Monica’s Quigo Nursery Part Two

I didn’t think I’d be talking about babies anytime soon on my blog but as it turns out, for the last month I’ve been consumed by the plans, thoughts and little cute things all revolving around them… I blame Monica. This is her sweet little two week old “Skyla” and below are the finishing touches that Monica and I added to the nursery before she was born…

… all thanks to Bosch Quigo.

After the LAST POST all there was left to do was add the finishing touches and install the shelves. Monica and I left it to her partner Geoff but I wasn’t there when he did it so unfortunately there aren’t any photos but that’s ok, these things happen. We hung cheap white plastic picture frames from Go Lo on the wall above the change table using 3M velcro hooks. We laid them out on the change table how we wanted them to be positioned on the wall.

Then using the cross section self leveling tool we marked out the position of the frames so that the collage was level and had even spaces between. We found we had to rest the Quigo on top of the bookcase to get the desired height, we kind of wished the Quigo came on a tall tripod to make things simpler. It does have the mount though so you could put it on one of your own.

Lining up the frames and sticking them to the wall was easy, Monica was in her element. We plan to fill the frames with photos that I’ll take over the first few months of her life but for the time being I’ve just inserted some cute scrap booking paper.

Here’s a reminder of what the room looked like before…

… and here it is after, the completed nursery!

The fresh coat of paint has done wonders for the overall feel of the room, I’m in love with the soft subtle grey with white glossy trim. The space was quite dark despite getting brilliant morning light but now it’s a whole other story. It’s bright yet soft and without glare, it’s made entering the room so much more inviting.

Because the room is so small I wanted to keep storage and wall accessories quite streamlined. Also by making them all white it’s helped in making the space still feel bigger and it’s meant that we could buy cheap furnishings from different places and they still look uniform.

By having all the cheap storage furnishings white, it’s allowed the expensive nursery furniture to be the hero of the room. Monica invested in a Boori convertible cot, change table dresser and bassinett (which is in her room) when her son Brock was born, which are all made from a beautiful stained wood. Brock used the cot as a Toddler Bed but in the last few weeks has moved into his own room with a new big boys bed.

One of the things Monica was adamant about including in the room was more storage, the little cupboard in the corner of the room simply wasn’t enough, especially for nappy changing and sweet little baby toys. The floating shelves were about $18 from Bunnings, Geoff did a great job putting them in. Great for wipes, nappies and baby care products. The tall slimline bookcase was from GoLo and on sale for only $30, we bought two for the room.

These baskets were about $5 each from GoLo, I liked the soft weave, linen liners and faux leather handles. Perfect size for stashing nappies within arms reach. They also fit perfectly in the slim line bookcases which made storing smaller toys easier.

When we planned the colour scheme, it was all about making the walls the canvas, adding lots of soft light and adding pops of colour through accessories. At one stage Monica wanted a hot pink wall but I took it down to hormones and convinced her that it would darken the room but we would certainly add pops of pink during the dressing stage. I’m happy to say she loved the result.

A mix of well loved, pre loved, vintage, handmade, store bought, cheap and expensive. Balancing it all took a lot of work and many hours up at night stressing about fabric and paint choices but it’s been so worth it to see the look on Monica’s face. She trusted me so deeply, gave me so much free reign and believed in my design choices… not everyone could do that.

The day I went back to work on (and finish) the room the cot laid in pieces on the floor and the room was magically filled with miscellaneous stuff. After a quick sort and clear out, I rebuilt the cot, Monica made the bed and I started filling the bookcases… the room started to feel like a home for a little girl.

There are still little things I’d like to do around the room. I’d like to make a pretty mobile to hang above the cot. I’d like to give the bedroom door a second coat because I can still see the slightest tinge of lime green. I’d like to kit out the inside of the wardrobe to really maximise the storage space within. I’d like to add a DIY decorative coat rack underneath the mirror to hang her little jackets, hats and bags from and I’d like to add her name on the door.


“Milo” was the project supervisor who at one point or another may have been covered in spots of lilac and white gloss paint from too much micro managing. This has apparently become one of his favourite places in the house due to the morning sunshine falling directly onto the warm lilac rug I scored at Spotlight for just $20 on sale.

