American Tourister Giveaway

After getting so many tweets, emails and questions via email I thought I’d share a little bit more about my gorgeous luggage from American Tourister… it’s VERY me isn’t it! After I knew my trip to FFFWeek was confirmed I contacted American Tourister via facebook asking if they would be interested in a collaboration. I knew they were experimenting with social media as their facebook page was new and they’d recently done a giveaway with Nuffnang. It never hurts to ask and in the end it worked out well!

I already owned a 73cm Sky Blue Cube Alfa Spinner. I pined for it for about 18 months and it wasn’t until I did a fairly decent freelance job that I invested in it. Steve and I had bought cheap sets in the past as neither of us had done much travelling but in the last 2 years attending conferences and travelling to visit my friends, the suitcases we owned had been used to death and had to be tossed. I was worried that I’d wasted my money but took comfort that American Tourister is a sister brand to Samsonite and was keen to see how it travelled.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much quality luggage advances your travel experience! I’m totally and utterly converted and I told A.T. exactly that when I contacted them. The 360 degree tough spinning wheels, the sturdy retractable and adjustable height handles, the TSA locks, the lightness, the gorgeous glossy colour… I was in love and that was just from a simple trip by train and plane to Melbourne and back! I asked very politely for a matching 73cm Cube Alfa as well as a 55cm carry on sized case for my trip to NYC as Qantas allowed 2x 23kgs of luggage as well as carry on for international flights. That way Steve and I would have our own cases for future trips and Aidan would have the mini one.

The cases did extremely well during my trip. A few people were concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get around with all those cases on my own but this is me showing exactly how it’s done. When I flew over to the US I put my ShutterBag Camera Bag in the carry on case, it’s the perfect size. No one knew it had camera gear in it and it was safe, secure and saved me from lugging it on my shoulder whilst we waited in lines. On the way back I carried my camera bag and that left more room for me to bring home lots of shoes! Even with all the flight changes, taxis and being crammed with all my stuff there wasn’t a single crack, zipper failure or sign of damage. They did get a few black rubber scuffs from the luggage collection belt but nothing a quick wipe down couldn’t remove.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that my suitcases were “Danimezza Blue” and imagined myself sashaying through the airport terminals looking quite posh and proper, a far cry from the battered and broken cases of my past. I decided that even though the cases were shiny and blue they’d still need an identifying marker incase someone else also had fabulous taste in luggage. In the past I’d done the tried and true method of tying a ribbon around the handle but these cases deserved something a little bit fancier.

So I went to Spotlight and snapped up some stick on crystals!

My favourite part is my fancy pants monogram. I only did it to the carry on as I didn’t think Steve would appreciate a bedazzled suitcase upon my return. I didn’t use any special glue, just the adhesive that came on the back of the crystals. I didn’t expect them to stay on, just thought it was a bit of fun but surprisingly I only lost one and the monogram is still intact! I got a lot of compliments and smiles when I spun my little bedazzled case through the airport, from kids and adults alike.

Apart from the luggage being ultra sexy they were extremely secure as well with easy to use Transportation Security Administration (TAS) locks. When travelling overseas if you don’t use TSA locks and your bag needs to be open and inspected your locks are usually broken and zippers run the chance of being damaged upon inspection. With a TSA lock, officials can simply use a key to open the lock, protecting your cases. You can get specific TSA padlocks from places like Strandbags or luggage stores.

If you watch the video clip at the end of this post you’ll see someone running along with their suitcase, they turn a corner, the bag twists and rolls on it side without hurting the person’s hand or the luggage losing it’s balance… it’s SO TRUE. These nifty little wheels are pretty darn awesome. I was concerned about how these would go with other luggage plonked on top, I could just imagine them being snapped off. Surprisingly they’re super tough and haven’t shown any issues at all, even when they were packed to full capacity.

The positioning of the handles provide a well balanced lift and they feel ergonomic. The width of the case is perfect for me to set my camera bag on top of it with the straps wrapped around the extended handle too. The push release button at the top of the handle allows the handle to fully extend and lock into place. It also allows it to lock at different heights so you get the perfect length for your body to safely lug your load.

The extendable handle is pretty and shiny and not flimsy at all. The one my old suitcase had was wibbly and wobbly and often got jammed but I didn’t have any of those issues with these cases. Along the side of the case there is also hard feet to protect it from rubbing against the ground when it isn’t being rolled. The 55cm carry on case fit perfectly on the plane and didn’t take up much room at all compared to what a lot of other people seem to consider carry on size to be. It also easily rolled along the airplane aisle.

