#NNF2012 Stunners

Danimezza & Lady Melbourne ~ Photo by Inspired Wish

At NuffNang Fashionopolis last weekend I took the time during lunch to photograph a few of my twitter peeps who were in attendance. I planned on just emailing the photos to them but I really wanted to share their gorgeousness with you all. Enjoy!

Inspired Wish



Check out the official photos from NuffNang Fashionopolis, so many awesome outfits.


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      Didnt know tt kendra bing goes anruod on your blog too!!! Alright, shall not give much mention and make him/her a popular ‘troll’ as you call it. Anw, CONgrats on earning!! =D

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      Do you play the slug bug game with Tim? (where you have to slap/punch a person wheevner you see a Volkswagon Beetle)I used to think that the Beetle is really ugly. However, it’s grown on me!! It’s really cute in pink, lime green or orange!!OH!! The mini cooper is also a good car for you!! $_$

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    I’ve had a secret girly blogger crush on Lady Smaggle for ages now, she’s amazing. The photo’s are gorgeous and I love what everyone is wearing!

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    JazzyBrownEyez says

    Great photos! Fantastic fashion!!! I must ask if we can get information on the dress Smaggle is wearing and if anyone knows if it is still available? LOVE that dress…


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