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    LOVE the outfit, want that necklace, the hair is fantabulous but I am not a fan of the shoes…sorry.

    p.s – the previous outfit/blogpost with the black skirt and green top is stunning. LOVE LOVE LOVE

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    charlie says

    i love the over shirt, like LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour on you. i too am not a fan of the leave them for a cafe after a day at the beach. maybe wedged heels would have suited the layered look, as the outfit looks more winter than summer

    i love your pout too hehe

    i also love that green top in the previous post, i used to have a black one but never thought it would look good, but you have proved once again how to mix n match and look fantastic


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    I think this outfit is perfect for what you were doing, the colours complimented each other and the layering flattered your figure. I love your smile and enjoyed the combination of the necklace and shoes, comfort counts for a lot when you strut your stuff.
    love always…..

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    Stephanie says

    Love!!!!! the dress, i agree i dont like the shoes but im guessing when you are behind a camera you cant be looking down to watch where you are stepping so I like them but not particularly with the outfit. BUT I LOOOOVE THE DRESS!

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    I think this outfit looks super cute on you – blue really suits you. I love the Lovisa necklace, it really gives it a pop. I have to agree with the others though…not feeling these sandals. I think a leopard smoking slipper would have worked really well…or even a black one. Something a little more ‘fashion’.

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    I LOVE this outfit, probably up there with my favourite I have seen yet!

    I love the way you blended the semi mustard shirt with the Beautiful blue of the dress, not many people are brave enough to wear that colour let alone to colour block it with blue!

    I think your shoes are adorable, and compliment this beautifully! It’s the perfect mix of “I mean business”..and “I am relaxed and stylish”.

    You look really confident in yourself in this and you should be, you look gorgeous!

    I recieved some “Oh no not those shoes!” feedback recently when i teamed Black leather look leggings, a white over sized “Boyfriend style” shirt and clinched waist belt with a pair of black vans, I love a mix of dressed up and comfy.

    Love it Dani!

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