A is for Awesome

I’m in denial that Aidan turns three today.

That everyday he grows older, smarter, cuter.

That soon he’ll be travelling the world, falling in love and breaking hearts…

… but I may just be getting ahead of myself.

Happy Birthday Little Dude.

Always remember: “A is for Aidan, A is for Awesome.”

Love Mumma xx


  1. 3


    Happy birthday to your Awesome little dude! I hope he has a super fun day and that Mummy copes with her bubs growing up. He truly is the sweetest thing and you and Steve should be very proud of him! xoxo

  2. 9


    What a little cutey pie. Happy birthday for yesterday – he shares his special day with my brother who is as awesome as they come! It must be something about the 25th of August.

  3. 13


    Loved all the hugs and kisses and especially the fun of seeing you opening your gifts A is definitely for AWESOME, and yes Aunty Steph Tassie is a hit.

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