How to Make a Video Beauty Tutorial

It would seem you guys loved my video tutorial and some might say I’m crazy stupid but I wanted to share how I created it. A lot of my friends are bloggers and I know we’re always looking for new ways to create and share content. I don’t have a DSLR that shoots video, I don’t use fancy lighting… anyone can do what I’ve done.

Here we are in my little studio which is really just a fancier name for “spare bedroom”. The curtains are pulled all the way to one side to let in lots of natural light so colours in the video stay true. Downlights, lamps and general house lights create a lot of tungsten light which casts an eerie orange glow and distorts colours. Lighting needs to be white and bright and nothing quite beats sunlight.

My background for the videos is just 1 metre fabric from spotlight, this cost about $7. I plan to buy a few different colours to mix them up a bit. I wanted something with a little it of sparkle… who doesn’t right!?

You could blutac the fabric onto a wall or use a portable clothes rack for $20 and hang the fabric like a curtain and wheel it to where ever you like. I got lucky, last year in the dusty corner of an op shop I found this baby for $10 in old but almost new condition. It’s a photography background that pulls out to adjustable heights, similar to what the post office uses when they take your passport photos. It’s great because it easily folds away and takes up about as much room as a tripod.

Yes, I could have just used the white background but where is the fun in that? I used clips to attach the fabric to the background but you could use bulldog clips or even pegs. I nabbed these clips on ebay for really cheap a few years ago. Now that the lighting and background is sorted it’s time to cover filming.

This is what I’m looking at when I’m filming. I have everything I need already in front of me so there is no need to get up and search for the missing lipgloss or mascara.

It’s a simple set up, I have my make up supplies, mirror, tripod and iphone.

My tripod is a $20 cheapie, you can get them anywhere. In order for me to use my iPhone to film I need to use my Glif. The Glif is a phone stand which also has a tripod mount and costs about $20. Take the iPhone out of it’s case and easily pop it in and out of the holder.

The rear camera on the iPhone is better quality and the one I recommend, so that means you can’t see yourself while you’re filming. To combat this I just did a few quick tests to make sure I was sitting in the right position and that everything was in frame. Because I’m a little bit of an iPhoneography geek I bought a wide angle macro lens for $20. It attaches by using a magnetic ring. You don’t need one but it’s certainly fun to mess about with.

This is the mirror I use during filming. It’s an LED light up mirror with two sides and I bought it recently from Priceline for $32. I might raise it up a little higher next time I film so that it’s at the same level as the iPhone, I didn’t really like how I kept looking down in the videos. The tip with the mirror is to be hands free, compacts or hand held mirrors wont work well but that said I guess you could always hang a small one from your tripod.

Ahhh… make up, how I adore you. I picked up this clear acrylic make up organiser from Aldi for $9.95 a few months back and they have them back in stock now so I highly recommend you go and grab one. I have three. I keep all my make up in draws (more on that later) so I put only what I need in the organiser. I liked that it kept everything neat during filming I could just pop the used item down on the desk to remind myself that I’d already featured/used that product. I filmed several videos that day so don’t freak out, you don’t need that much stuff to film a beauty video.

So there you go, that’s how I film my beauty videos. To edit them I upload the clips into iPhoto and then use iMovie and upload directly to YouTube. Pretty simple but really effective. Be smart about lighting, keep the videos to under 5 minutes and have fun with it!

Do you watch beauty tutorials and videos?



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    Thanks for sharing Dani! It looks like you’ve got it all sorted out. You can really notice the difference when someone makes an effort with their videos, and you have a real eye for it.

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      Aww thank you Lisa, part of my problem is I think about the details too much so it takes a lot longer for things to come together. I started filming these things over Christmas but I didn’t like the finished result lol. Too fussy for my own good.

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    Love the behind the scenes peek. So much goes on to make something look effortless. Your videos are always amazing and fun to watch. Love your style in every regard.

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    Dee says

    thanks for this behind the scenes peak. I really enjoyed your video tutorial yesterday and was wondering how you made it look so effortless. Great tips (both makeup and video making)
    xx D

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      Just “stalked” your blog, happy to put my lips on there sometime lol. I’m sure as I do more videos I’ll adjust how I do things but at least it records how I started out :)

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    Wow, thankyou SO much for this tutorial – there are so many things I need to learn and I think I’m improving *little* by little. I have realised that there are great apps on the iphone, and like you said the rear camera is best! I have to figure out the lighting and I don’t quite think I’ve mastered it. I may try to get a tripod now after this post, and think more about my background! :)

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