The inside of the case is just as luxe as the outside. It’s completely lined and has elastic buckle straps on one side and a zippered compartment also fully lined. I’d never owned a suitcase that had two separate compartments like this and it really made packing easy. I put all my clothes in the elasticated section and all my bulky items like straighteners, toiletries, chargers and cords in the zippered section to avoid them falling out when I opened the case. The 73cm cases look the same as this on the inside too.

Click HERE for stockists!

It wouldn’t be fair if I just got a case now would it? I twisted American Tourister’s arm and they’ve allowed me to give away one brand new Prismo Neon Green 75cm Suitcase to one lucky reader and it’s not even released in Australia yet!!* To enter all you have to do is answer this question in the comments section below…

Where in the world would you go and why?

Competition open to Australian residents only. One entry per person. Competition closes 21st July 2012 at 5pm AEST. Winner will be announced in the comments section of this post. This is a game of skill. I approached American Tourister to collaborate and didn’t seek payment for this post (opinions are my own regardless) and I was gifted two pieces of luggage and one to giveaway. Prize delivery will be organised and shipped by American Tourister.

*American Tourister Prismo Spring Colour Range available from August 2012.


  1. 1


    For a very long time I wanted to go to Kokomo until I realised (as an adult) that the Beach Boys invented. Now? The gothic beauty and vibrancy of New Orleans.

  2. 3

    natasha andrews says

    O. M. G. That Neon Green case is to die for!! If the blue is you this neon green is me (I have a matching skirt!!!). Love the review it is great to hear from someone who has actually used the bags, sometimes it is hard to make the investment in quality on blind faith :)

    I want to go back to Paris…5 days was not enough I would love to stay for weeks and just eat and explore! There is something so magical about exploring a destination that I feel I know so well from book and movies only to discover that the reality is even better! And oh that food! Nothing in Australia compares to French food in Paris.

  3. 4

    kells says

    Ive veen planni ng on s trip to UK. My mum past away two years ago and it was
    Her wish to have her ashes scattered back in Poole harbour near wear she was born . This suitcase would see her travel in there in a bright cheery way to match her brught cheery smile she used to have

  4. 5

    Ellie says

    I desperately want to go to Japan but the husbot is just not interested (damn you radiation).

    Neon green and radiation bwhwahahah perfect colour combo.

    I am actually thinking of doing the trip solo which would be my first solo OS trip ever or maybe I will take Mr 9 with me.

  5. 7


    I would go to Florence, Italy and immerse myself in the culture and cuisine. How stylish would I be with a American Tourister’s Prismo Neon Green 75cm Suitcase? Absolutely divine!!

  6. 8

    Emma sparno says

    I think the question is where wouldn’t I go? With a baby like that I would be flip flopping banana popping all over the world!

  7. 9


    Where would I go and Why?

    Easy. Tuscany. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to pack myself up and soak up everything Italian for a few months while I tour around the Tuscany region. Staying in a villa for a bit then venturing far and wide. Enjoying mouthwatering food, fabulous wine and immersing myself into the culture and hopefully brushing up on my Italian while there – there is no better way to learn the language than to live it.

    It’s been on my “drawing board” of things to actually get done for far too long now and with Guv not wanting to come along, it’s an adventure I’m not only going to have to embark on my own but also one I’m relishing the thought of doing so. It will help me work to redefine my place in life from who thought I was going to be [a mum] to where I actually am [a childless 33 year old] – what better way to fall in love with the life I have [rather than the one I wanted] than under the Tuscan sunshine, while indulging in some pasta, sipping a full bodied red and listening to Italian chatter and laughter?

    The answer? There could be no better way :)

    p.s. LOVE the colour of that case, the green is SO me LOL

  8. 10

    Kerrie says

    Those suitcases are amazing and I’m such a sucker for colour. I’ve always been the person at the airport collecting the black bags with different coloured ribbons and home-made luggage tags (everybody always wants their own favourite colour). We (me, husband and son) are going to California next year for a month to celebrate my 40th, husband’s 50th, and 10th wedding anniversary. I’ve just gone and looked at the American Tourister website and I’m going to have to buy a couple of their suitcases. I figure we’ll need three large and one for carry on. I can’t wait to pick colours! This neon green would be a nice start to the collection. Thanks for the tip too on the TSA lock, I was wondering what to do for the US.

  9. 11


    I would go to a little house in Torquay, UK. I would take my little twin boys with me. And they would knock on the front door and shout, “Hi Nanna!!!”

