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A few of the US bloggers I follow on twitter highly recommended liquid detoxes made up of soup, juices and smoothies as meal replacements for a short period of time. I hadn’t heard or seen anything like that in Australia so after a quick search I found a similar company to the one they used and started following them on twitter. Shortly after I was contacted by the Urban Remedy  marketing team to see if I wanted to trial their new winter menu so I said yes, I was keen to see what all the fuss was about.

The drinks were delivered in a big insulated box with cooling packs the night before I was due to start drinking them. They needed to be put in the fridge straight away and kept cool. When you order via the website you chose one of three levels which are reflective of your diet and detox experience, as I was a newbie I chose Level 1. The next step was to chose a One Day, Three Day or Five Day cleanse and I chose three days, it seemed doable.

So this is what I received: Six drinks for each day of the detox, a cooler bag, travel gel cool pack and plenty of wide straws. The cost for me to do this cleanse would have been $195.00 AUD which includes shipping but it was supplied by Urban Remedy as a gift for review. It works out to be $65 per day and considering that covers all your meals, day and night for three days as well as lots of wholesome nutrients I think it’s a fair price… and I can say that because I’ve reaped the positive benefits and plan to purchase again myself.

The design elements of Urban Remedy are appealing and practical. I loved how the bottles were slim, clear, easily stackable and didn’t take up too much room in the fridge. The stickers on top of the bottles show which drinks can also be heated and the labels are easy to read and distinguish which drink is next in the course.

Energising Smoothie: At 8am I had my first smoothie and it was delicious, just like something you’d get from Boost Juice. I honestly missed having this each morning and since I’ve done the detox I’ve been blending up my own smoothie occasionally. This one was thick, rich and filling, I highly recommend it.

Metabolism Booster: This one was a little difficult for me to get used to. The lemon was ok but it was the cayenne pepper kick that got to me. After a few sips I got used to it but I couldn’t help the initial screwed up sour face when I drank it. I knew it was doing me good and on day two and three I slugged it down with no issue. You have the option of heating it up so it’s like a tea but I preferred it ice cold.

TOP TIP: Don’t put the bottles in the microwave, it spells it out in the instructions but I just was to confirm it. No matter how sturdy you think the bottle are don’t do it. I didn’t, I used a bowl, for me I preferred to scoop out my soup with a big spoon than slurp it up through a straw anyway.

Repairing Soup: This was my favourite soup, so delicious and filling. From the very first day I gobbled it up and looked forward to lunch everyday. Yum, even Aidan liked it.

Alkaliser: All that was missing from this was white rum but then I guess the whole thing would have been a bit redundant. The first day I tried it I didn’t like it, then about half way through drinking it my taste buds opened up and I guzzled it down. I liked to serve it in a glass over ice.

Purifying Soup: I wasn’t a big fan of this one, even on the last day. The texture of the raw cashews just got to me. I still ate it, I knew my body needed it but I think I’ll order a different one next time. When you place your order you can specify a flavour change to suit your tastes but I wanted to go with their set menu the first time around.

Calming Smoothie: Again with the raw cashews. I’d read online that this was nice served hot so on the first night that’s exactly what I did and as you can see it frothed up like a hot chocolate… except it didn’t taste like one and I could hardly drink it. The next day I served it cold over ice and it was still a bit different but it was refreshing. I guess it just comes down to personal taste.

I didn’t feel hungry whilst doing the detox but I missed the process of eating and the texture of crunchy food. On the go it was pretty easy to maintain. I didn’t leave the house for very long so rather than carry the case around, to simplify things I shoved the ice pack and the drink in a stubby cooler, worked like a charm. The bag was great for a full day out though and Steve’s used it to take lunch to work since then.

This is me after the cleanse. I don’t have a “before” photo because I wasn’t doing this to lose weight, it wasn’t my goal just an added bonus. My weight wasn’t even that effected in the end but my body mass was. The detox eliminated a lot of bloating, so much so that I lost 8cm off my waist. I could see and feel the difference and others could too. There is an unpleasant side to all of this too, it’s called a cleanse for a reason. My bowels emptied, really emptied. I’ve never pooed so much in my entire life. I didn’t get the runs or anything like that, nothing to cause concern, I just felt fresher, lighter and more flexible than I’d felt in ages. It’s since made me assess my relationship with all forms of carbs and things including yeast.

