Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Childhood

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This week’s post is all about “childhood” so I decided to mix up parts of my past with parts of our present. I hope you enjoy the video and the little sneak peek into what it was like for me growing up, almost a total contrast to how I live my life now. Oh, and enjoy the bush fashion!



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      Ellie says

      I was just coming in to say the same thing. I always thought he was the spit of his dad but seeing this photo he is just a mini mum.

      Great post.

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        Thanks Ellie, I guess people didn’t know that I’m actually blonde and he still looks a lot like his Dad. When you see my old photos though we’re like twins.

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      When Aidan first watched the video he pointed to the image of Mum and I on the yacht and said “Aidan” and I had to explain that that was actually me when I was his age… wasn’t until he saw “himself” in a dress in the next frame that he believed me lol.

  1. 14

    Stephanie says

    Thanks for the warning on the pics … not :P Awesome Video!!
    I’m sure dani loves the photos!

  2. 25


    We can never say thank you enough for going so far out of your way to make the weekend perfect.

    Also, we LOVE the photos (and the autumn dust) and the movie.

    Amazing that my childrens lives are so similar to your childhood…and soon we’ll all be heading North as a family, just like you.


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      Look, you’re a movie star… twice!!!

      Now you, the kids AND Luke can watch the movie whenever you like, at any time, from wherever you are. Your family is my family xx

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    Real men don’t even well up….it must have been those damn onions again.
    Fantastic how you melded the stories together. Great work Danielle!!
    Love dad

  4. 34

    charlie says

    :( so sweet, i teared up, then i cracked up laughing at how you look like aidan in a dress as a kid how cute, all this time i thought he looked like steve but nope he is just like his mummy
    i love the whole airforce part of it, kinda got me thinking bout my man joining, fingers crossed he gets in, i think the car defineatly brings ppl together and i think the distance between them also brings them even closer than most families, the red dirt is so australian it must have been a fun childhood

  5. 38


    If you don’t win Blogger of the year I will eat a … cake. Seriously, I love when you make videos – words are great but the videos are fantastic :)

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