No Cure For Perfectionism

I’m sitting here on my couch rugged up under a blanket with the soft sounds for play school in the background, the only thing separating the boy from my lap since I returned from New York.

I’ve been back for a week now and I’m extremely aware of the fact that I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks. It was not the plan at all. I was going to be masterful. I’d blog at the end of each day and share and tweet the posts out like crazy over the optimum times in two different time zones. I was going to nail it, I was going to bring it and it was going to be the most fabulous event coverage in blogging history… right?!

Yeah, well that didn’t happen. By day three the thought of hiding out in my room editing photos and publishing stories in the quiet darkness of my room seemed wasteful of the little time I had in NYC. So I didn’t blog, barely instagramed (that’s a whole other story) and kind of left facebook and twitter alone. I soaked up as much of FFFWeek as I could… could you blame me?

Now I’m back and finally getting back into my groove after all the nasty jet lag and lovely velcro monkey cuddles from Aidan, I’m slowly catching up with my posts. They’re currently all there in draft, photos edited and in sequence just waiting for my words to flow.

I can’t force words, they need to seep out from my fingertips. I don’t want to just report back to you all about my trip, I want to share moments and stories so I just need some quiet and the right (uncluttered) mindset and they’ll be published I promise, perfect or not.


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    “velcro monkey cuddles” ‘made me laugh!

    I agree, Dani, it would have been a complete waste of a wonderful experience if you spent 80% of it reflecting on the other 20%.

    Having said that, I’m still really looking forward to seeing the posts when they’re ready. I think this must be the most exciting thing anyone i (cyber)know has done!

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    I’m wondering how ANYONE would be able to find the time to blog while at FFF Week! Seems like most people ended up enjoying the week and then catching up on blogging when they got home, which makes a lot of sense. That’s what I’m going to do if I make it to NYC next year. :)

    I’m looking forward to your recaps, partly because photos that you took are popping up on other blogs that I read, and they’re spectacular. Wish I had that kind of talent for photography!

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    I’ve spent the better part of today hitting your archives and perving all over you on instagram (both my wee baby and I have had the flu- more tame than usual for browsing). You’re a total babe.

    can’t wait to see these N.Y beauties.

    xo em

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