Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: A Woman’s Perspective

Having the Ford Territory parked in my driveway has been ever so lovely but really in the end, it’s just a car… albeit a luxurious car that gets me comfortably from point A to point B. What really sets it apart from the one I have now is in the details. I can easily find happiness in the littlest things and thankfully the Territory has plenty of them, so many in fact that I have to list them all!

  • Diesel – When Steve and I bought our car we ummed and ahhed about getting a diesel engine but in the end we went with a petrol engine and we were happy… until we got the Territory. We realised how much extra grunt it gave us, especially on long drives and vowed that our next car would be a diesel.
  • Automatic Lights – Never been in love with a feature more. No more lights left on after a long day and they just click on when you need them, even if you didn’t realise that you did. Nifty.
  • Touch Screen Command Center – Hello Lover! This made it so simple to control absolutely everything from syncing my iPhone, lights, locks and music controls, even down to temperature.
  • SAT NAV – I used it a lot and it was pretty simple to use, touching the big screen made it quicker to set up so I could get on my way. Steve liked her voice. It was so nice not having a Nav Man hanging from the windscreen for a change.
  • KM’s per Tank – I’ve personally managed to clock over 2000kms in the Territory and I still have $200 in fuel vouchers left… if that’s not a win I don’t know what is!
  • Rest Reminders – I’m a seasoned long distance driver, I know when to stop, get out, stretch and breathe… but sometimes it’s easy to forget when you’re on a self set deadline, the kids are asleep and it’s easier to just drive on through. The Territory reminds you to take a break every 2 hours, a little message pops up on the electronic speedo, so sweet and could potentially save lives by kick starting our common sense.
  • DVD Player – Only used on long trips to avoid tantrums and I didn’t even have to listen as Aidan had his own wireless headphones. I liked that it had a remote too so I wasn’t constantly twisting my back out setting it all up.
  • Leather Adjustable Seats – Steve and I have different body types despite being the same height and since I do the majority of the driving the seat in our car usually stays on my setting. Every now and then I’ll jump in and found he’s been playing with the controls but it just takes a few quick flicks of my finger and the chair readjusts to my desired height, length, angle, support. Oh and the leather, so buttery soft, no ugly car seat covers required. Easy to wipe clean too.
  • Airbags – The Territory has them up the wazoo to protect the family’s noggins. Front, passenger, side curtrain… you name it it’s in there.
  • Colour Choices – Steve and I got really lucky because if we were to buy an brand new car these were the colours we would have chosen. We like a dark leather interior and whilst some argue that “Smoke” isn’t the safest of car colours when it comes to visibility… it sure is sexy.
  • Storage– I like to stash things, keeping them nearby and handy especially since I drive to the city a lot and that can have me in the car from one hour to three depending on traffic. I always have clean bottled water in each of the car doors, packets of tiny teddies shoved in the center console, tic tacs in the front console, toddler kit (travel potty, nappies, wipes, sunscreen, mozzie spray, spare tshirt, pants and jocks) in a bag stored away in the boot as well as a picnic blanket, first aid kit in the glovebox, sunglasses in the overhead compartment and a few of Aidan’s DVDs in the pocket behind the passenger chair.
  • Cabin Temperature Controls – The fact of the matter is I run hot and Steve runs cold so we’ve always been at odds when it comes to the temperature in the car. With the Territory you can have different temps for the driver and passenger side.
  • Sound – Aidan and I love playing our favourite songs loudly in the car, singing along to all the words and “chair dancing”. Syncing my iPhone to the Command Center means I can now play all the lastest tracks I’ve downloaded. My new favourite station is 95.3 check it out. It’s what inspired the soundtrack for this week’s video.

  • Click Controlled Lights – You actually push the light itself to turn it on and off, so simple, so clever.
  • Child Friendly – “I love my car Mumma” is randomly blurted out by Aidan whilst I’m driving, I’m not even kidding. He’s going to be so heartbroken if we have to give it back. As you could see from the other video he was able to get in the car quite easily on his own. I also liked that I was able to fit three car seats comfortably on the back seat and that the seats are high enough that even the little ones can see out the window.
  • Driver Respect – I’ve never been checked out by so many middle aged Dads in my entire life. I get the respectful steering wheel wave when other Territory drivers see my slick ride and more than twice I’ve been stopped in a parking lot by random people who want to talk about the car, asking how it runs, how much per tank and how much stuff I can fit in it. Big thumbs up for all three in case you’re wondering too.

Nothing in this world is perfect so there are a couple of little things that irked me that might not even bother you at all but I promised myself, no matter how great a product or service is, I’d always be honest… even if a car and a trip to New York is on the line.

I found the boot lock a bit tedious, lots of double clicking and getting the sequence right. Maybe it was just me but it was soooo annoying. Whilst the car was very easy to maneuver in car parks and winding roads the sheer size often meant it took up most of the road and almost all of a parking space. Just something to consider if you’re not used to a car this size. Like I said, little irks.

Aidan’s not the only one who’s fallen in love with the Territory… I have too. I know a lot of you have commented that my videos have brought a tear to your eye so this week I wanted to mix it up a little bit, share my sense of humour. Please know it’s all just a bit of fun and that I don’t get around town like this everyday… just on special occasions!


This is the last post I’ll be submitting for the Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Competition sigh. I decided early on that I was going to make the most of this unique opportunity and go all out, guns blazing.

Thank you Ford Australia for trusting me with a brand spanking new car, just know I really made the most of the opportunity. Thank you Kidspot for creating an initiative that pushed my creative limits and really supports and celebrates bloggers. To Beth, Sonia , Katrina and Jen thank you for bringing your A-Game to the competition, you’ve all inspired me in different ways.

Finally, Thank YOU. The support you have all given me by voting me into the Top 5 has lifted me up more than you can imagine. This is my third year in the Top 50 competition and even if I don’t take out the title this year I feel so good about it all within myself. Just being involved has opened me up so to many new opportunities that may not have existed for me. Onward and upward as they say… preferably with the plane nose directed towards the bright lights of New York.

Wish me luck x


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    Love the fact that you put your heart and soul into everything you do.
    You brighten up my day with your creative look at life.
    I hope you get to see the bright lights of New York and not have to break Aidan or Steve’s heart by handing back the Titanium permanently!!!
    Love always….

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    Lovely I just wanted to tell you that videos have inspire me so much and I am so grateful that through all of this, I was introduced to your gorgeous blog. 3 years running – wow, its a credit to you and it’s gotta be a sign you are pretty damn special. xxx

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      Aw thank you so much Sonia, I’ve been reading yours for awhile now (lurker) you have a beautiful blog and should be very proud. I wish the 5 of us could have met up for dinner or something, that would have been lovely xx

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        I can see the flying bear! Amazing!SKY OF WONDERSky of woednr, sky of bliss,Who would think a sky like thisWould permit my eyes to seeSun and moon and stars for free? 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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        When have you start setting it up?Is it febalsie that you could have constipation within the really initial phases of being pregnant? Before a skipped period?It’s a symptom though, look up.

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    Oh wow, I would hate to be up against you in a comp! I hope you smash it. Being the winner that is. I now can’t imagine you without this car LOL. I’m lusting after that SAT NAV! I get lost a lot, that would come in handy =)

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