Aussie Curves – Boots *EDITED

This is the start of something I’ve wanted to do for a loooooooong time and I’m seriously kicking myself for not getting the ball rolling sooner. “Aussie Curves” is a blog hop I’ve started with other lovely curvy ladies all around our beautiful country to show off our different tastes and sense of style through a weekly outfit challenge.

When I travelled to NYC for Full Figured Fashion Week (more posts coming soon I promise) I was in awe of how unified the plus size fashion blogging community was. I felt blessed to be welcomed instantly into theirs but I craved for that sense of sisterhood back home. Yes, there were other bloggers and yes I spoke to many of them but we weren’t sharing each others posts, leaving comments or giving support online. I was determined for that to change.

Plus size fashion is picking up speed and Australia is finally catching up. The number of plus size fashion bloggers in Australia is small, actually I’d call it a micro niche. That is set to change, things are coming up big-freaking-Marc-Jacob-daisies ladies! I wanted to lead by example, to build a strong voice of reputable bloggers who give inspiration and support to their readers. “Aussie Curves” is a bonding exercise, a tool for networking and to make us really work our wardrobes. It’s also for expanding our readers minds to embrace the reality that fashion is not exclusive to a few but available to the many.

Each week there is a new theme to spark our imagination so we can set about putting an outfit together according to the theme and then organise enough time to have the outfit photo taken. The “looks” are posted on our blogs every Monday and at the bottom of each of our Aussie Curves posts you’ll find the links to all the blogs participating that week so you can click through them all and be inspired. This week’s theme is BOOTS.

I’ve worn these boots in so many posts already but I don’t care, they’re the bomb. The Bilson Boots from TS14+ are suede ankle boots with thick, short heels that make a lovely clicky sound when I walk. They have elastic all around the top so they’re comfy and easy to pull on too. I will wear these to their death.

For once I kept my accessories pretty simple. A long, leather strapped, brushed steel necklace from TS14+ that jangles so much when I walk but I wear it anyway because it’s so beautiful and unique. The pink tote bag is from L’Oreal, a gift from a PR event last month. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been carting it about with me everywhere, I adore the colour and the size is just right. The sunglasses I’m wearing on my head are from Forever21… I forgot to take a photo of them on!

The clothes themselves are pretty basic, I didn’t want to go too ‘out there’ for my first post. I’m wearing pull on skinny jeans from TS14+ that are now too big for me but I wear them anyway because they’re so comfy. The black tank top is actually a tank dress from Crossroads, I liked that I could bunch up the hemline for a casual look. The metallic grey cardigan is from Autograph, it’s really lightweight, isn’t scratchy and I grabbed it on sale before I went to NYC.

So there you have it, the very first instalment of Aussie Curves. I’d like to take a moment to thank my awesome husband Steve for taking these photos for me. He’s always been a bit too cautious around the camera and doens’t really ‘get’ photography but he was a willing student this afternoon because he knew how much this meant to me. I set up all the shots, the angles, focus and lighting and I think that’s helped boost his confidence. Besides, he has plenty of chance to practice… 51 weeks to be exact!

What do you think? Are you excited?

*EDITED: If you’re a size 14+ and live in Australia/New Zealand please feel free to join in. Next weeks outfit theme is “Bold Nails”.


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    now am really upset am not living in australia :s
    can u plz add with u a curvy arabic girl?
    and btw love ur necklace its soo beautiful

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      Thanks Sara, do you know many other curvy arabic girls so you could start up your own meme? I’d love to open it up more in the future but right now it’s lovely showcasing Aussie talent x

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    Well done Miss Dani! Love the idea of supporting Australia; be it labels or fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to another 51 Aussie Curve posts! MKx

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    I am very excited by this post. As a plus size Kiwi living in Singapore I buy most of my clothes online and many of my purchases are from Australian stores. Trust me, trying to buy clothes where a size 10 is marked XL does not do much for one’s self esteem! I am off to check out the other links now

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    Love those boots and the cardigan!

    Thrilled to be a part of the Aussie Curves challenge =D I love supporting fellow bloggers, this is such a fun way to do that. …High five to Steve, great photos. The boot against the tree trunk is divine.

    • 10


      Thanks, I’m determined to mix it up with OTT outfits and real everyday outfits… also take a bit of the pressure off :) The boots shot took several goes but he got what I was going for in the end ;)

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      CameronNovember 11, 2010Hi Brian,Thanks for your kind words you made my day. I’m so glad you’re having more fun and pyialng better. Keep it up!Cameron

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    These photos are amazing, go Steve! I think I may have to go check out those jeans you’re wearing, I like the idea of the panels.
    Thank you SO much for starting this blog challenge!

    • 27


      You know fashion YOUR OWN SENSE OF FASHION. There are no right or wrongs, if you love it, I’m 100% sure at the very least one other person will love it too. Besides, you’re my sister… you can’t go wrong :P

    • 29


      You are too tight and thinking too much. Stop ansayling so much. It is not an exact science. Get into the bunker, aim to hit behind the ball with an open face and that’s it. The ball should come out every time. All the worry and thinking is definitely not helping you.

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    Love it. While I love checking out fashion blogs from anywhere in the world, Australian ones are my favourites because it’s often stuff I see in the shops here with everyone’s individual touches added.

    • 34


      Kathryn, exactly! I’m the same. It kind of gets disapointing seeing beautiful blog after blog and not being able to source the items they’re wearing. There are plenty of memes like this out there but none currently specific to Australia. I think of it as my new Polly Dolly :)

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    This is brilliant!! I have been searching for more Aussie plus size blogs. My own blogging has been sporadic as I haven’t found my groove yet. I have been toying with the idea of looking at doing some plus size blogging instead. I am currently a size 18(ish) and am always searching for nice, fshionable clothing but on a budget. This has reinspired me to think about blogging about clothing more. Love Love Love

  8. 37


    Hi Danni, Sincere apologies for mucking up the Linky link … DER … Aussie Curves is a brilliant idea especially for us older big girls that you don’t see too much of out there … Thank You so very much.

  9. 41


    Dani – this is duch a great idea. I’ve tried to participate but no matter whet I do I cannot get the linky link to work on my blog. I am a bit of a noob though. I also love the clicky noise! Lovely pics too!

    • 42


      Thanks Megan, hmm it should be a simple process of copy and pasting the code into the HTML editing side of your blog post. Tweet @sugercoatit and she’ll help you sort it out x

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    naedaily says


    I just found your vlog through a friend of mine.
    I used to blog a lot but recently I have moved into youtubing and vlogging.
    I was wondering if you were interested in including vloggers into your fashion challenges? I am currently remodelling my channel and would love to add your aussie curves idea to my vlog. I will not use it until you approve. If you dont approve then I completely understand. Just let me know!

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