  10. 12

    Tamara Rodgers says

    Machu Pichu. I’ve never left Australia, and there’s something about Peru that just fascinates me. So that’s where my first EVER overseas trip will be – hopefully in the not too distant future!!

  11. 13


    at the moment – New York. After seeing and hearing all about it from friends who have been there recently (and seeing all of the FFFW posts) I am dying to go.
    The architecture. The food. The fashion. The people. The shopping.

    I am planning a NY trip for my 40th………..a few years off, with my mum. Might also shoot over to London afterwards to visit my sister.

  12. 14

    Hope says

    It is my dream to go on a WORLDWIDE Music Festival Tour. To take a year off and visit some of the worlds best Music. The American Tourister Suitcase looks amazing and would be a blessing for me, whether I was trekking through the Mud at Glatsonbury, The California Desert for Coachella, The crowds for Fuji Rock or the Beach in Byron Bay for Splendour In The Grass, it would be amazing to be decked out with such a fabulous case.

  13. 15


    Luke and I have just been talking about this, cause we’re due for another holiday! We’re looking at Japan next- Korea last year has given us a taste for ‘upmarket Asia’!

  14. 16


    I’d LOVE to go to the Roller Derby World Cup, America for all the roller derby goodness they have and of course travel around Australia to see our roller derby talent. These bags would all be perfect for my gear, the 75cm one would be more than ideal for jet setting!!!

  15. 17


    Oh, the Places I’ll Go!
    Is what you’ll say.
    And i’ll have my bags packed the very next day.

    I’ll use it to help me move back home,
    I’m graduating soon, didn’t you know?
    Then off on a whirlwind adventure ill go,
    I’ll pop into London, Ireland and Rome.

    Then onto America for a summer at camp,
    Its all so exciting and very inviting!

    Oh, The Places I’ll Go!
    (with my new luggage – eeeeeek!)


  16. 18

    Giuliana says

    I would go travelling around Peru! I’ve been there before with family, and I loved it! I think it’s definitely time to go back there again. When I travel with family I feel very safe and in my comfort bubble. The more I get older though the more I feel that travel (at least for me) should be about opening myself up to new experiences and challenging myself. So this time round, I have plans to travel solo around Peru. I plan to do volunteer/development work for some of the native communities. I love my family and travelling with them I feel so blessed to have have their support. This time round I hope to use some of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the last few years to be more active, challenge myself and open myself up to meeting new people. When life gives you lemons… just roll with it and embrace new experiences.

  17. 19



    My dream was to go to New York. Ever since I was young, I had dreamt about the lights, the colours, the sounds. When I went there with you in June, it was all I had dreamt it to be, but more. The scale, the smells, the noise, the ever-flowing energy captivated my heart. I get excited just thinking about walking the streets, camera in hand, credit card burning in my back pocket. New York had me at every emotional end. So happy, liberated and joyful, and scared, anxious and in tears. Standing ontop of the Empire State Building, the freezing cold winds blowing me away, I knew that I would have to return here and explore the city even further.

    To answer your question, Miss Baddazzeller-Suitcase-Lady, the place I want to travel most in the world is New York. But when I travel there, I will possibly never come back to Australia because for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged. I felt like I had a connection that kept pulling me deeper in, the lure of the culture and lifestyle. The art galleries and food. The people and their mannerisms. The weather; strong and contrasting. Buildings that tickle the clouds and soar high into the brilliant blue above. I want to be wrapped up in a coat as snow falls over my head. I want to ride a subway and feel like a local. I want to go to Ball Games, and go to Harlem, and eat ice cream under the Brooklyn Bridge. I want to grow old in a Brownstone and watch my kids grow up playing in Central Park.

    The only question I now ask is, when am I going? And my response is as soon as my mother can let me go.

    Thanks for being such an amazing roommate in NY. You’re such a beautiful lady, you give nice cuddles and made me feel good when I was feeling like a failure. Love you Danni Mezzaaaaaaaa <3<3<3<3<3

    Caitlin Bradley
    Closet Confessions

  18. 20

    Esther says

    I would go to visit my sister in Germany! Actually I AM going. My sister is married to a German and lives in Germany. She’s having her second baby this December and I am going over to see her. I missed her wedding in Germany 2 years ago because I couldn’t afford to get there and I missed the birth of her first baby for the same reason so I’m showing up for the next one! I’ll be leaving behind my 4 year old and 7 year old which I am very nervous about (what if something happens and I’m on the other side of the world?) but I’m sure it’ll be ok, everyone says once you’re on the plane you feel better. So that’s where I’m going. Very excited! And nervous.

