains: Original Detox Shampoo, Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo & Conditioner, The Power Base Protein Masque and Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque.

I also love No Knott, Atonic and Frizzy Logic.

So many people are going on about Surf Bomb at the moment but I haven’t tried it yet. However I’m a HUGE fan of Original Queenie, the best hair spray I have ever used, ever! It is the only reason my hair looked great for MBFWA but that’s a whole other story for another day. All I can say is if you can try it, you’ll end up buying it.

When I took this photo in the salon I didn’t realise that days after my precious hair dryer would perish, at the start of winter my beloved expensive hair dryer fizzled out and died… how inconsiderate! For weeks I’ve been barely getting by with my travel hair dryer but my hair is so thick it’s just a pathetic attempt. I’d have better luck driving along in the Territory with my head out the window. I really want to get my hands on the new GHD Air, I think we could be best friends. I just can’t afford a splurge so close to FFFWeek™.

 The colour was done, my hair felt soft again and four hours later at 8pm I was ready to head home. It had rained the entire day, the rain was heavy and sideways so I told Stephen not to bother blow drying my hair, it just felt like a waste of every bodies time. I was just glad that my colour was bang on. During winter, like most people, I tend to wear a lot of black and having dark, heavy, limp hair just wasn’t a good look for me.

I was really happy with the finished result and that it was done just in time for me to feel fabulous at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia amoungst the glitterati. The warmer tones through my hair gave it more life and really suited my skin tone. The liquid hair colour also left my hair feeling super glossy. It’s been a month since I’ve had my hair done and I’m already itching to get back into the salon before I jet off to New York, I can’t believe it’s just over 2 weeks away!

Do you box dye your hair

or do you go regularly to a salon?



  1. 1

    Chelsea says

    Salon now – pre late 2010 I was getting my hair cut at Just Cuts maybe twice a year and box dying. I always said since my hair was being dyed black I didn’t need to pay someone to do it for me. I had to get my hair upstyled for a black tie work event so made my first ‘real’ hairdresser appointment since I don’t know when. I haven’t looked back. It doesn’t matter what colour it is, the pros do it better and your hair feels so much better with the salon treatment. I will say I am lucky because a) my hairdresser is awesome and b) reasonably priced – I don’t get the usual ‘long hair tax’ with him and a cut, colour, treatment & blow dry is only $120.

  2. 3


    I have had the same gorgeous haircare person for three years now, she and her mother are a team and give the salon a homey yet oh so professional feel.
    They are a just down the road from home which makes it convenient too.
    What’s not convenient is Summa has an Indonesian boyfriend, this means she makes regular trips to Bali. If I can’t get in before she leaves and the silver tide is like a tsunami I do grab a box of dye. My hair fortunately doesn’t suffer and I can stand it until my next appointment. Guess where Summa is now, and my hair is freshly box coloured today and silky!

  3. 5

    charlie says

    i get mum to travel over an hour from home to babysit while i then travel via train then walk forever to your neck of the woods to my fav hairdresser, i never box dye, i just tease my roots and wear it messy but sexy untill i see my hairdresser again.
    my hair is fine so it goes brittle and fluffy with box dyes and my hair smells funny for weeks

  4. 7

    Stephanie says

    I need to get mine done again soon.
    I alternate between box and salon.
    I don’t have a regular salon tho.
    Needed alot more pictures of me and Aidan I think…. we took some good ones on the ipad :D

  5. 11


    great post & I love the photography (need to get some tips from you one day!)

    errrrm I box died my hair not that long ago, the results were not too bad, but what was worse was the ‘colour correction’ by a very well known salon that cost me a fortune and looked orange, yowzas, never again will I dabble with that…

    and I have heard so much about Stevie English I think I must have been living under a rock before

    • 12


      Oh Sarah, hardly your photos are beautiful! I must admit I was nervous about the colour correction but I trust Stevie’s team, say hi to him on twitter ;)

  6. 13


    Your hair looks utterly amazing <3

    I've never dyed my hair, but I am super excited to have my first dip-dye later in the year, in shades of pinks and purple XD My last hair cut was about six weeks ago, and was the first haircut I had had in 18 months. I went in looking like a hobo and came out looking like a young lady <3

  7. 15

    claire says

    Salon every 8 – 9 weeks for a colour and trim. I used to go months, maybe years between trims but now that i like a shorter hair style i need to go a little more often. I used to be a box hair colour person but after deciding to go reddish and having no luck with a box hair colour i decided it was time for the professionals. My salon of choice is also the salon of choice of my brother, mother and father…..

    • 16


      Aww my local salon, LM Style is a family business that’s been going for over 30 years. Steve, Aidan and I have been going there since we moved here, it’s the kind of place that feels like home, so much so I always sweep the floors and tidy the counters when I go. But it’s nice to take off to the city and be treated lavishly on occasion.

  8. 20


    Wow, so you’re a blonde? I wouldn’t have picked that!

    I have an appointment with my salon every 8 weeks. The hardest thing when I moved interstate was finding a new hair dresser. I picked this salon based on the products they stocked. Plus they had those vibrating chairs at the basin. Looove those. They also have a coffee machine which is lush. I like being spoilt and can’t imagine going back to flat one colour box dye.

    Aidan is too cute. He mastered the chair ride very well LOL.

  9. 23

    Michelle says

    Nope can’t afford a hair cut at the moment let alone anything else! You are very photogenic!!

  10. 25


    used to go to a salon, i now box dye – but then my hair is jet black, so it’s fairly easy to do myself and ALOT cheaper!! i’m planning on hitting the salon in the next couple of weeks tho to have some pink foils put in for something different!


  11. 27


    I literally just went through the exact same colour correction process over the weekend – four hours and everything too :)

    And, I’m a blonde who dyes their hair dark too, so the icky light regrowth on my black hair was really disturbing to me!

    Much like you, I’m now back to being a salon girl – want my hair to be the perfect colour and in good condition for my big day next year!

    Loving your new colour! Stay fabulous xx

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