The older I get the more I’m starting to realise that I’m becoming my mother. I could go into many intricate reasons as to why that is but one of the most simplest (and extremely mundane) ways is simply by my new found choice in beverages. More precisely, tea.

After winning a years worth of tea, one begins to drink it regularly, it’s a fact. I was lucky but I wonder how long it would have taken for me to get into the swing of it if I hadn’t of won? Yes, it was a little special sipping tea from my china but I thought eventually it would be a phase I’d outgrow and I’d end up giving away all the little paper boxes filled with leaves taking up room in my studio. Nope, didn’t happen, turns out I really like tea.

I drank it occasionally in the past but not often enough to call myself a tea drinker. Maybe it was the lure of the smooth timber and lush red velvet lining, a jewellery box of sorts for my tea bags. The morning ritual of boiling the water and hearing the tinkling of a spoon echoing through the house like it did when I was a child. Curled up on the couch for the evening, waiting for Steve to stand up so I can quickly and sweetly ask him to boil the jug, you know, since he’s already up… just like Mum used to do to Dad.

In my teens it was all about Jim Beam and Coke or Smirnoff Black with a shot of raspberry. In my early twenties it was all about Tequila and Jager Bombs. Now as I’m going into my late twenties it’s all about quality champagne, cider over ice and wait for it… tea. I’m so totally hardcore, ok so maybe not but my digestion is amazing now! You know how people tell you something is good for you and you’re like “yeah, yeah I know I’ll keep it in mind” and then you do nothing about it, never acting on it. Tea really has made a difference and I know my Mum is reading this nodding her head thinking “Told you so.”

What have been your favourite drinks over the years?


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    Why yes I was nodding just slightly I must confess and smiling smugly.
    I cannot remember exactly how old I was when I first had a cuppa. With maternal grandparents of English decent it was as ingrained as a traditional routine. We had fine china I can recall in my very early days at their house but as years passed and along came my many siblings our pot of tea was taken without milk, brewed from leaves in a pot and poured into a mug on top of too many spoonfuls of sugar. It was shocking to broach the idea of tea bags to my granparents, but I embraced them and began my own version of tea drinking, less strong and less sweet as we tea totallers say 2sm two sugars and milk.
    Yes hubby and I have our own standing habits its true. I do wait til I know he’s ready to make his coffee (only drinks tea if coffee and milo absent)when he ask “Do you want tea?” and the spoon can be heard down the block as he tinkles it, but he has the knack of making it just right, enough for me to always anticipate that ahhh feeling as I say “That would be lovely.” and it usually is.

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    kelly stoner says

    Tea. Always tea. All 5 of us drank tea when we were still drinking from bottles :) Now that I have developed a dairy intolerance, I drink mine black, no sugar.

    When I was in my late teens, I also drank vodka and raspberry, and stolis.

    In my early to mid twenties I enjoyed a Jaeger (only ever straight) or a Cointreau lime and soda.

    Now (30) I drink wine, bubbles and cider (NO ICE!!!).

    But there has ALWAYS been tea! :) xoxo

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