Perfect Hydre Curls

This was my first official runway show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and it couldn’t have gotten off to a better start, the Camilla “Gypset” Runway Show was sensational. So much colour, movement, ethnic exploration and expression… I fell for each and every piece. I was right up the back in the nose bleed section and I only found somewhere to stand moments before the models came out and started strutting their stuff but I was lucky, some didn’t even make it in the doors!

Photo Credit: Natalie Mulford

I was nervous about what to wear alongside fashion and beauty goddesses. I felt a little too plain, a little too fat and a little bit too suburban. In the end I sucked it up and wore what made me feel good and reminded myself that these shows aren’t about me, how I dress or my sense of style. I’m there simply to report back to you guys, to share my images and bring my A game. I tried to not sweat the small stuff. I tried to put my vanity into a box and you know what, as soon as I put my camera to my face the whole world melted away… I was in the zone.

Photo Credit: Natalie Mulford

After the show I met up with Donny Galella and we chatted about a project we’re working on next Monday. The sweetheart gave me his luxury “front row” Camilla Gift Bag and Beaded Silk Cushion, I didn’t even have to twist his arm!

I walked outside to meet up with the rest of the gang and saw Natalie waiting for me, turns out the poor thing never even got in the door as they’re were overcapacity! Afterward we headed to Maccas for a quick meal, surprisingly the place was empty! With bellies full of burgers we stood out the front of a nearby flower stall and took our outfit photos. Then we jumped on the train and spent the entire trip home talking about all things fashion and blogging, it’s was really nice.

Photo Credit: Natalie Mulford

I’m wearing: 

SARA Wool Longline Cardigan

ASOS Jersey Midi Skirt

We Love Colors Black Tights

TS14+ Bilson Boots

TS14+ Black Singlet

Katies Peppermint Pullover Top

Lovisa Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings

Kelly Moore Clark Camera Bag

Photo Credit: Natalie Mulford

My hair has been feeling amazing these last few month but a it’s also been a little hard to manage. Straightening is great but when I’m running about the city, squished in crowds and lugging my heavy camera bag about I sweat, it’s just what happens and it sucks. Getting all hot and bothered is horrible for straight hair and it always ends up curling around my forehead anyway. So I’m embracing my curls again and thankfully big hair is in which makes for a stress free styling do for fashion week. This photo was taken at the end of the day and whilst the curls aren’t as polished as they were when I left the house I still think they look pretty darn good.

I wash my hair, blow dry a little so that it’s damp and not wet and then I spritz on some leave in hair conditioner, run some frizz serum through the ends and then make average sized pin curls and secure them evenly  just below the tips of my ears right around my head. I get dressed, put my make up on and then undo the pins, racking my fingers through the curls to gently break them up. That’s when I turn on my new Perfect Curls curling wand.

It’s really simple to use, you just pull down on that little clip, put the end of a 5cm part of hair into it, slid the clip up to secure then simply twist the curling iron and the hair goes into the little spiral groves creating nice, even curls. The plastic coating at the end is heat resistant so there’s less chance of you burning yourself. If you want to see how to use it check out the video below…

“Unlike any other styler on the market, its unique heat resistant cover guides hair around the ceramic barrel, to create picture perfect curls with ease. By simply clipping hair into place and winding the tong up, this tool does all the hard work for you. A ceramic infused coating keeps curls full of moisture, while a fast heat up time of just 30 seconds means you can be curl ready in next to no time.”

I was sent this little beauty as a gift to review and I loved Perfect Curls (RRP $44) so much I asked them to allocate me another to giveaway and they said YES! I also snagged the winner Sebastian Hydre Shampoo & Conditioner (RRP $68) which was featured in this months Marie Claire as their top recommended hydrating hair care product. Silky soft, curly, bouncy hair… WINNING!!!

All you have to do to enter is answer this question in the comments section below:

How do you ‘do’ your hair for a special occasion?

Open to Australian residents only. One entry per person. This is a game of skill and entries will be judged by me. Entries close Sunday 6th May at 10:00am. If the prize hasn’t be claimed by Monday 7th May at 10:00am the prize will be redrawn.Winner will be emailed so please be sure to have a correct address. Winner will also be announced in the comments section of this post. Prizes will be shipped (No PO Boxes) from the PR agency. Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, I received products as a gift for review.


  1. 1

    Stacey Pitman says

    I “do” my hair for a special occasion with a straightner .. nothing to fancy. But would love to add a bit of curl !

  2. 3


    My hair is naturally curly. A wash, volumiser and then some frizz serum. Blow dry with a diffuser with my head upside down. This gives me bedhead curls. Would love to get a more ‘polished’ curl though!

  3. 4


    I am definitely a ‘big hair’ kinda girl so for a special fun occasion I like to do a big retro beehive! If the occasion is a little more fancified, I do a half up half down mini-beehive which is surprisingly quick and easy to do but ends up looking very lady like, especially with the finishing touches of a few loose curls put through the hair left down. Big hair like beehives always makes a big impact and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

  4. 5

    Erin Mitch says

    I have curly hair so i usually straighten my hair for special occasions. I have borrowed a friends curlier and love using that to enhance my curls but have to return it at the end of the week.

