Female For Life: Part Four

Every now and then I do something even I don’t expect me to do… like flounce about on my blog wearing a onesie. You could say FFFWeek gave me the burst of confidence I needed to show you the Yoga Body Suit from Female For Life. I’ve been holding on to it for weeks, making excuses not to wear it. When Mel initially asked me if I’d wear it I said “Yeah sure no worries I could rock that no problem!” but when it arrived I was nervous. Like the rest of the active wear it’s really small but then you pull it on and it moulds to your body… not a camel toe in sight!

I was inspired by Sarah to just pull it on and do my thing. I met Sarah at FFFWeek, she was also on the Fashion Front (and has posed naked too!) and we just clicked straight away and here is why…

How could anyone not be in awe of her confidence, fierceness and poise? If she could rock a gold lamaze cat suit on the red carpet at Fashion Week then I sure as hell could rock one in yoga class along with the rest of the skinny mumma’s working out at the gym between 9-11 in the morning.

This is me just days after returning from the US. After having to primp and preen myself for two weeks straight I refused to do my make up or hair once I was home, even for this shoot. After all I wouldn’t be doing any of that stuff if I was going to the gym for real! So here I am in all my natural glory… wearing a onesie.

Since Toby passed away Charlie (who’s always been a calm, sociable soul) has been glued to me and insisted on being in the photos. I think he’ll be featuring in them regularly from now on… do you love it?

Told you I was keeping it real. This is what my back looks like, it feels a bit confronting to be honest. I’m quite conscious about how big my arms are thanks to a nasty anon commenter on my blog roughly 2.5 years ago. Yep, even I cry and get wounded from comments but I still keep doing what I do not only for me but for you too. I love the way the suit shows off my tiny waist and that when I’m doing “Downward Dog” there is no sign of butt crack or split seams.

I’m wearing a size “Voluptuous” which fits me fine despite normally wearing size “Bella” in Female For Life active wear. That said the bust is a little small for my ample boobs to I’ve just teamed it with a simple tank. It gives me that little bit of added coverage and pop of colour.

Once you wear the Yoga Suit for awhile it becomes quite freeing. I felt secure, flexible and supported. I think Charlie was a little lost for words.

“Dadda, why are you taking photos of this?”

“Seriously Mumma? These are going on the internet!?!”

A Yoga Suit might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I have to say I’m freshly converted. They take a bit of confidence to wear but they hold you in and are really easy to move about in it. During winter I plan on throwing on a few oversized slub tees so it just gives the appearance of tights and adds some warmth.

No one needs to know I’m rocking a onesie after all… do they Charlie?

Would you wear one?


  1. 1


    wow i have never seen a yoga suit before!
    looking good dani!!!
    to be honest i dont think id have the guts to wear something like this, i shy away from tight fitting clothes at every opportunity. that and ive never done yoga in my life haha.

  2. 3

    Chelsea says

    I probably wouldn’t to be honest – not that one, anyway. Even in winter, Townsville folk don’t need exercise gear that goes down to their ankles! I would actually love a 3/4 or knee length version to go under my gym tanks as it would hold me in a bit while I’m working out and prevent me showing too much skin if my top rides up.

  3. 5


    First of all the yoga set looks amazing on u just beautiful with ur baby smile
    and I loved the pic about forever 21 they are suck I can never find anything for me like seriouly nothing
    and about ur ams I have like real fat arms and am ashame to take pic of me with them showing but u are my inspiration I just found ur log lately and I love it I love how ur just free u do what u want and never care about anyone opinion
    b4 I could post a pic of me in my blog wit my arms I would like go to the gym for 3 years and after that still I wont put it :s
    keep rocking it girl xoxoxox

  4. 6


    Oh! This would be great for yoga. I don’t exercise much, and when I do, it’s Pilates, yoga or swimming, all at home. I think the body suit would be great in the fact you don’t have to worry about pants falling/rolling down or stuff like that. I envy your curves, you have an amazing figure. My arms are the one area i’m still self conscious about, but you look great.

    Aw, Charlie is adorable, I just want to snuggle him. I’m all for more animals in pictures!

  5. 8


    You look TOTALLY HOT – I am of course somewhat biased but stil SUPER HOT :) Good on you for braving it – and I think in summer you will be rocking it down on the beach :)

  6. 9

    Ingrid says

    You look so beautiful!

    You are such an inspiration for body love and body confidence – thank you!

  7. 12

    Tony says

    Hey Dan, try not to let anons upset you, if they won’t even say who they are, then they don’t even rate a second thought.
    I reckon you look great in all your pics!!!, its so good to see a girl who is happy and confident with her shape no matter if the shape is stick thin or full figured.
    For every one, you don’t look nice person, there is a hundred you look awesome people. :)

  8. 13


    OMG. It’s everything I hoped for and more. Love you. xox

    And no, thanks for asking, I won’t be wearing one. I am anti onsie full stop. It’s not you, it’s me. you know how it goes.

  9. 16


    I can’t imagine going there…. only cos if I wanted to go to the loo in a hurry while working out I’d be screwed! I mean, how long would it take me to get out of it!?!?


  10. 18


    wow i would totally wear one of those! i instantly thought of wearing it under baggy tops when i saw it. would also totally love to wear that amazing gold catsuit.

  11. 19


    Don’t let anonymous nasties hurt your feelings. They’re just hurting themselves and need to take it out on someone.

    I don’t think the yoga onesie is for me but it was great to see it reviewed! x

  12. 20


    Dani… you’re really beautiful. Wish I could look you in the eyes and tell you but this comment will have to suffice for now lol. But thank you for facing your fear and posing in that onesie, which BTW, looks ravashing on you! Lady you look yummazing! Oh and your arms… LOVE EM!!!

    Be good to yourself Love. (:

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