Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Passenger

As one of the (extremely lucky, like omg how did that even happen?!?!) Top 5 chosen from the Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Bloggers competition I’m required to write four blog posts on specific topics over the next few weeks. Who knows, if I do a good job I might get to drive this bad boy around for a whole year and maybe even land myself in New York in August for BlogHer alongside the likes of Woogsworld, Edenland and Styling You… as they say, it would be #totesamaze!!!

A beautiful brand new Ford Territory Diesel Titanium arrived on the weekend and after a quick demonstration I took it out for a spin. It was just me, the road and my prize. The sun was setting, the whole world took on a golden glow and seemed like the perfect time for me to grab my camera.

The car is packed with features, 7 seats, reverse camera, DVD player, leather seats, iPhone connectivity and air bags up the ying yang… rather than bore you with details I wanted to tell you all what I got up to today and it involves some very special passengers.

Ha, bet you didn’t see that coming! This week at Aidan’s day care they are celebrating “Pet Week” and since the mere idea of putting Toby & Charlie (my two big black enthusiastic Labrador’s) in my lovely shiny car gave me heart palpitations, I decided to take along Dorothy & Bruce. Pretty special passengers if I do say so myself.

Sure I had to drain half the tank and drive 50kms the entire way but the drive was pretty smooth and I was able to easily adjust the seat into a comfortable position for the tank so the water wouldn’t shlop around every time I turned a corner. I didn’t want to send my son’s first pets into a stress-filled downward spiral… or is that upward?

All the kids were outside playing when I arrived and the look on Aidan’s face when he saw me was priceless. His jaw completely dropped when he saw that Dorothy and Bruce were there too, actually it kind of blew his mind. By the way, Aidan doesn’t go to “ghost school” either, I just blurred the kids faces for privacy. 

It took a little bit of organisation, some careful driving and fish guts made of steel but operation “Show & Tell: Fishies” was a success. I think I racked up enough brownie points to earn myself a guilt free weekend in Melbourne for Fashionopolis which will be nice.

All the kids took turns to come up to the table, ask Aidan questions and listen to him tell them all about how he feeds them, how he cleans the tank and they’d watch the fish swim through the tunnel. All the kids thought it was “so cooool” and they all gasped when they saw “T-REX”.

I know these little guys aren’t everyone’s idea of a dream passenger, they’re not rich or famous but these little slippery friends made me a rockstar in my son’s eyes and despite all the cool things I’ve been up to lately, this moment takes the cake.

Who would your dream passenger be?


  1. 5


    They definitely are SPECIAL! :) My dream passenger….hmmm I think it would have to be ME! Ha! And have someone else drive me around instead. ;)

  2. 7

    Stephanie says

    Bahaha Ghost school, love it!
    Dream Passengers would be me in a big lovely car with Mum and Dad and You and Steve and Aidan all together as a family :)

  3. 10


    I tend to read the text before I look at pictures, so I was like “Ghost school, what!?” then looked at the pictures. Then I understood!
    You are an awesome Mum! That is certainly an awesome show & tell topic & I think the fish were probably a lot better passengers then the dogs would have been :P


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