  5. 6


    It looks like you had a fabulous time, just a little bit jealous of your Camilla goods! I love me some Camilla!

    As for how I do my hair for special occasions – I have to admit that curls are my go-to spesh hair solution. Sometimes a cute updo or a sock but but mostly…curls ♥

  6. 8


    I start off with straightened hair for special occasions. My hair is quite thick and like you, it gets a bit sweaty and ends up not as straight so I end up throwing it all back up in a claw clip thing. I need to embrace my waves and stop trying to have dead straight hair.

  7. 9


    Your hair really did look great yesterday! Not to mention the rest of the outfit. I think you looked fabulous. As I mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of green, but it looked so great on you. Oh, and Thank you for trusting me with your heavy camera! :P

    • 10


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  8. 11

    Jaimie earl says

    Completly depends on the outfit I have on. If my top has a pretty or decerative back i wear it up with a braid, however if the back of my top is not fancy and it’s not raining I will straighten my hair.

    I have tried numerous times to use my GDH to creat curls (as I has naturally wavy/frizzy hair and figure they would suit me well) but I never have any luck. This product would defiantly make the curls turn into curls and not a kinked bit of hair :-)

  9. 13


    For very special occasions, I get a big bouncy blowout from the hairdressers. Or I go for a retro-inspired brushed out curl do, and add a gorgeous hair accessory from my vintage cocktail hat collection, or a Mimco or Alannah Hill modern piece. I have curls, if I want, and I can have straight, if I want, but it can be hard work either way. An excellent tool really helps, and top quality product is essential!

  10. 14

    Houda Hallani says

    I have naturally curly hair, and for special occasions I love to SEW my hair. I curl it as usual using Moroccon oil Mousse, and I let it dry naturally. I scrunch my hair, loosening the curl and removing the crunch. I then roll it up like a small french roll, and using ribbon thread through a crochet needle, I weave it in and out of my french roll, securing my hair. The ribbon looks fab too! I match the ribbon to my outfit. Last week I went to a wedding and I used a latte coloured velvet ribbon. Against my dark curls, I was told it looked amazing.


  11. 17


    I really want to answer your question with something creative. Perhaps saying maybe, a messy side twist bun or braids of some sort, or one of those amazingly quirky hairstyles that you find on pinterest. But the truth is, I suck with my hair. I don’t know what to do with it, so no matter where I go, it’s the same – dead straight.


    I think your necklace is fabbo, and I love your outfit. Bright, colourful and much like Camilla’s show. Wish i could have been there to see it, I adore such colours!

  12. 18


    I have medium length hair so it’s hard to find inspiration for ‘doing’ my hair. My usual day or night out is messy curls but my hair is not natually curly, it’s half wavy so I get that boost the manual way by tying my hair up in a bun and letting it dry naturally. It would be nice to get some sleek curls that have some order to them.

  13. 19

    Tracey says

    Like Celeste, I was trying to think of something fanciful that I might do with my hair on a special occassion but the truth is with heavy thick hair, the best I can do is straightening it..even then a good blow dry tends to straighten my hair perfectly. I have been told my hair is beautiful with it’s thickness and the fact that it is dead straight so I’m trying really hard to embrace this and roll with it. The voice inside my head however, wants curls, hell even a kink will do. The voice also asks for no more greys to appear and a hairdresser tucked inside my bathroom each day but it’s not getting heard clearly.

  14. 20


    I don’t have much cause to ‘do’ my hair very often so I have one hairstyle that I re-use every time, haha!

    I side part it, tease up the back a bit and drag it all around into a low side ponytail and curl the ends into one big curl (ie i curl the ends then use my hands to coax it into one big ringlety thing together) i know that ‘look’ is a few years old now, but like i said, i don’t go out very often ;op and its a good hairstyle for me because the more i nervously play with it, the more it stays in the style, haha, as opposed to me nervously playing with my hair and UN-doing the hairstyle which is what happens with most other hairstyles.

    If i’m in a real rush, then I run straighteners over my hair and pin back my fringe area, and wear statement earrings.

    That’s it, my only two ‘going out’ hairstyles! lol.

  15. 21


    P.S i really do love those curls on you…. I was admiring them on Instagram when you posted the selfie on the way to MBFWA !

  16. 22


    I love your green top Dani – it looks amazing! My special occasion hair is much the same as my everyday hair. Blow dried and straightened. Although if I’m going out I might tease it up a bit and use hair spray! These days I don’t have time for much fancy stylings, but this hair curler looks like it might do the trick! Fi xx

  17. 23

    Katena says

    You look fabulous in these photos, Dani! I don’t have a “special” do, my sister is a hairdresser, so she does something nice if I am going out. The hair curler looks like it would be fabulous :)

  18. 24

    Becks says

    Anytime I actually make the effort to blow-dry my hair rather than simply wash and whack it in a pony tail! I usually just tip my head upside down and blow it around then tip myself up again and spray the hairspray on, whilst doing a few flicks.

