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Earlier this year you might remember that BIG W gave Aidan a voucher for some boys clothes and then we all headed out and had a rough and tumble photoshoot with Rachel Devine. It was probably one of the more memorable family sponsored posts I’ve done so when they contacted me asking if I’d be up to doing it again… how could I refuse?!

The giant baby catalogue may have landed in your mailbox by now and I’m sure you circled a fair few things like I did. Aidan was in a good mood so shopping was a breeze. We darted around the boys wear section with Aidan in the trolley pulling everything off the racks that he liked, the dude has his own sense of style. Then he helped me scan all the barcodes to find out the exact prices, some tags didn’t display prices which was kind of annoying but often surprising as I’d assume they’d be expensive and end up only costing $4!

Can you tell he was pretty pleased with his purchases? We had $100 budget and we spent $124.91, I felt the extra $24.91 was totally worth it, splurging on a few items we wouldn’t normally buy. After totally blitzing BIG W we headed home for a drink and a big lazy nap… well Aidan did, I headed outside to capture his haul. Want to see what my stylish little dude came up with on a budget?

The kid has a thing for stripes and boy were there plenty to choose from. There was one that reminded me of the colours of the old lifesaver lollies but he wasn’t keen, I guess he didn’t get the reference. All the tops are a size 3 and the fabric is super soft. I know how well they wore from the last challenge so I was keen to stock up.

  • Stripe Tee with Pocket ~ $4.92
  • Bold Stripe Tee ~ $6.87
  • Blue Jersey Tee ~ $3.00
  • Stripe Tee ~ $4.92

Yup, even more tees! These gorgeous tops were the first to make it in the trolley, I held them up to Aidan asking “Which one?” and he said “Blue one and Green one Mumma please” so we got both. They have a very fine stripe, so preppy and cute. I bought BIG W’s $9 jeans leading up into winter and they’re one of his best pairs mainly due to how soft they are so I was happy to see they had shorts in the same denim. There is also a darker wash available but Aidan wasn’t keen.

  • Blue Stripe Top ~ $3.00
  • Green Stripe Top ~ $3.00
  • Denim Shorts ~ $9.00

Aidan’s getting ready to go to “school” more than once a week, actually he’s begging for it on a daily basis so keeping that in mind I wanted to get a few “daycare clothes”. Things I wouldn’t mind being covered in paint, food or dirt and can be left in his daycare bag for spare clothes.

  • Slub Pocket Tee ~ $4.92
  • Green Knit Short ~ $4.92

He still likes to dress up for school though and often picks tees with prints (he has a Threadless addiction) during winter we just layer them over long sleeve tees. As soon as Aidan saw the robot he had to have it. I loved that it wasn’t just a rubbery print but embroidered. It’s double the price of some of the other tees we bought but still under $10 and looked like something I could buy from an online boutique for three times that amount.

  • Applique Tee ~ $7.98
  • Navy Knit Short ~ $4.92

Speaking of paying a little more for something special… this was our splurge item. I bought Aidan back a Mickey Mouse plush toy from NYC and it sleeps on his pillow with him each night. As soon as he saw it he pointed his finger and shrieked “MICKEY, look Mumma it’s Mickey Mouse… I can have it please Mumma?”. It’s the same price as four $3.00 tees but the look on his face was priceless and I didn’t mind the design, quite classic and not too over the top… plus the blue matches the colour of his eyes. It’s also flocked so the black printed part feels like velvet which was just a little bit fun.

  • Licensed Flock Tee ~ $14.88

Speaking of fun, I can’t wait for all the summer parties ahead, BBQ’s in the sunshine, trips up to visit my parents on the coast… these occasions all call for an outfit a little bit more than the everyday look. I knew straight away Aidan needed these cargo shorts, total bonus that he can use the belt with other shorts, the kid loves belts. The shirt is a little more dressy (it has a very subtle print) but I know he’ll dress it down by wearing it unbuttoned  with a white tee underneath. Oh about that, there were NO white tees left… all sold out. I’ll be stalking my store until they get more in stock.

  • Short with Belt ~ $11.84
  • Basic Shirt ~ $11.84

Yep, there are those denim shorts again except these are a size 4. I’m tragic for buying a size bigger, I feel calmer knowing that in his bottom draw is the bones of a wardrobe the next size up. The same goes for the tee, they didn’t have any in a size 3 so I grabbed the 4 knowing that it will be worn eventually. It’s a really cute print, I love that the graphics on tees are becoming a little calmer and less noisy.

  • Denim Short ~ $9.00
  • Printed Tee ~ $4.00

Now I wouldn’t be stocking the dude’s summer wardrobe without grabbing a few pieces for waterplay! The boardshorts got a huge resounding “Yes PLEASE Mumma, I love my dinosaur shorts.” I know they’ll get a big work out when we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s place. Oh and lets stop for a moment to soak up the totally adorable swim trunks, just perfect for swimming lessons.

  • Poplin Short ~ $7.96
  • Basic Trunk ~ $7.96

So there you go, that’s what we bought from BIG W with a little over $100, his entire summer wardrobe in a single bag and it only took 20-30 minutes to chose the clothes, pay for them and head home. Painless, affordable, good quality, not to mention an opportunity for my little dude to work his creativity and define his own personal style. It’s his birthday next week so we’re planning a special adventure… I wonder what he’ll wear?


  1. 1


    Oh how I wish my BIG W trip was as quick and easy! Shopping for and with two CrashKids is a little challenging! We mostly had fun all the same and like you I overspent a little. How could I not – I even picked up a Peter Morrissey top on sale for me ;).

    Love all his stripey tees – we went for the stripes too!

  2. 7


    snap we got the same cargo shorts! I couldn’t believe the quality and price for those! I also got them with a shirt – so nice for outings and when we have somewhere nice to go:)

    my $100 had to be spread out over 5 kids though!!!


  3. 9

    charlie says

    i got all the ones in your first few pics, i didnt go overboard though as the weather is still hot cold hot cold, but i got some short sleeve rompers too in stripes

  4. 11


    Damn, you did well for $120! I adore that robot shirt, I’d quite fancy one in my size (or at least in a male size M for my hubby, who would freaking LOVE it)

  5. 13


    These are really cute clothes! Love the bright colours and range for boys. I never have to pay attention to the boys clothes so its great to see that boys have cute clothes too

  6. 15

    Jude says

    Ur little guy is adorable !!!! Yes I find Big W is great for kids clothes and plus sized women’s underwear!!! Gotta say Big W plus sized pantyhose and tights are wonderfully priced and ample range to choose from!! Love ur blog chicka!!! xx

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