Quick Natural Make Up

You guys have been asking for this for awhile now so I’m finally delivering. Every couple of weeks I’ll be sharing a video tutorial showing how I do my make up, my hair and how I care for my skin. I can say this with certainty because I filmed several episodes in one day and they’re all ready to go. Now I hate to ruin the vibe here but lets make something completely clear before we start, I am not a beauty expert and I make no claims to be. However I am a beauty product consumer and I have opinions so I blog about them. Please also note this is not a sponsored post.

Products You’ll Need

  • Foundation with SPF 30+
  • Blush Powder
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow wax/pencil
  • Eye Shadow with Three Shade Gradient
  • Tinted Gloss



So there you have it! It’s not done “properly” I haven’t used any primers, consealers, powders, eye liner or lip liner. I didn’t do any contouring and I haven’t waxed or tinted my eyebrows because well, sometimes I forget. I didn’t do any fancy brushwork or use tools you wouldn’t recognise, I wanted to keep it simple and quick. Anyone can do this, even with the products you already have at home.

To celebrate the start of my beauty video series I asked the team of Bene-Babes if they could send me this gorgeous set to give away because I’d fallen head over heels with my own… of course they said yes because they love me! Bella Bamba will suit any skin tone, don’t be afraid of the colour (watermelon pink) as the gold light reflective particles brighten and soften it.

If I only have 2 minutes but I still want the natural look I’ll smear on the foundation, blend with my fingers and put blush on. Never discount blush as it truly awakens the face and adds definition. Flick mascara on the top lashes and slick on the gloss. That’s it, forget the rest but still leave the house feeling like you’ve put some effort in.

Want to win a Bella Bamba Ultra Plush Gloss and Bella Bamba Box O’ Powder? To enter all you have to do is comment on this post answering this question:

Which two beauty products can you not leave the house without?

Competition is open to Australian residents only. One winner will be drawn on Tuesday 21nd August 2012 at 5pm AEST. This is a game of skill. Winner will be announced in the comments section of this post and via email. I was not paid for this post, I requested this giveaway because I’m a Bene-addict and wanted to share my love xx

EXTRA ENTRY: Within the same comment tell me what you’d like me to cover in my next few videos.

EDITED TO ADD: Benefit are now having their Summer Sale!


    • 2


      That. Scared. The crap. Out of me.I don’t drive, but I happily put on muekap while my fiance9 is driving! (Okay that’s a lie, I get quite annoyed if he drives on a bumpy road while I’m trying to do eyeliner!)And I always use hand sanitizer before touching up while riding the subway! ^_^What an effective video, girl ^_^

  1. 3

    Rachel says

    Great video – thanks!
    For me it’s blush and under-eye concealer… But I could definately add Bella Bamba to my “can’t leave the house without” list ;)
    Eye shadow -natural, neutral colours- is what I’d like to see a dedicated post on x

  2. 4


    I cannot leave the house with a moisturiser in winter. Tinted preferably. Followed closely by mascara. It makes my eyes look awake even if they aren’t really. Haha.

    Great tutorial Dani! Keep them coming.

  3. 5

    Jodie says

    Hi Dani, I found your blog yesterday and LOVE it! I currently don’t leave the house with any beauty products as I tend to go out “au naturel”. You however are inspiring me to take a bit more pride and care in my appearance. Just because I’m overweight doesn’t mean I can’t look pretty!
    PS When I click on the video above, it shows a message saying “this video is private”. Any idea on how to fix this?

  4. 8

    Heather says

    I love this!!

    I can’t leave the house without Mascara and Lip Balm!

    Can’t wait for the next instalment xxx

  5. 9


    Fab video…am obsessed with makeup tutorials at the moment and this is a great one.

    I can’t leave home without my Mascara (has to be MAC’s Haute & Naughty Lash) and Lip Balm (has to be Body Shop’s Vitamin E Lip Care).

    Next tutorial I would like to see is how you do a liquid/gel eyeliner.

  6. 10


    my garnier BB cream and a some blush……..evens my skin tone out without being heavy and also stops me looking deathly pale.
    Video ideas? Hair tips – especially soft curls

  7. 11

    Alison says

    Great video, thanks! I can’t leave the house without lip balm/gloss. Other than that, probably hand cream for dressed down times. For other any time when I’m wearing makeup, a pop of blush and mascara with the lip gloss is the bare minimum.

    Would love to see a video on how to do that black liquid eyeliner with nude eye look. I just can’t seem to get it right!