    • 21


      You need to use TSA-approved locks [you can go to their website for detials]. You could also use those plastic tie-locks that can just be cut through.You need to not put anything in your checked luggage that you can’t afford to lose, because things can and do get stolen even from carry-ons, according to a piece I saw on TV recently.

  19. 22

    Susan says

    OMG that case looks fabo!

    I would definitely travel to Las Vegas – I have always wanted to visit after working in the Casino industry for nearly 25yrs just to experience the vibe and I have a feeling that my dream may come true within the next 18 months – HOW EXCITING!!

    It was helpful to read your comments on travelling such a long distance and I so fear that woud be the case for me too…. just such a long way…………… but in the end, SO totally worth it!

  20. 23

    Keena says

    This is gonna sound boring, but … NSW (I’m in Melbourne)! I haven’t had the time or money to visit my family since January, so I’m pretty much missing them all like crazy!! I have a trip up planned for November, but that seems so far away right now!

    My poor old shabby pink suitcase has done me a good 6 or 7 years but I’m looking to update it (need money!). I like pretty/ different/ bright suitcases too, it’s good to be able to spot them in the distance!

    I have checked AT to update my suitcase, but I’m a bit wary of hard suitcases, I feel like they might get smushed and cracked and marked easy. And there’s nothing worse than a pretty suitcase with a scratch all down the front/ wheel broken off!

  21. 24


    With a case of this style and character there is only one place I need to get to.

    Barcelona – I could wheel it around the colourful streets, eat some tapas and check out the beautiful Gaudi buildings.

    Wanna come?

  22. 25


    Where in the world would I go? Some days I would say anywhere but ‘here’ but luckily they are few and far between. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never been away from here before and dream of greener pastures. I think we all do.

    So later in the year I am leaving here for the first time ever and travelling with my terminally ill sister and other family members. I wouldn’t want to be with anybody but then and will go wherever they go.

    I’ll be the fabulous one heading off to the green pastures with my green suitcase!

  23. 26

    Stephanie says

    I didnt realise they were a sister company to Samsonite, I love my lilac suitcase I got from them in Berlin.
    A good suitcase does definitely make the trip smoother!
    Loving the green and im glad everything worked out in NYC!

  24. 27


    I love that green! And your luggage looked super stylish. I would have to go back to New York I think, that place is just amazing and I don’t think you could ever see it all no matter how regularly you go. Would love to go to Morocco too, but for a completely different experience.

  25. 28


    Oh I would love to win this case! I remember drooling over them with you through the shop window not all that long ago!

    If I could go anywhere in the world it would be a tough choice between the US and London. I’d love to go to the US so I could see family over there, some of whom I have never met! I would have to do a brief stop at NYC too! I’d love to go to London as one of my closes friends lives there and I LONG to see her and her new Bub in person!

  26. 29


    I am super keen on a trip to NYC,
    Empire State, Statue of Liberty and Central Park are what I want to see.
    NYC food, culture, arts and shopping all suit me to a tea,
    Packing light, that’s the key…
    Because full of clothes and beauty booty my cases will be,
    NYC that’s the ultimate destination for me!

  27. 30


    where in the world is KarmenSanDiego? I would go where he is in the world, just so I can end the game and move on!

    PS I would start in America, routee 66 in my dream car a mustang that I would love to export home!

  28. 31

    claire says

    My dreams are simple and small at the moment. I would go 20 minutes down the road to RPA hospital, and I would have my little boy. Unfortunately, I still have to wait another 3 months before I meet him, but I’m already thinking about packing my case!

  29. 32


    Oh, the green in an amazing colour, I thought the Danimezza blue would be noticable, but you’d see that suitcase coming!

    I’d go to the UK, it’s my dream to tour the UK (which has since been extended to Europe) since I was around 14 and I feel in love with ‘lad’band 5ive and decided when I was older I was going to go to Europe, fall madly in love with one of them, marry them & have 2 kids and lots of animals.

  30. 33


    I am going. To Italy. For my 40th. There is a villa with my name on it. But I can’t take my Daggy luggage to the home of style!!! Need neon now.

  31. 34


    I love that green! It’s so my colour! I would (and am in the midst of planning to) go on a trip right across America to visit as many different cities as I can. To not just see the touristy places, but to also see the midwest and Arizona and all up the east coast. I think it could be amazing!

    Thanks for hosting this fab giveaway!

