17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART THREE

Read PART TWO Here.

You know it’s a good night when you’re taking tipsy photos of yourself in the dingy bar toilets don’t you? In my defence I forgot to take a photo before I left the hotel and if I waited to take it when I got back to the room… well no one would want to see that! I decided to change out of my 17 Sundays outfit as I was afraid they might get ruined. So here I am, working it in front of the huge mirror in the sticky toilets. Classy. At least my Kiyonna dress looks amazing, I received so many compliments that night.

My necklace from Wild Bling also got quite a lot of attention. I adore statement necklaces, the bigger the better! It’s pretty heavy with all those beads, crystals and chains but I don’t notice it at all. I feel naked when I’m not wearing one, it’s my thing.

I’m a big fan of Glomesh and my collection of vintage finds is slowly growing. My sister Stephanie is even scouring op shops for me in Tasmania! You can follow her blog at Isle Mania. It was so lovely to see Lady Melbourne sporting the new “Alice” bag during Blogopolis. It’s the first piece after the revival of Glomesh into the modern market. I want it in black and in gold, badly. So here we are posing like big fashion dorks showing of our “Glo”. Love the Lady x

Loving selfies with flash, not so much but unfortunately necessary in the dimly lit bar. This shot is of me with Suger and Dani. Imagine straight after taking this we recoil in horror as our eyeballs felt like they’d been lit on fire by the flash.

Christina and I are Selfie junkies just check our instagram feeds, the evidence is all there. We’re even worse when we’re together. building our businesses on vanity means that’s totally ok and quite often celebrated. I love my job and I love my friends.

You all need to be warned about Deb, her awesomeness can catch you off guard. I don’t remember how many bottles of bubbly we bought, how many dirty jokes were made or how we even made it back to the hotel but all I know is that my sides still hurt the next day from all the laughing. Natalie loves a good outfit photo too so be sure to check out her blog.

This is Rah. Awesomeness personified. No one makes me laugh until I snort the way she does. The night was good, the free wine didn’t flow long enough and it was great to just relax and spend time with my friends being silly and gorgeous. Remember, the outfit you wear doesn’t make the night, your friends do. The morning after… well that’s another story. PART FOUR coming soon.


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    You are still so young . It is absolutely great that you can be out with friends who are happy to be themselves and allow you the same privilege!!

  2. 3


    I am loving these posts.

    Hmmm…. I don’t think I got the head tilt right (can I blame your instructions rather than my own inebriatedness!?!

    Am a bit worried about cheshire cat eyes and triple chin!!! ;-)


  3. 4


    I was quite surprised at just how amusing Rah was, I honestly wasn’t expecting so much personality, but it made me fall a little more in love with her! That dress looked like it was made for you, you looked sooo good in it!

  4. 5


    What free wine!? By the time I got there, not even an hour in, the tab was gone. Turns out bloggers LOVE to drink wine. That’s fine. I set my sights on the vodka soda and went from there. Haha.

    Love this dress on you! Bathroom selfie or not. xo

  5. 7


    you looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress Dani, just amazing.

    i love that pic of Rah, it’s not just her mouth that’s smiling, it’s her whole face, it’s just lit up with such a happy warm glow – you’re gorgeous Rah.


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    Dani! I enjoyed reading all three parts of this since I wasn’t there. Glad you found it super relaxing and enjoyed yourself!!! Love all the photos :D


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