  8. 12

    Stephanie Rodgers says

    OMG, that was fabulous. I bought the same foundation, thanks to you this week and I LOVE it. I have been wanting to do my eyes for a while, so now I can thanks to your tutorial, keep them coming!!!

    What can’t I leave home without….without a doubt, it would have to be gloss, LOOOOVEEEE it, and I must say I am loving the look of the Bella Bamba one on you, I hope I win!!!! And the other would have to be eyeliner…I look naked without it!!!

    Again, loving your posts :-)

  9. 14

    Melissa says

    Great video…thanks! I love that natural madeup look.

    I never leave home without a light coverage of mineral foundation to even out my splotchy, freckled skin tone & a smacking of neutral lipstick.

  10. 15

    Melissa says

    Ooh & I forgot to say, I’d love to see a video on eyeliner too. I’m hopeless at it! I have 2 daughters that do ballet & we have so many fights over getting their eye liner right lol.

  11. 16


    I never leave the house without my BB cream and mascara, nice and simple!

    Would love to see a video on how to curl your hair… I am completely lost on how to make it look soft and natural.

  12. 17

    Christine says

    I love love love Benefit. The CORALista blush lasts forever and no matter how many blushes you collect, you will always keep coming back to it! My favourite Benefit products are high beam and The brow tint! Both compact and I never leave home without them.. And the new foundation is flawless! Argh! Too much to handle..

  13. 18

    Cassie says

    Great video thanks for the tips on the for
    The eyes I always struggle to get them
    Looking good!

    I can’t leave the house without my watermelon lipgloss and mascara

  14. 20

    Sioux Denim says

    Thanks for the video – great to see new/different applications.

    Cannot leave home without chap stick and moisturiser……….

  15. 21

    Houda says

    2 products I cannot leave without are:

    1: my Revlon Colorstay Eyebrow Liner in Dark brown. It is waterproof and matches my eyebrows perfectly (I have spacey eyebrows!!).

    2: My favourite mascara of the month. This month it happens to be Covergirl 24hr Lashblast in very black (tres noir!). BUT I am going to purchase the one you use in the video. Would love to try out the brush.

    In one of your future videos I would love to see a one about where you find shoes! I have the hardest time with my wide feet finding any cute shoes! What do you wear for comfort without being frump? For me, it always ends up being thongs/flip flops even in winter sometimes…

    Love your blog Danni!

  16. 22

    Effie Bakkalis says

    Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway!

    I cannot leave the house without my mineral powder foundation, and my black eyeliner pencil.
    The powder is light enough to reapply during the day (without looking thick and caked and clogging my pores), and the eyeliner enhances my eyes so I don’t look tired!

  17. 23

    Melissa says

    love the tutorial and Love how it gives you a natural look, I don’t ware make up often But I cannot leave the house without tinted moisturiser and some kind of lip balm

  18. 25

    Nicole says

    So glad you are back making beauty videos again! Awesome video, I can’t wait to learn all your tips and tricks.

    I am absolutely 100% addicted to Benefit, the two products I can never leave the house without is a good concealer (erase paste is my fave) and a good, nude pink lip gloss. That way I know that I can cover any blemishes and the lip gloss can also double as a highlighter if needed.

    I’d love to see a video on eyes, as you have a similar shaped eye to me, where you eye and your brow bone are quite close together leaving not a lot of space for dramatic shadow. Also, love to know any tricks you have learnt for making your eyes appear bigger.

    Thanks :)

  19. 26

    Erin says

    I cannot leave the house without lip stain and bronzer.

    Even on the crappest of days it makes me feel awesome!

  20. 28

    Paula says

    When leaving the house in 5 minutes flat,
    I’ll have to forgo a face full of slap.
    But there’s 2 items I always carry,
    To keep me looking fresh and happy.
    A compact of power will do just fine,
    to camouflage flaws and stop the shine.
    A pot of cream blush is a two in one,
    on cheeks and lips and then I’m done!
    No need for a bulging cosmetics case
    This combo will give you one radiant face :-)

    Hope you like my ode to makeup! As for the next video’s you make, how about ‘A day in the life’ showing what you do on a typical day. They’re always fun. Or a ‘What’s in my purse’ video. I am soo nosey about what’s in other people’s handbags!!

  21. 33

    Giuliana says

    I never leave the house without my matte nude lipstick and my rose pink lip liner. The lip liner lets me play around with the colours of my lips. So in the morning I can leave the house with nice nude lips, and at night when I apply the liner and mix it with the matte, I can transform my look into a more night time look with matte pink lips. Comes in handy all the time!

