Sushi Surprise

This morning I woke up bright and early as my living area was being turned into a studio. Another shoot for Pose and the theme was “angel”, not usually my cup of tea but that’s what Pose it all about, the opportunity to explore creatively. This is Jess the model and Amy was on make up but I’ll talk more about that shoot in another post. After they’d left I decided to treat myself to sushi so I drove down to a yummy little place in Windsor Mall. I forgot that as it was Sunday the Windsor Markets were on and the whole area was packed. I filled my takeaway tray with all things chicken, prawn, crab and avacodo then walked back towards the car and who should I see…?

Yep, Rae Morris. Leading international make up artist. Ambassador for L’Oréal Paris Australia. Author of brilliant make up books (all of which I own). Designer of beautiful make up brushes… in Windsor. My Windsor. She was wearing all black, a ponytail through a cap and big sunglasses, very chic. Of course I said “Rae, Rae Morris… is that you?” like a total dork.

We’ve met a few times now. The first time was when I interviewed Gok Wan and at the time I didn’t register who she was. We didn’t talk much but I remembered she complimented me on my Kelly Moore Libby camera bag and asked where she could get one. The second time was at Westfield East Gardens when she was doing a style work shop with Donny Galella which is where the photo of us together was taken.

You never really know though, if people (especially busy famous people) will remember you. The pure dread that fills your stomach as you wait for them to turn around, take off their sunglasses and register who you are. I jumped the gun said “Hi Rae, I’m Dani from Danimezza, we’ve met a few times with Gok and Donny through Westfield.” I was met with an excited “Oh hey, I know you! How are you Dani?”. Social awkward moment avoided.

We danced between the crowd for a few minutes, joking about the fact that we both thought it was perfectly safe to dress down and be relatively make up free, no one runs into people in Windsor. I was wearing thongs, I was mortified but at least my head looked alright. Through my laughter I pitched an idea for her involvement in a project I’m working on and was met with enthusiasm so she gave me business cards for herself and her agent so we could keep in touch. I got to pitch in person. I couldn’t believe it.

As I walked away I still couldn’t be sure that the whole thing even happened. I mean, Rae Morris, in Windsor! Here I was in my casual sunday attire, wearing thongs and grabbing sushi thinking nothing out of the ordinary would happen and then BAM… awesomeness!


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