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Couple of Saturday’s ago I attended a 80’s themed birthday birthday for one of my friends, one I hadn’t partied with in awhile. I was nervous as it was always an ever-changing crowd of new faces but I’d been out for so long I wasn’t sure if I was still “in”. Two hours before the party I decided to suck it up and attend… which meant I’d left my outfit to the last minute. You should know that when these guys throw themed parties, they’re out there and total wild so I knew I’d have to bring my A game.

I asked you guys on facebook for inspiration (thank you!!) and raided the depths of my wardrobe to find something suitable. You suggested I wear my Damn You Alexis Space Skirt so I built the outfit around it. Once I got a look I was happy with I attacked my hair with more hairspray than I could have ever imagined and applied more blush than I ever have in my entire life. I posted these two pics on instagram that night and got so much love, the little confidence boost I needed, thank you. Oh and turns out I won best dressed that night!

Just before 1am I decided it was time to head home (I wasn’t drinking that night) but before I could curl up into my bed I had to get my friend  Charlie to take some clear photos of my outfit so you all could see. I originally had bright pink lipstick on (the same shade as my nails) but I forgot to put it in my bag for touch ups.

  • Pleather Jacket – City Chic
  • Singlet Top – City Chic
  • Space Skirt – Damn You Alexis
  • Leggings – SWAK Designs
  • Heels – Payless
  • Bangles – City Chic / Torrid
  • Ring – City Chic
  • Necklace – City Chic / Lovisa

I had just as much fun dressing up as I did at the party, it was exciting to do something a little bit different and break out of the norm. I’m also pleased to report that with some of my favourite leave-in conditioner Know Knott overnight the teased and hair sprayed mess was really easy to manage the next morning.

This is Charlie, we arrived at the party together, leaving our little boys at home with their dadda’s for the evening. You could tell we both needed to get out and funk things up a bit can’t you! I was in awe of her hair and make up and wished I’d been a bit bolder. Charlie is a curvy girl too so I asked if she’d like her outfit photo taken too and before I could finish asking she was in front of my lens.

Doesn’t she look amazing in the black lace dress? The accessories are what really make the outfit for me, the tulle bow, the pearls, the bangles, the sequin scarf, the old slap watch. Charlie borrowed the tights from me so they’re a little big but who really cares.

The hair, omg the hair! She used a pink coloured hairspray to pull it off and I think she did an awesome job. It was big, teased, pink and awesome. If was fun going to an event where you knew everyone would really put some effort in, you knew you could really go crazy.

 Have you ever been to a Theme Party?

What was the best costume you’ve ever worn?


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    Two most memorable themed events were before Kev and I married.
    We lived beachside on the gold coast and attended a housemates 21st at a club in Tweed Heads, so no hiding from the public. Kev wore his 1900 style swim trunks with a plastic float aid round his hips, goggles and fins too.
    I created my own outfit. A very cute french maid’s uniform. The party was outrageously good fun with everyone well dressed due to the large amount of costume shops available.
    The next was Kev’s 21st with the same mates though at home this time as it was priests and pros theme (his choice). Neither of us were religious, Kev was my pimp. Ahh this brings back so many happy memories of many other themed parties over the years.
    So glad you are having fun as we did.xxxx

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    Katy says

    You outfit was just fab! And to think you put it all together last minute… iam very impressed! Looks like an awesome night all round!

  3. 13

    charlie says

    love the post dani, we had a great night partying then talking about our little men
    thanks michelle :) i always like to dress up, i wish my hair was really pink lol

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    Love this post – you both look glam! I’ve not had many dress up occasions, but I once wOre a nun habit to the sexual deviants ball at Uni. My dad got dressed up as a woman once and he and mum picked me up in a public place after their party!! And when mum went overseas a few years ago dad sad he was getting into a costume For a party – he wore mum’s sari and coat. The next day I asked him what the theme was and he told me there wasn’t one!!!


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