Even the cons turned out to be pros and with my whole heart I couldn’t recommend the Urban Remedy Cleanse more. It got me out of a food rut, got me rethinking some food choices and their effect on my body. It pumped me up even more for the gym and working out didn’t feel like an uphill battle as my diet had changed too, they were working together. It sounds stupid but I didn’t really ‘get’ that until it physically happened to me and the results starred me in the face. Literally, my skin is glowing and my eyes are brighter… and finally open!

Have you or would you do a cleanse?


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    I have been thinking of doing this and your review has given me the inspiration to try it. Thanks for the honest assessment of the cleanse – including the “poo issue”.

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    omg why we dont have such things in arab countries :( I will loooove to try it as u said not only for losing weight but for the feeling
    and btw I love reading ur posts they just made my day

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      Thank you Sara, that really means a lot. As most of the commenters have said it’s easy enough to replicate at home if you don’t have access. Even upping your fresh green vegetable, grain and fish intake will help.

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    Vi says

    Way to expensive for me too. I just make a huge batch of homemade vegetable, Tomato or Minestrone soups, as well as homemade smoothies and cleanse for 4 or so days. Works everytime and it’s a healthy way of doing it.

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    I think it seems expensive and you could get the same effect by making your own soups, smoothies and juices with fresh fruit, veggies and nuts.
    I worry about the nutritional benefits of the cleanse though – I get that it is supposed to be over a short period, but I worry about proteins and carbs and good oils not being sufficient in this cleanse.
    But I’m glad it has helped you to think about your eating habits and that you feel good :)

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      It definitely did all those things. As a family we eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein but it was the carbs and snacks that I needed help with. I was consuming too much so all I ever knew was “bloated”. By sticking to the cleanse I could finally tell the difference and it was definitely a wake up call. I’ve cut 70% of my carb intake and I’m now taking Inner Health Plus daily which is also helping a lot.

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        How was your fast? I found it was easier after the itniial wave of cravings but I am having a difficult time occupying myself during meal times. Do ou exercise regularly–if so, how do you feel?

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    That was so interesting, I really want to do this detox now, it looks like it did wonders for your health. I might try and save my pennies for a 3 day detox too.

    Thanks for sharing! :-)

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    Nothing is as cleansing as a healthy balanced diet. I could never not eat ‘real’ food. Food is about more than fuel. :-)

    And holy moly, $195 or 3 days? That is huge! That’s what I pay for a fortnight shopping for 2 adults and 2 children.

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      Yes, its the same for our meat and vege shop fortnightly too but to some it’s nothing (oh to be them!) and when the opportunity presented itself to try out the program I couldn’t refuse. It was nice not to have to think about what to eat and just know that everything was doing me good. We’ve bought the CSIRO book x

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    charlie says

    sounds like it would suit, unhealthy, busy and wealthy people after alot of unhealthy eating, or when they need rethink the toxins that the induce in food.
    i couldnt afford to do it, i make my own smoothies and add 1tsp linseeds as well as oatmeal to the yogurt and skim milk + berries, its really thick and easy. i add coldpressed virgin flaxseed oil to my salad or smoothy too, there are lots of ingredients you can use at home that can make it easier and more affordable, thanks for sharing though, if u can afford it then it can be an easy option

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    Belinda says

    I believe in detoxifying and cleansing, but I doubt that after 3 or even 5 days you can get the full benefits. A more disciplined detox routine over 2-3 weeks will have a greater and more lasting effect, not just cleaning out your bowels. Even though the packaging and colours look really attractive, I can’t help but feel that it is an expensive gimmick.

    I am planning my own 3 week detox in September based on Dr Alejandro Junger’s ‘Clean’ program, using alot of fresh fruit/vegetables and smoothies with chlorella which will help to chelate heavy metals from my body. I will post another comment after the detox to let you know how it all went.

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