    The next tutorial I would love to see is a ‘getting ready for a night out’ video, with a full outfit display. So when you have a night where you go out with friends or to a restaurant for example you can show us how you get ready, so how you do your hair and makeup, and the outfit that you chose. That would give us an insight into creating a whole ‘look’ :)

  22. 34


    My 2 go-to products for my everyday look are the Garnier BB Cream and Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara – as long as I’ve got those babies I’m ready to face the world!

  23. 35

    Jodie Essex says

    I can’t leave home with out lip moisturiser and hand cream. I am just learning how to wear make-up correctly and would love to know how to choose a foundation. There are so many different sorts out there and it all seems so overwhelming. Thanks for the video, I have followed you for some time now and this was just what I needed.

  24. 36


    I’m a Benefit-addict too, it’s one of my favourite brands! I can’t leave home without my Benefit Erase Paste (absolutely amazing product) and my Face Of Australia loose powder to banish the shinies.

    I’d love to see a video of how to create hairstyles such as loose buns and fishtail plaits!

  25. 39


    Fantastic video Dani!! Love it.
    I won’t leave home without popping on mascara and eyeliner…my favs are by Face of Australia. If I don’t have time for anything else, at least my eyes are dressed. ;-)

  26. 41

    Jess says

    No matter how crummy the day looks I can’t walk out the door without a quick coat of mascara and slather of tinted moisturiser.
    I’m trying to be less make-up phobic, would love to see a how to on a coloured smokey eye.

    • 45


      Man niet normaal ik scrhok me kapot je kunt er wel een AED bij keveren haha. Ik zag direct dat je je linker oog make upte dus er was iets anders. briljant goed dit!!!! Belangrijk hier aandacht voor te vragen

  27. 46

    cher haining says

    SFP Foundation and Mascara are the two I cant leave home without,
    Thanks for the reat video I’d like to know how to use lip liner perfectly

  28. 47

    Nina D says

    In love with Garnier BB Cream – cannot go out without it on. Plus mascara. If I could pick a third I’d say lip gloss :)

  29. 49


    Mine would be bronzer and mascara. I did my make up in the car (husband driving) yesterday and wasnt until the end that I realised I didnt have my mascara! Did not look right all day.
    I think a day to night video would be good. As in changing from work makeup which I know I do fairly basic to something a bit more glam for dinner or drinks in the city.

  30. 50

    Martina says

    Hi Danni, love the video. You finally made sense of a foundation brush for me. The very basics for me are bb cream or minerals foundation and eye brow powder. And I rarely go without liquid eye liner. Must now look for an eyebrow wax.

  31. 51

    Karina W says

    Can’t live without mascara (I will look like I have no lashes) and lip balm (can’t stand dry lips with skin flapping around in the wind)

  32. 52


    My two must haves,
    Gloss and mascara.
    For eyes that pop…
    and lips that rock-
    each and every hour!

    Would love you to cover the perfect smokey eye!

    P.S. Great contest! x

  33. 53

    Del says

    It’s “USP” for me, aka, United States of Panic if I have left home without a lipgloss and compact powder!

  34. 54

    Birdie says

    I love my foundation and lipstick (but also blush).

    I also wanted to ask about eye make up remover . . . particularly what works best for mascara. I hate having panda eyes the next day even after I’ve used product to clean my eyes the night before.

    Please let me know what you use and/or recommend.



  35. 55

    Birdie says

    Oops, forgot to say . . . “GORGEOUS!!!”

    Video is super!! I think it helps that you start with a pretty canvas ;)

  36. 57

    Keena says

    As a fair hair/fair skinned girl, I can’t leave home without mascara and fixing up my eyebrows (I’m so glad you introduced me to the Benefit eyebrow kit!). I accidently forgot to put mascara on once, I realised on the bus on my way to class, so I had to stop off at the chemist and buy a new mascara on my way in!

    I’d love to see smokey eyes, I’m a huge fan of them but feel like I can never get the look right on myself.


  37. 58

    Cassie says

    The two beauty products that I CANNOT leave the house without are…. my benetint lip balm and my thin lizzy bronzer i find if i have some bronzer on my face i don’t look half dead! haha

    I also love Benefit cosmetics!!! In future videos I’d like to see you cover any anti aging tips you might have and your skin routines… Also how to do a smokey eye coz i suck at it and maybe how to put on false eye lashes?!

    Thanks for letting us know about the Benefit Summer Sale I’m heading over to their website now to place my order!! :)

  38. 61

    Michelle says

    My Garnier BB and Blistex lip balm. I would love a tutorial on how to blow dry and straighten hair.
    Thanks for running the competition.

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