17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART ONE

Ahhh… don’t you just love blog conferences! I may be a little addicted and I’ve definitely lost count on how many blogging events I’ve attended and hosted in the last two years. The most recent conference was Nuffnang Blogopolis (#NNB2012) in Sydney which is what the next few posts are all about.

When I go to conferences I like to make a big deal out of it, arrive a day earlier, stay a day later. I like to plan my outfits, prep my camera bag and get my hair and nails done. I live and work behind my computer screen, it’s where I hang out with my friends and it’s where I make a living so to transfer my digital world into a tactile environment every now and then is nice.

I wore my Ralph Lauren Wild Orchid Linen Knit Boatneck Sweater that I got on sale at Macys ($120 down to $32), a beautiful soft scarf from 17 Sundays as well as my TS14+ Woodland Skirt and necklace. Couldn’t go past neon pink nails either.

The sun shone as I arrived in Sydney but the air was crisp blowing in from the sea. A quick taxi ride and I arrived at the conference venue and my accommodation for the weekend thanks to Natalie, the beautiful Sofitel Sydney. It was very posh and very fancy, so much so I completely forgot to take a single picture of the place… not. a. single. one.

I get up to the room and who should I find sitting on the bed? Dani from Hello Owl. Dani who said she couldn’t make it down from Darwin. Dani who lied to me. Dani who kept secrets from me. Dani who made everyone else keep it a secret from me, even Nuffnang! So as you can imagine a few “OMG” and “You B*tch” phrases later we got dressed up and headed to drinks with Nuffnang… and she wore my necklace.

It was great to have a quiet night out, have a few bubbles and catch up with my friends. Hayley and I live only an hour away from each other but in Sydney time that’s light years away so when I do get into the city it’s always nice to catch up.

Same situation with Christina, I could park my butt on her couch all day and talk shop and hair til the martinis ran out but getting that much time alone in the city if I’m not covering an event just doesn’t happen. We’ve always clicked, right from the very first minute we met so it’s always great to have a hug, take a selfie and try and catch up.

After two bottles of champagne it was time to call it a night and head back to the hotel… but not before I dragged Dani back out into the hallway to photograph my outfit. The Slinky Ladder Lace Knit Dress in Sky Blue from 17 Sundays definitely deserved all the attention it received, I really did feel like a slinky minx when I wore it. Usually I prefer something a little more fitted around the bust, especially on a night out and I was worried it looked like a sack on me but as soon as I put it on the fabric draped and hugged in all the right places. The dress came up above The Basic Slip a bit but I’ll just hem the slip so it’s a little shorter next time I wear it.

I teamed it with black tights from We Love Colors, black suede wedges from Payless Shoes (NYC), ring from City Chic and long knot graphite necklace from Lovisa. I planned to wear the clear acrylic necklace but Dani loved it and I’ve worn it a few times so I mixed it up a little. It’s nice to see others enjoying the things you like. The soft belt sits just on the hips not at the waist which was a bit different for me too and I really liked the lines it created.

I have no idea what I’m doing with my hand but I had to include this shot because look at the detail on the other sleeve, isn’t it amazing! I loved how you could still see my figure even though I was covered up. The knit is super fine and I was worried about catching it on everything at first but in the end the only danger the dress faced was when Christie’s little one got excited when I had a cuddle and spit up a little on my dress. Bonus points for the knit hiding any evidence of the fact!

What was the last thing you wore that pushed

your own personal fashion boundaries?


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    Oh, i’m been lusting after that 17Sundays piece for ages now, it looks SO GOOD on you! Weirdly enough, the thing that i’ve been pushing my fashion boundaries with is pants, i’m so not a pants wearing, but sometimes, they are so much more convenient.

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      The jacket or the skirt? They’re both pretty ace and I feel so special that 17 Sundays gifted them both to me. I used to love wearing pants but the older I get the more I embrace skirts and dresses, I feel prettier :)

  2. 3


    Love these clothes! When I see what you wear, I wish I could buy it too!
    I have just started wearing Black Milk leggings – I have wallpaper print and peacock print. Love them! So bright and up front – a lot like me!

  3. 5


    That shade of blue looks gorgeous on you – and it matches your brand colours, to boot! I wore bright candy pink jeans out with a leopard print blouse to get ice cream last night. I am not new to colour blocking or bright jeans but to combine it with leopard was a tightrope I haven’t walked before. My bestie who is brutally honest told me she thought it looked fab. Mr BB said it looked like I was channelling his bubba (grandma) but that’s okay because he thinks I am awesome enough to fill her shoes, hahah.

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        I didn’t! I need to get better about outfit photography – it’s just a matter of getting Mr BB to take them! I’ll definitely be wearing the outfit again, though x

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    I love your blog and have been catching up on it over the last few weeks! You are so pretty! And your love of your life and family and body come through every post! You are amazing! Also think you look fantastic in that pale blue dress. OMG! LOVE!

    • 16


      Awesome presence of the Lord and what a prleiivge it is to minister the gospel. The Good News I am an Evangelist and can always appreciate you and Hans. We love and continue to pray that you prosper & continue to be in good Health even as your Soul prospers.

    • 17


      It was lovely to meet you!It is a long day with a lot to take in, that’s why I take a lot of notes, so I can look back once I’ve rreevecod and have some brain cells working.Mrs Woog is just awesome. I don’t think people understand that 2 years ago she was just starting out too and she remembers what it feels like.Miss Pink recently posted..

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    This shade of blue looks fab on you! Always a colour i could never pull off! Last thing i wore that pushed my boundries was a dress without tights for sure! x

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      Howdy! Someone in my Myspace group shared this wetsbie with us so I came to look it over. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Superb blog and amazing design and style.


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