  32. 35

    Nicole says

    The neon green is simply gorgeous!! I would go to the US (its always been a dream of mine to visit NYC) and do lots and lots of shopping, lol.

  33. 36


    These cases look fantastic, our luggage set is nearly 10 years old and has finally given up the ghost after faithfully following us around the globe.

    I’d go back to Istanbul, it’s my favourite city – full of good food, good people and fab shopping.

  34. 37

    Kakka says

    Canada, all my life (and I am now nearly 57 – birthday just a couple of weeks away and wouldn’t this case make a wonderful pressie?) I have wanted to visit Canada. I want to travel on the train watching the countryside go past. I want to see the forests, the cities and the lakes. It is the country of my dreams. Goodness I even feel like singing Oh Canada about now!!!

    Now that luggage is fantastic, I hadn’t even heard of this brand before reading this, so I am off to investigate. The colour is divine, while blue is normally my fav, I am sort of into green at the moment, so how divine would it be to have that case.

  35. 38

    Chelsea says

    Mexico. I just know that somewhere around Cozumel there is a hammock waiting for me, overlooking the Caribbean sea. Pretty sure the Coronas are already chilled and the nachos baking in waiting. That green suitcase would fit right in.

  36. 39


    Anywhere in the world? Right now it would have to be South Africa. My baby sister is getting married and as matron of honor I feel I really should be there for the planning and stressing, instead I am here, in another continent. Sigh. If my sister wasn’t getting married then it might be a sneaky trip back to the UK for a long weekend in Paris with all my best girl friends over there. Can you imagine a more perfect destination for a piece of stunning luggage like that???!!!?

  37. 40


    I’d pack up the family (me, Hubby and three girls from 8 yr-5months) and head north from freezing Vic to warm and sunny Broome, the most relaxed and relaxing place I’ve ever been. We went there for our honeymoon and I would love to take the kids so we can all enjoy this wonderful part of Aus together.

  38. 41

    Clara says

    I’d go to Australia. I’ve moved from Rio de Janeiro to Los Angeles and it was the hardest decision in my life. I had to broke up a 5 years old relationship because he didn’t accept the fact that I needed to invest time on me, but I was never so sure about something. When I got here, I struggled with the language and the first friend I made was an Australian guy. He not only was by my side when I was going trough my darkest time but he made me realize how lucky I was for having the chance of studying abroad. Last year, he went to Brazil with me and I’d love to continue our adventure going to visit him in Australia. My friend is a fashionista and I’m sure these luggages will rock both of our worlds! I can’t wait to see my little roo’s face when he sees me sliding my green neon luggage at the Kingsford Smith Airport!

  39. 42


    Love to see that so many others are in love with the color like me.

    Where would I go? Just the usual 2+ hour train trip into the city to see my baby girl and soak up the awesomeness that is Melbourne.

    But in STYLE baby.

  40. 43



    I would go to Italy. I’ve wanted to go for 10+ years but must confess I keep waiting… generally it’s about losing weight before going – so I don’t feel self-conscious and am more comfortable. But, like I said – over 10 years have passed now and I’m yet to go.

    Though the Prismo Neon Green suitcase looks very slimming…. ;-)


  41. 46

    Tracey says

    My dream, is of Italy, it always has been. The lure of history, food and people. But right now in this moment, my heart says Darwin. My uncle is very unwell with the dreaded C and I want to surround myself with love and family to say farewell. Mum and Dad are there indefinitely and I have not seen them either in forever.

    Even a sad visit to Darwin deserves to be done in style doesn’t it?

  42. 47

    Dominika says

    I would just love to go to Poland! I was born there but we moved away when I was 1 because of communism. I haven’t had a chance to go there to see my family but we have sponsored most of our family members in either moving here or flying down for a visit.

    I’d love to visit my motherland if only to appreciate Australia and what my parents did for my sister and me.

  43. 49

    Bec says

    Where else would I go but New York! The premium outlets are calling me, the 9th floor of Macy’s is calling me! Imagine how much I could fit in that suitcase? Plus it would stand out at JFK. It’s a win win all round!

  44. 50


    I would go to the Lake District in the UK, to visit my girlfriend and her 5 kids. We began our friendship as penpals back when we were 12 – 19 years ago (if I say it really quickly it doesn’t sound like such a long time!).
    We’re long overdue for a catch-up visit…

  45. 51


    If I could go anywhere in the world right now, it would be back to Israel. It’s been a year and I miss it like I am missing a limb. Even more than I miss NYC which is about as much as if I were missing a thumb. Israel feels like home and I am dying to get back there x

  46. 52

    Josanne Dickson says

    I want to go to where it all began. The Galapgos Islands. I really would just die & go to heaven if I could get up close to a Giant Tortoise on San Cristobal Island.

