L’Oreal Revitalift BB Cream

It’s time for another mid-week beauty post and this time I’ll be talking about the new L’Oreal Revitalift Total Repair 10 BB Cream, the first anti-aging BB Cream. BB Creams are all the rage and it’s not just a passing fad but the new innovation in skincare and make up fit for our new fast-paced lifestyle. I’ve tried other BB creams but I haven’t shown them on the blog because, well, I didn’t like them. This one I like, so much so that I made a 2 minute video about it…

I was sent both the “Light” and “Medium” shades for consideration and decided for my skin tone “Light” was the best way to go. The 50ml bottle is plastic and I like it’s compact design, it’s about the size of a roll-on deodorant and small enough to pop in your bag. It has a sturdy lid and generous pump, I find one is enough to do my whole face and neck evenly. The RRP: $35.95 AUD so I’m interested to see how far it goes. You can buy it at supermarkets, chemists and department stores. The claims on this product were high so I was excited to try it out.

  1. Covers Imperfections: Yes, but only minor ones, not the monsters I have on my face this week (thank you hormones). I’d still need to apply foundation and/or just consealer at the very least over the top.
  2. Perfects Skin Texture: Yes, I’d say it leaves the skin feeling soft and flush, also feels like a primed base for make up.
  3. Evens Skin Tone: Yes, a million times yes. I still feel my Invisible Zinc Stick does a better job but this has moisturising and firming properties.
  4. Refines Skin Quality: Hmm I’ve only had it for a few days so I couldn’t say, maybe over time.
  5. Illuminates Complexion: Yes, there is a very subtle sheen, if any. I’m the queen of illuminators which is why I love Benefit Cosmetics so much (it’s what the brand is known for) but if you’re wanting just a touch of reflective brightening this would suit.
  6. Intensely Hydrates: Something I’ll have to discover long term. I had a facial this week so my skin is feeling quite supple already. I do feel the difference on my nose and forehead though which is where I tend to be quite dry.
  7. Corrects Dark Spots: I had the mask of pregnancy 3 years ago and the darkest marks were on either side of my chin below my lower lip. Over time this has faded but I’m still quite self conscious about it and always apply consealer. I found the BB Cream disguised it well.
  8. Smooths Wrinkles: It contains Pro-Retinol A which an active anti-wrinkle ingredient so I’m sure the claim is true, again it would be something I’d have to discover over time. In the meantime it does act like a filler for smaller lines, like the micro ones.
  9. Firms Contours: It has something called “Stimulift”, an ingredient that stimulates your skin’s natural lifters to plump and firm your skin. As I said, haven’t been using it long and I just had a facial designed to lift and tighten.
  10. Protects Against UV: Rated SPF 15+ it’s half of what I get from my Invisible Zinc stick. If they could find a way to boost it up to SPF30+ I think it would knock competitors out of the park.

I received the L’Oreal Revitalift Total Repair 10 Moisturiser  a few weeks ago in a goodie bag during a L’Oreal PR event with Brand Meets Blog. I wanted to included it in this post because I know a lot of people are still hesitant about BB Creams. With this you’re still getting the nutrient care and protection for your skin, just without the tint. It’s got a nice texture, similar to a make up primer so if you did need a thicker foundation coverage you could just incorporate this into your routine.

Do you prefer all-in-one products?


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    Wow that looks great! I have used BB creams before but found them quite drying. If this is hydrating then I will be there with bells on. Thanks for sharing the video.

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      Yeah each to their own I guess, a few people have gone mad for a certain brand but personally didn’t find it appealing. Thanks for the video love, I’m trying to be less of a princess about them, just churning out helpful videos at least once a fortnight.

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      Yeah I wasn’t a fan, this one feels a lot nicer on my skin without the shiny, greasy look either and sits well under make up. The price is something to consider but that said my Invisible Zinc stick is $42 and I’d pay double that for the result and protection it gives me, you know, now that I know how awesome it is lol.

      I get sent a lot of products to try for free, a fair bit doesn’t make it to the blog so please know that what I do show is good stuff. It’s also why I’m totally honest, no point sending me products if all I have to say about them is scripted from the land of rainbows and lollipops x

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    I also received the BB cream from the L’Oreal event and really like it. The coverage is awesome and love that it is so moisturising. I do find the pump a bit generous though and only give it a half squeeze now.

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    I love all in one products as I am so lazy in the mornings these days. Anything to get me out of the house and to that cup of coffee quicker in the mornings is a good thing by me!

    I’ve only tried the Maybelline BB cream – not sure if it is available in Oz yet as I picked it up in Tesco in London but it seems a bit too sheer for me. I might try and find this on my next trip to Boots and give it a go!

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      I haven’t tried that one. This has a sheer coverage too, definitely not a foundation but I liked the moisturising and anti-aging qualities. PS: I wish we had boots or sephora… sigh

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        We don’t have Sephora anymore in the UK so I have to go to France for my Sephora fix.

        But I read today that Sephora are launching in Australia next year!

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    Belinda says

    BB creams are really no more than tinted moisturers, which is fine if a tinted moisturiser is what you want, but you are getting less bang for your buck. People get sucked in by the name “BB” as if it is some miracle cream. I’ve tried L’Oreal products before and they are totally unsuitable for my skin type, plus they sit on my skin like a film rather than absorb in. I prefer to spend more on a brand like Jurlique because it is packed with nutrients and essential oils.

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      This product definitely has it’s own target demographic, I see it more for women who don’t wear make up everyday but still appreciate a little bit of coverage and need the added hydrating and firming qualities. I haven’t tried Jurlique products yet, what are your faves?

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    Dani I don’t wear anything on my face (other than putting moisturiser on at night when I go to bed) as my face perspires with ANYTHING on it. But… I’m all for the easiest possible option.

    Multipurpose products are ideal if you’re lazy like me!!!


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      oh that sucks! Definitely try an mattifying base, I have the same problem and my Dior Crystal Matte Balm and Benefit Porefessional seem to sort it out. Being in front of the camera and sometimes on tv means I have to invest in quality products to keep my face shiny-free x

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    I have been searching for a new product to use. I haven’t been wearing make up for a long time now, being sick and mostly housebound. But I feel ready to get out there again and was looking at a lot of different products. I’ve not found one because it’s all a bit overwhelming, and to be honest I was really unsure about the BB creams, wasn’t sure if it was a fad, what they did exactly.

    You’ve convinced me however. I’m going to buy one of these tonight and give it a go. (You’re very beautiful, you know).

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    Laura says

    I just now put it on and rushed onto the web for reviews. I am also on hold with L’Oreal. This product feels so horrible on my skin, it is sticky and is peeling off in tiny flakes – and it doesnt cover at all. Am so disappointed :-( Especially at that price – omg! Just spoke to L’Oreal and she was sooooo rude. Basically said “thanks for the feedback” and hung up on me!!!! I am certainly going back to the Garnier BB cream which not only covers, it is moisturising and makes my skin look and feel great. I only tried this because I thought it would be better considering its a huge name….:-(

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