    I’m sick of GHD hair – I really want a curler!!

  19. 25

    Dianne says

    I have hair that is curly underneath and straight on the top. My going out style is to sweep the straight hair back to show my curls. I would love to have curls all over and this product would be great!

  20. 26

    Ev says

    I bloody buggery battle with my straightener to make curls – you know, like they do with such ease at the hairdressers. No matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, I still can’t manage it… therefore a curling wand would be much used and loved in my house!

  21. 27

    Liz. says

    oh my goodness i would love one of those!
    It takes me so long to do my hair nicely for special occasions as it’s a bit fussy and i am constantly battling frizz but when i am successful i would have run mousse through it while it is still damp and left it for 5 minutes. I then blow dry the top half with a barrel brush to try to feign volume and then use my diffuser to dry the bottom half which leaves it with a bit of natural curl. I use a ridiculous amount of hairspray to set and pray it stays put! Straightening days are so much easier but i honestly love the curls more!

  22. 28

    CeeBee says

    Special occassion hair for me involves spending more than the usual 20 seconds that I take to dry the fringe each day. Sometime I even get around to drying all of it before I rush out the door! I’m styling challenged and could do with something to make me look I’ve put in some effort, even though the video makes it appear simple.

  23. 29

    Stephanie says

    I love that top on you, green does suit us… but i think it has to be an emerald / close to teal colour :D

    When going out I like to change it up, mostly I go straight, or ill wash my hair, towel dry, mousse it up and pull into a tooth clip so its all light and curly and wispy. I like your hair curly! I want one :P

  24. 30


    You look great Dani, always…
    I’m actually going to my first ever fashion show next week. A gift for my mum and I on Mother’s Day. It’s a charity event for Breast Cancer and I’m really looking forward to it!
    My hair is long, brown and straight every other day. But for a special occasion I splurge at the hairdressers with a soft curl. Simple and perfect for my style.

  25. 32


    I’m really lazy with my hair. I often just let it be wild and unruly, but I think that’s because I have my mother’s curls slowly forming on my head.

    I like to ‘twist and pin’ my hair for formal events, but I also love having my hair out and wavy as I often have my hair up in a bun. Its a refreshing change to having my hair constricted in a hair tie, so this curling iron looks perfect for me!

    I saw you using this curler and it looked so easy to use! Love that you can’t burn yourself on it!

  26. 33


    Holy hell I love that green on you! So divine!

    I have a ritual when I got out it seems. Pincurls set early in the day, then brushed out to create two large victory rolls behind my fringe. Then the pin curls create awesome waves at the back of my head.

    I’d love to win this as anything that helps me curl my hair is awesome!

  27. 34


    After years of learning to perfect my make up I think I’ve finally got it down to what suits me and my features, but with my hair I have no idea. I have naturally wavy hair, but not big romantic waves, something in between frizzy and kinky and random bits of dead straight hair. I’ve ruined many an outfit with terrible hair and in recent years have embraced straightening, which doesn’t actually suit me, just so that it at least looks neat. My hairdresser curled it a while ago and for about 4 hours I actually felt like I had gorgeous hair. Then the curls fell out and I had no idea how to replicate. Your straightener looks awesome.

    Also, while outfit angst may be horrible, I think you nailed it with the simple classic skirt and amazing colour pop top. Gorgeous.

  28. 35

    Annie says

    I wash and condition my hair, then par dry with some product. Then I make a few twists and pin them up and dry them completely off (hair dryer or if I have the whole day, au naturel). Pull out the pins, shake about, foof my fringe and Perhaps chuck in a flower or pretty pin or some such. My hair has lots of oomph so pin curling tones it down a bit by concentrating the oomph…..does that make sense? Probably not :-D

  29. 39


    I’ve been looking at this exact curler! I have never been able to style my hair – blow drying makes it look terrible for some reason. I used to love having it straightened, but I dont’ really like that anymore, I’m really in the mood for my curls.

    I have been reading heaps of beauty blogs and learning more and more about how to treat my hair. I have very, very fine, curly hair. So I now wash it only every 4 days (used to be every single night). I shampoo only the scalp, never the ends. I rinse, letting the shampoo kind of drizzle down to the ends as it washes out.

    I condition only the ends now. I massage it into my hair, nowhere near the roots. Use a comb to distribute it and sit it on top of my head. Then the top gets a little conditioner but very little (I used to use SO much conditioner, and concentrate on my scalp. I was so off base! No wonder my hair was so heavy and refusing to hold curl).

    Then rather than drying it, I pat it for a minute or so. No tying up into a turban {which I’ve always done, and left it there until dry}. I pat it, spray a little bit of frizz free on {John Frieda is the only one I’ve tried} and just move it around a bit with my fingers.

    that gives me a pretty great curl on wash days. But I’d love to get a curler for the others. Wash days look like this:

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