17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART TWO

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 The morning after bubbles is always a bit rough. Dani has this ability to just chuck things on and look edgy and fabulous… Natalie and I seem to have to work a bit harder so we got up early and turned the lights on. Dani, the total rockstar requested her sunnies and laid about for another half hour on instagram before getting up and still ended up being ready before us. 

Here we are, the room mates all dressed up and ready to get their blog-on.

When I first received the jacket I wasn’t sure how I was going to wear it but I knew I had to. It fit like a dream (even my arms!), was so comfy and it flattered my boobs. My favourite bit is the lapel which is covered in matte antique metal studs. It caused such a stir at Blogopolis that it was officially name #THE Jacket on twitter!

The silent hero of the outfit was of course the skirt made of the softest, yummiest leather. The waist band is nice and wide which sat nicely just above my hips and felt comfortable even when I was sitting for most of the day. Everyone kept commenting on the lazer cut out detailing, it was pretty damn amazing.

I had to keep a close eye on my bag because people kept threatening to steal it and I don’t blame them, it’s all kinds of fabulous! It was sent to me as a gift from Wild Bling and I love it because it has three different straps, it’s big enough for my camera, really well made and it has lots of pockets to stash all my stuff. The bag itself is silver but the sequins are two tone, one side silver, the other side gold so it works for almost any of my outfits as I’m quite partial to a bit of bling.

Every blogger has just a little bit of “show pony” factor and some might argue that I have a little too much but I don’t mind, each to their own. When I’m with my friends that I haven’t seen in months, when I’m wearing a funky outfit, when my hair is actually agreeing with me for a change and I’m feeling confident… well you’d prance around a bit too I’m sure.

This is the result of the photo that Dani took of me… say it with me “PRANCE”.

The conference wasn’t just about prancing about taking selfies, we were also there to learn. As always Lady Melbourne’s session was inspirational. There were so many sessions I wanted to get into but as they had the rooms split with two running at once it made it hard to choose sometimes.

I wish school was like blogging conferences, I think I would have gotten much more out of them. I gossiped with my friends, wrote notes, doodled on my page and turned everything into a dirty joke. We giggled over inappropriate tweets displayed on the big screen and talked about the one big thing we’d take away from the conference.

Then is was time for lots of yummy sweet treats!

My cupcake was even “Danimezza Blue”.

Twinnings Australia was a sponsor of the conference so I did my finest attempt at being Nigella, posing suggestively with a jam and cream scone. The beautiful cups and saucers on the tables were so delicate and I secretly wished they were take home gifts. A few women tried to smuggle the pretty teaspoons which resulted in #spoongate and red faced ladies coughing them up.

There was no need to smuggle out any prizes because I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING!!! I know, totally cool. Nuffnang came around to all the tables and give each person a cardboard tea box. We were told to open it and if we found a silver or gold tea bag to go up to the stage. Here I am waving about my tiny golden ticket to tea heaven.

Those who had gold tea bags had to stand in front of a fancy pants tea box… and diffuse a bomb. Ok, no not really but our faces kind of look like it don’t they. We each got to take home the big fancy box but if we found another gold tea bag we won an entire years worth of tea as well. I’ll give you one guess as to who found it.

To say a huge thank you to Twinings here is their current TV Ad which I agree with 100%. How often do we set our favourite things aside for special occasions when really, every day is a special occasion. I use my wedding china every day, I don’t wait to lose weight before I buy a nice dress, I always have flowers in my home and as far as I’m concerned it’s a lovely way to live.

The song they’ve used in the soundtrack is “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton, the song I sung publicly during my senior year of high school ten years ago… planets aligning much?

This was probably the most relaxing conference I’ve ever been to. I wasn’t the photographer, I wasn’t speaking, I didn’t plan any photoshoots and I didn’t even have to book accommodation. To top it all off I won a major prize, made lots of great new connections and got to party with my friends… stay tuned for PART THREE.

Have you ever been to a Blogging Conference?

Special thanks to Rachel for the official event photos from Blogopolis xx


  1. 1


    Dude, look at my face in the winning bag shot, I’m like NO WAAAAAAY! Biaaatch.

    Love this post. Loved your outfit and loved my red jean’ed butt in the background of most your pics. Haha.

    • 2


      Bahaha yeah and then you stole my tea :P I thought it was hilarious how often your butt was in my photos. Those jeans deserved all the attention they got x

  2. 3


    I really did love your outfit, you rocked it on the day, I have to say, I think you would have hands down won ‘best dressed’ if I had to pick.
    I of course, have been to 2 blog conference, but this was my first Blogopolis, which I really enjoyed and have already starting putting some of the things I learnt to good use. I too had trouble deciding which masterclass to attend, but i’ve also enjoyed reading up on the ones I didn’t attend.
    I love that having pink hair makes me super easy to pick out in pictures.

  3. 7


    I haven’t been to a blogger conference before – only a relative newbie. I am off to Problogger in Melbourne in October though – my first. I may have to confer with you on wardrobe as I also own the 17 Sundays skirt and jacket……….and it could get awkward….

    • 8


      If your first blogging conference is problogger then you’re off to a great start! PBevent is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, I promise you’ll love it and that it’s worth the investment to attend.

      Don’t worry about outfits, I’m sure I’ll find more glorious pretty things to wear :)

  4. 9


    as soon as I saw that you had a golden teabag* I knew you were gonna be the big prize winner!

    (* not a metaphor)

    (you’re not doing a part 3: the after party I hope ;))

    • 10


      lol I’ve been trying to figure out how I can add teabagging jokes to this post but it just seemed a crass lol

      Party post?… oh hell yes!

    • 12


      Thanks Crystal, took a lot of hairspray to keep it big but it was worth it. Thankfully my Original Mineral Queenie doesn’t leave my hair sticky and easily brushed out.

  5. 13


    I agree. I wasn’t a fan of the split sessions. I get the idea but for me it just didn’t work. Getting stuck in one session when I really wanted to be in the other! Pain in the butt.

    Rule next time: you are NOT wearing heels.

  6. 14


    till now I ve never been in any bloggers confer yet am blogging since 1 year only and I do it seperatly I mean am not commited also where I live they dont care so much about such things
    I loved when u say u have flowers everyday in ur house if I want flower in my house I need to drive 1 hour everyday to get them I even thought about plant some in my house but since am living in a desert place hubby said they wont grow up
    I would love someday to join a blogger conf and I hope u will be there, u become my favorite blogger ur soo life loving and funny and u have the most beautiful baby smile in the world
    have a great day dear xopxo


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