My Portrait Couture Gallery

As I explained earlier this week, the photoshoot experience with GM Photographics was pretty awesome. Everyday that went past waiting for the finished images to arrive was torture but they were worth the wait. The session and prints were a gift for me to review so I was so excited to see how they’d turn out.

They arrived in a sleek, beautiful presentation box embossed with the GM Photographics logo on the cover and Portrait Couture embossed on the spine. It was all just a bit fancy.

Inside were ten (5″x7″) prints all professionally matted and sealed to fit a size (8″x10″) frame. The ribbon is placed at the bottom of the box so all you have to do is pull the ribbon and all the prints lift out of the box to avoid damaging the matte boards.

I  like a particular type of frame, black with white matte. Luckily they’re easy to find in the shops and I managed to pick these two up from BIG W pretty cheaply. As with all my frames, to hang them I use 3M removable velcro hooks that I buy from Bunnings.

So where do you hang glamorous photos of yourself? In the kitchen? Above the dining table? By your husband’s bedside? None of those places seemed ideal to me so there was only one place left, my studio. After all it is a dedicated room just for me, all about me. My own little vanity space.

After we threw out our old dodgy couch the magenta retro lounge from my studio was moved to the lounge room. It left me with an awkward space in the studio that needed to be redefined. One thing I knew I needed more of was storage, especially for my clothes so I picked up the $20 double clothes rack from Sam’s Warehouse. This is where I stash fit-clothes from companies, new purchases I want to feature on the blog and outfits ready for Aussie Curves.

If you want to see more of my studio you can see the post here with lots of pictures. On one wall I have a large photo display and one of the photos featured on the wall is another glamour portrait I had taken when I was 19 just before Steve and I got engaged. Steve was still in the RAAF and at the time was deployed to the Middle East so I had these taken. At the time I took them for him but now I appreciate them too, one of the reasons I was so excited about the Portrait Couture shoot with GM Photographics. How would I feel looking back on them in another 8-10 years?

Along either side of my fabulous floral poster there was space for frames so I cracked out my Quigogot to work and I was done in no time. I have no plans to fill these walls with frames, due to the size of them I think less is more. That said I wouldn’t mind hanging up a few ceramic trinkets or miniature plates should I stumble across any in my op shop travels.

Steve laughed a little when I showed him the little gallery of me, I don’t blame him it is a little bit much but I couldn’t choose between the prints. If you can’t go crazy in your own room where can you go crazy, am I right? It’s not like I had them enlarged wall size and put them up in the entrance of the house.

I really love how the studio looks now. I have space for my camera gear, lighting equipment, clothes, magazines and everything is so much easier to access. The portraits really do add a touch of glamour and on days where I feel frumpy-dumpty sitting in my office working in my PJs late into the night, they lift me up and remind me to put my best face forward.

 Would you have glamour photos taken?


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    Love the photos! Everything about them, including the box looks glamorous. Totally jealous of your work space. You have the coolest office. That is the perfect place to display the glamour shots.

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