Dinosaur Haircuts

Danimezza #sonofablogger Aidan Haircut Toddler DIY

Usually Aidan has no problem getting his hair cut but for the last couple of months he’s been chucking up a fuss whenever we take him to the hairdresser. So I decided to take things into my own hands and bought a pair of scissors from the pharmacy, giving him one last chance to go the professional route before lopping his locks.

Danimezza #sonofablogger Aidan Haircut Toddler DIY

Now cutting the hair of a squirmy wriggly toddler can be tough but I think I nailed it thanks to a parents biggest weapon… distraction. I filled the sink with bubbly water and a few dinosaur pals along with a pair of plastic scissors so his toys could have hair cuts too. Worked like a charm!

Danimezza #sonofablogger Aidan Haircut Toddler DIY

So I snipped and combed the best I could. Taking off the fuzzies from around his ears and cleaning up the back, whilst he did his thing styling up the handsome dinosaurs.

I could have gone for the buzz cut look but I love it when he gets a proper scissor trim. Now I’m no professional but I tried my hardest. It will take a bit of practice but that’s ok, he’s only little and wont really mind… or so I thought.

Steve came home and I said “Look, I cut Aidan’s hair!” and he replied “Yes, I can see that by looking at his fringe.” Ok, so I didn’t nail it first time but there is always next fortnight and Steve said I did a good job on the back, that’s something right?

Do you cut your kids hair?



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    Hi There – I am a new subscriber from NZ :-) I love the reference to distraction as a parents best friend – that is my motto!! Well done on the hair cut – I am too scared to do my boys’ in case I muck it up – he loves the barber shop though – gets quite a kick out of it and almost sits still!

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