We had a budget of $600 thanks to Bosch Quigo to bring the room up the scratch but because I was determined we managed to do the whole room for $500! Anyone could do what we’ve done. Neither of us had done anything like this, so whilst it was tiring it was extremely exciting and a great project to bond over plus we both picked up some new skills and DIY confidence.

Have you got a few jobs around the house that could benefit form the leveling genius of the Quigo? Well here’s your chance to find out! I have three DIY Designer Packs to give away  thanks to Bosch. The packs include the Quigo, four bottles of paint, a paint roller, 2 paintbrushes and painter’s tape valued at over $150 each.

I really wanted to show you the varied project you could take on with the Quigo, whether it’s installing shelves, hanging curtains, putting up wall decals, painting or just simply putting a frame on the wall. There are so many things the Quigo could help you achieve and give you the professional result you want. Monica’s nursery is proof and it was totally worth it for this little cutie.

To enter just leave a comment on this post answering this question:

What project would you tackle with the Quigo?

Competition is open to Australian residents only. This is a game of skill. Entries close Wednesday 6th June at 5PM AEST. Three (3) winners will be announced in the comments section of this post and notified by email. Prize will be shipped to the winners by Bosch. One entry per person. I was not paid for this post, I received a Quigo as a gift and all Bosch project funds went towards the supplies, tools and furnishings.


  1. 1

    Stacey Pitman says

    I am currently setting up my very first photography studio ! ( homebased)
    Would love this as hubby and I are doing all the renos ourselves ! Leveling isnt one of our strong points !

  2. 2


    OMG! What a gorgeous nursery! You both did a great job.

    The Quigo would be so helpful for panelling or wallpapering the bottom section of a wall. And a chair rail! Or helping with kitchen renos! It would make the renos I’m doing to the Grandparents place so much easier!

  3. 3


    What a transformation! I am so proud of you both for the tenacity you displayed in getting the job complete. Thank you Bosch for the remarkable tool which has made this little girl’s room into an adorable space to grow.
    Love always…

  4. 4

    Elizabeth says

    What a fabulous transformation, great job….Quigo sounds like a great asset when decorating.
    I’d love to enter your giveaway.

  5. 5


    I am in love with that nursery! So soft and pretty and elegant, what a beautiful space for a gorgeous little girl to grow in.

    What would I use a Quigo for? What WOULDN’T I use it for??? I’ve got a half finished gallery wall that I’ve put in the too hard basket. A huuuuuuuge expanse of window in our rumpus room that needs several blinds hung and is just waaaaaay too daunting to do so far. Above those blinds will be large letters which also need to be level! ANd I have been ITCHING to paint stripes on a wall in my big boys bedroom but haven’t been game to try it, wonky stripes just aren’t the look I’m going for! So many possibilities…

  6. 6

    Sarah says

    The nursery looks great and so does little, squishy skyla!! Too cute.

    We move house in a few weeks and i would love to do some colouful feature walls that include stripes. A Quigo would be a great help!! I am also dying to do a photo wall…. now that I will have the space to do so. Not sure how it will look but at least i can be sure the frames would hang straight :)

  7. 7


    At work, I’ve just moved into a new office. As part of a family buisness, I have literally no budget for making the space work for me, but I have a box of bright frames and a stack of photographs from our trips that I would love to place on the walls around mmy desk to brighten things up. I think the Quigo would help me get the frames up on the wall easily and with a great help to get them in the right places! As for the paint, I’d paint the wall first! That’s if dad says its okay!!

  8. 8

    Claire says

    I am hoping to purchase my first home over the next few months and the Quigo would come in handy for decorating, DIY and everything that comes with moving into your first home…..

  9. 10


    The Quigo sounds like a brilliant tool to have!
    I have so many frames and prints hanging around that I’ve never put up on my wall because they always seem to end up crooked when I try. I love how easy the Quigo makes things look! it’d definitely make hanging my frames easier! And definitely motivate me to declutter and hang all those frames I have!

  10. 11


    I’d redo my daughters bedroom. We did a makeover 2.5 years ago. but it’s really dark, and feels really cluttered.
    I’d love to redo but my husband is a bit of a tightarse to say the least, so this is one of things I just wouldn’t be able to get over the line.
    But with a care package to get me started, how could he say no.

