27 Blinks

Yesterday, the 17th of July was my 27th birthday. Steve was at work and Aidan was at daycare so I was a free agent for the morning. We weren’t flush with cash so shopping was out of the question as were any beauty treatments or even the idea of getting my hair done. Rather than going home to sit in front of my computer I decided to change things up a bit.

I grabbed some lunch and headed to the duck ponds. It was a beautiful sunny day, the air was cool and crisp but the sun was so warm and inviting. There was still dew on the grass and the frosty blades crunched beneath my toes. There is no filter on this photo. That is exactly how green the grass was below me and how blue the sky was above me.

I grabbed the picnic blanket that is always in the back of the car, flung it out onto the grass and hitched my maxi skirt up high. It was time to give my chubby vampire legs a dose of vitamin D. I made a mental note to shave my legs and give myself a pedicure as soon as possible.

As I lazed about in the sun I thought about a million things, the big and the little. I thought about how some years are long and agonising and how swift the good ones are. I thought about all the lessons I’d learnt along the way and tried to wrap my head around the idea that I still have so many lessons to learn. I thought about babies, about dogs, about travel, about dreams, about cameras, about friends, about goals and about sex.

Soon there was no room for any more thoughts and before I knew it I’d spent two whole hours sunning myself on the grass. It was time to leave, time to go home and get back to work. In that moment that I regretted not having my laptop there with me although it was nice to let my mind wander between the trees for awhile.

As I drove home I was sad that my special little morning was over. I wasn’t sad for long because in that moment I saw an op shop and pulled over like I was in an action movie. Totally worth it because I found this little baby, a tiny hand made plate from a little art house in WA, the old hanging twine still threaded through the back. It now lives in the bathroom and looks after my wedding bands.

The older I get the more obsessed with florals I become. I found this beautiful A4 size oil painting and it had to come home with me.  Initially I thought it would be brilliant in my studio but somehow last night it found it’s way onto my bedside dresser and this morning when I woke up it was heaven to look at. It was probably painted by some old dude at a library art class many moons ago and of little or no value but it made my heart sing.

That night I also received real flowers from my gorgeous friend Monica. She bought Brock over to run riot with Aidan and Skyla to have snuggles with me. You forget how soft, squishy and delicious babies are until you hold them again. I put an order in for Monica to have another one in two years just in case I forget again. She didn’t laugh, I think sleep deprivation had firmly set in.

I’ve been very lucky the last few months and going to New York was an extreme highlight. My family all gave me cash as an early birthday present for me to spend on my trip so I expected no more than a yummy cake to quietly celebrate with my two boys and that’s exactly what we did. They sung me happy birthday off key, let me blow out my own candle and clapped as I made my wish. I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted and the only thing that popped into my mine was “Health” for our lives and bodies to see us through another 27 blinks… because thats as fast as the years go by.


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    Glad to see you had a great day – with some quality “me” time. I also perform stunt car-like driving skills when I see a random op shop…………great finds.

  2. 3


    ah looove this post and love how u take time for urself to enjoy ur day, also its better u didnt take ur laptop with u sometimes we need to get our asses away from all this things and clear our minds
    happy birthday dear wish u many years of health, love, laugh, money, joy and sex :P

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    Stephanie says

    When you come and visit you will have to bring a trailer, the amount of second hand and op shops here is crazy!! I cant even begin to count them all. You will go mental!

  4. 6


    shedding quiet tears of joy right now my baby is a woman with a mind of her own and a heart as big as the great outdoors. glad you can just be happy on your birthday love always ………..

  5. 7


    I’ve only just discovered your blog and I am in love!!! We share a number of the same passions, and I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

    Loved the sound of your morning, Happy Birthday!!!

  6. 8

    charlie says

    hey did you give me back my picnic blanket lol
    i cant find it, so dont stress if you have ill just have a look. this just reminded me from when you borrowed it for the tready xxx

  7. 10


    i’m glad you had such a lovely day – that me time just rocks when we manage to snare some! you’ve inspired me to find some time to recline in the sun over the next few days!


  8. 11


    It sounds like a great day. Sometimes we need a couple of hours in the sun, by ourselves to just get back to nature, well I know I do. Glad you had a wonderful day, you deserve them, I truly think you are an amazing lady who is very inspiring. You’re also birthday twins with my dog, so that gives you extra points :P

  9. 12


    It sounds like you had a lovely day. Sometimes taking time to soak in some sunshine is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. I hope your 27th year is absolutely fantastic and full of dreams and hopes fulfilled and lots of goals met x

  10. 13

    Ella says

    Sounds like a pretty good birthday!

    I love your sunnies- where are they from? If you say NYC I swear I’ll cry :P

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