  47. 53

    Paula says

    I would go to Florida so I could visit Disney World and more importantly… Harry Potter World!!! I am desperate to see ‘Hogwarts’ and try the butter beer and Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans! Very geeky I know, but it would be too tempting to resist if I got there! After that I would travel down to the Florida Keys to have fresh Key Lime pie. Yum!

  48. 54

    Dianne says

    I would LOVE to visit India. I have falled in love with pictures of the mountains up north and would just adore being swept up in the mystery of Varanasi! I’m know the beautiful American Tourister would shine in these amazing places.

  49. 55

    Emma says

    Where in the world would I go and why.
    It sounded like such an easy sort of question at first, something I could answer with “India, to immerse myself in the culture and people and food!” or “England, to spend time with my grandma who I never get to see!” but the answers aren’t that easy if you only get one. (Both those answers are true and potential replies, but not what I’m going to go with.)
    The truth is, if I only got to go one place, to any corner of the world, I would (and will!) make the trip to Sydney, even though it is a place I see several times a year – usually to my beloved Davids grandma’s (that is, beloved Davids beloved grandma <3 ) house, shopping, eating, shopping, shopping…
    I chose it because the next time I see Sydney it will be different. The age old story – A boy, a girl, a dress, a ring, friends and family from all the farflung corners of the earth – and Emma Hobson will never come back from Sydney. Emma Hughes will come home, and hopefully eventually make a whole houseful of little Hugheses, and in the meantime go to India, and England, and Japan and all sorts of magical made up places too, and live happily ever after, because what else is there?

    (other than awesome clothes and awesome luggage that is – hint hint? nudge nudge? wink wink? Say no more?)

  50. 56

    Deb says

    I’d go to Ireland and see what the Irish think about my *green* case – but probably I need the luck of the Irish to win it!

  51. 57

    Caroline says

    The Galapagos Islands with its pristine waters and magnificent fauna; perhaps, an ecologist’s dream – and mine, too.

  52. 58

    andy vuong says

    Competition closes 21st July 2012 at 5pm AEST

    just in time, i prob be the last to enter this competition.

    where i would lilke to go, i would like to go to singapore, my fiance works in singapore, and with the new Scoot airlines, i plan to fly there every 2 months for a 9 day stay, so therefore a brand new american tourister bag will come in very handy, especially with the stand out color when i try to look for your bags on the carousel.

  53. 59

    Dee says

    Hubby just said that if I win, I can go with him on his business trip at the end of the year to FLORIDA!!!

  54. 60

    Diana O says

    All the way to WA!! It’s the one place in Australia I am yet to explore, and with this snazzy stand out case no one will ‘accidentally’ grab my case off the carousel!!

  55. 61

    Donato says

    Rio. This case in it’s bright bold glory needs to go somewhere utterly befitting, for it’s maiden voyage. And a great excuse for us to get back to our honeymoon destination, a truly amazing place to go to.

  56. 63

    Keren says

    I would be taking that gorgeous bag, hubby and 4 kids on a plane to Samoa to trace hubby and kids ancestry and check out the beautiful pacific islands. Gorgeous culture, delicious food, welcoming family, and amazing scenery and don’t forget the awesome luggage – mine,(don’t touch kids) how could we not have a great holiday.

  57. 65

    Jasmine1485 says

    Oh, in my mind I’m sashaying saucily down Sicilian streets… I’m ambling amiably in arid Arabia… perambulating peacefully in pretty Paris… carefree cantering in corners of Croatia… trekking the trails of tropical Thailand… hiking the haunts of historic Haiti…

    In reality, I’ll go to see my Mum and Dad in Hervey Bay.

  58. 66

    Fabian says

    I’d love to visit my dad’s sister who lives near Venice (italy). I haven’t seen her for almost 20 years and she is now elderly

  59. 67

    Dorothy says

    I would love to visit New York and Washington DC USA and see where the Trade Centre and Twin towers were situated.
    To remember the tragedy that occured on 11th September 2001 and wonder WHY.. people are so destructive.

  60. 73


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  1. […] of swimwear, jewellery, shoes and a just a few items of clothing for myself. I fell in love with my American Tourister Alpha Cube Suitcases all over again, they’re so strong, sturdy and easy to manoeuvre all by […]

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