  11. 12


    We have just moved house from a teeny space to a great big home with lots of walls, all blank canvases just desperate for me to fill with beautiful images! I also have the beautiful hand painted artwork that my mum has created for my girls, plates for Amy’s rooms and watercolor paintings for Stella. All need to be hung and this is where it gets complicated! I have a pathological fear of hanging things on walls, it’s just so hard to get them lined up and with my very visual eye, if it’s uneven it’s going to bother me constantly!

  12. 13


    My father-in-law is our handy man and is always helping around our apartment. My 2 year old son points to everything and says “Grandad drills holes” so you can imagine how much he has helped us out. Unfortunately, everything is uneven and we feel bad if we say something considering he makes such an effort. I think next time he were to do something I’d say “Hey Dad check out this awesome tool called the Quigo by Bosch, let’s try it out”. We are just about to do up a toddler room for our son. No more crooked frames, tiles, shelves, curtain rods =)

  13. 14

    Jodie Essex says

    You have done a fantastic job on the nursery, I love the whole feel of the room. I would love to paint stripes in my sons room and hang pictures on our freshly painted walls. I have sold Bosch myself over the years and always loved their products and the technology they put into their products.

  14. 15

    Paula says

    Oooh I just love your home decor/interior design posts!! I still look up Aidan’s nursery tour post for inspiration!

    If I had a Quigo I’d use it to plan out and decorate my 6 month old baby boy’s room. He sleeps in my husband and my room still and it would be nice to move him into his own space. I have a room designated for him him that currently houses his little clothes and his change table. But it also stores drying racks with their freshly washed items, miscellaneous clothing of mine and my husbands that is waiting to be donated, my husbands sporting gear, books that don’t fit in the bookcase etc etc etc.
    I’d really like to make him his own lovely baby room with his own colour scheme and pictures and cot…. and basically a boy version of what you’ve done with Skyla’s room!!!

  15. 16

    Rebecca Mc says


    I would love to win The Quigo as I need to organise my family and would love to create a calendar wall with a grid of little squares in chalkboard paint and this would help me immensely.


  16. 17

    Meg says

    Fantastic Idea, and Fantastic Tool,
    I would love a chance to win the Bosch Quigo to make a family wall of photos. Recently purchasing my grandmothers home (original owners – was built as a display home and has plenty of charm) we are starting to redecorate and bring it back to life, I would love to be able to create a family photo wall, I plan on using shots that have been memorable in the lounge room over the last 50 years and 4 generations. The Quigo would give me the chance to make them straight and stunning.

    I am sure with that being just one of my projects ahead the Bosch Quigo would get plenty of work.Wanting to also work with some of the original wallpaper in the house the quigo would make sure the Metallic strips become a breeze to work with.

  17. 18

    candice says

    I’m gung-ho to use the Quigo for all those DIY jobs that get done with a squint of the eye and a cross fingered luck salute; but what I’d really like it for is to settle the arguments between the kids about who is taller. Oh yes, I would. And also to make sure that the lines on the height chart (who am I kidding – the door jam) are straight and neat. Serious. These things bother me. ?Firstworldproblems?

  18. 19

    Belinda says

    I love that this sweet nursery is a combination of quality furniture and smart inexpensive options, such as the Go Lo baskets. This is my style of reno. You don’t need lots of money to make a room look gorgeous, but you do need get up and go (which you’ve got in spades).
    I felt bittersweet reading this as I’d wanted to do up a room for my daughter before she was born. She was impatient and arrived 2months early, so apart from the stresses and anxiety that brought, I was a little sad that her room was still drab and filled with filing cabinets and junk when we brought her home from hospital 7 weeks later. Still, it was not what mattered at the time.

    I think that’s why that now, as she turns 13 (how did that happen?!) I really want to help her have the room she wants. It’s a combination of a good bed, op shop finds, quirky collections, and . . drab walls. And now she wants purple stripes. I was wondering how we’d pull that off so that it looks wow rather than scrappy. The Quigo would certainly help me, I think.

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