No Cure For Perfectionism


I'm sitting here on my couch rugged up under a blanket with the soft sounds for play school in the background, the only thing separating the boy from my lap since I returned from New York. I've been back for a week now and I'm extremely aware of the fact that I haven't blogged in almost two weeks. It was not the plan at all. I was going to be masterful. I'd blog at the end of each day and share and tweet the posts out like crazy over the optimum times in two different time zones. I was going to ... [ Discover More ]



Caitlin and I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning and headed out to grab some breakfast and a few things for the room but before we could do any of that we had to take outfit photos... obviously! I'm wearing a metallic oversized bronze sweater from Autograph, black capris and black and silver chunky necklace from Virtu, black singlet from TS14+, black Havianas, bangles from City Chic, canvas tote from Target and sunglasses from Equip. It was nice to just chuck something comfortable ... [ Discover More ]

The Art of Interviewing Children

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A few years ago I bit the bullet and invested in a big, expensive, fancy pants camera and I felt I could finally call myself a photographer. You and I both know that just because you have the gear, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re a professional but there is nothing to stop you from trying to be, to look for opportunities to learn and progress as an artist whether you intend to make money from it or not. I know a lot of bloggers who take beautiful photographs, documenting their daily lives ... [ Discover More ]

Long Haul Hell


On Friday morning Caitlin and I headed to the Sydney International Airport ready to board our flight to New York city (via Los Angeles) to attend Full Figured Fashion Week™. It was going to be an epic flight, approximately 22 hours in total. I had my snazzy American Tourister luggage and my special plane outfit and I felt like a princess! We checked in without any hassle and after a quick bite to eat it was time to board the plane. We still couldn't quite believe it was happening although at ... [ Discover More ]

Manhattan Bound

It's starting to sink in. On Friday I fly out to New York City. I can't breathe. You know those dreams you have growing up, the grand plans you set out for yourself that you never believed would be achievable... going to NYC is one of mine. To me it's where you go if you want to prove that you're a somebody. It's where you give it your best shot. It's where the competition is. It's where glory awaits... but that could just be me. I dreamed to be a photographer... and I am. I dreamed to ... [ Discover More ]

So Many Ways To Play


  Over Christmas break our playtime mainly revolved around Aidan's new found obsession with Duplo, something I was quite happy to indulge him with. If I'm completely honest, I'd been waiting for the day he'd fall in love with those brightly coloured plastic blocks just like I did as a child. As soon as he's old enough for Lego there will be no stopping me! I was a complete addict as a child. I'm happy to report, six months later, they are still the toys he plays with most. Since ... [ Discover More ]

Shake it Off

The last few months have been the busiest I can remember. At the end of the year I told myself that this year would be simpler, less complicated and I'd stick to my goals, I'd stay focused. This was the year I was going to be strong, surround myself with those who love and truly believe in me. For years it felt like I'd been fumbling around in the dark and then suddenly I'd found my footing and began climbing, reaching, higher. I think it was a combination of things both personal and ... [ Discover More ]