The Zoo and BIG W

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After splashing out on Aidan and giving my little dude some affordable quality kids clothes last week, BIG W also sent us a $100 VISA gift card to spend at Taronga Zoo on the weekend so we could really test out the clothes. Saturday just so happened to be Aidan’s third birthday… perfect timing!

Aidan and I have been to Taronga Zoo a few times now, usually with a group of people so I knew it was going to be a long day. This was Steve’s first time and it was nice that we could do it together as a family. Because I knew the circuit and which animals Aidan would love to see most I pushed us on from one exhibit to the next so we could cram them all in.

The first important thing to see was the reptiles. Aidan loves turtles and is fascinated by lizards and snakes… me not so much. Give me an elephant any day.

All the bears, lions, tigers and gorilla’s were asleep when we went by which was disappointing but Aidan didn’t really seem to mind. We walked about in the sun and saw lots of birds. As soon as Aidan saw the pelican he raced over and asked if he’d seen Grandma and Grandpa (they live near the beach and plenty of pelicans live nearby) it was so cute.

When I showed Aidan the big pools below he was so excited because that meant only one thing… it was time for the SEALS!!!

We checked the map for show times and raced ahead to grab our seat, front row people! Aidan was so excited he could hardly contain himself. The last time we came to the zoo we watched the seal show and it was Aidan’s favourite part of the day so he was bouncing off the walls that he was going to see it again with Dadda.

I’m not sure what we would have done for Aidan’s birthday, we like to keep them pretty low key (while we can) so we may have hung around the house or gone to the park. Thank you BIG W for the incentive to get out there and experience the zoo as a family. It was a truly special day and one where I felt blessed to be a blogger.

The show was about to start and was so happy, clapping his hands and excitedly whispering things to Steve. At least Steve now knows first hand why I want to take Aidan to SeaWorld, he’ll flip his lid for sure!

Because we were right up front we got extra close, it was so cool. It was at this moment Aidan could no longer contain himself and had to be taken to the toilet. Ahhh toilet training, at least he has the whole thing sorted now and didn’t even require the spare pair of jocks or shorts stuffed in Steve’s backpack at all during the trip.

After all the fun and excitement it was time for an ice cream. I rarely have to worry about stains on Aidan’s clothes as he’s a particular little dude and quite cautious. He’s not fond of sticky hands or mess which makes my job easier. He did get one little drip on his denim shorts but it came out in the wash no problem.

It was time to head home but Aidan stil had a bit more energy to burn and Steve had found a copy of the morning paper. So Steve and I sat back and watched Aidan play on the equipment, hoping the little extra burst of play would mean a long silent sleep on the car ride home… and thankfully it did!

Since buying the clothes Aidan’s been wearing them a lot and I’ve even gone back and picked up a few extra things like these $9 denim shorts and a some hats for daycare. In the past Aidan’s summer clothes have come from Best & Less but I think we have a new favourite. I like that there are no crazy prints or logos on most of the t’shirts and I think the prices are even lower. Thanks again BIG W, my rough and tumble dude will give them a run for their money this season!


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    Your family is adorable! Aidan is such a cute kid, and those shorts are such great value for $9! I have never been to Taronga Zoo but it looks great. Glad that he had a great 3rd birthday, and you are clever to keep them low-key while you still can ;P

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    Stacey Pitman says

    Great photos ! Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan !
    I love Big W clothing ! Very affordable and stylish !
    Taronga Zoo … ahhh I havent been there in ummm…… 30 yrs ! EEK I bet its changed.

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    Aw, these photos are gorgeous! Happy (belated) Birthday Aiden! I’ve not been to Taronga Zoo in around 10 years now, I really need to go, i’ve heard it’s changed so much.

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    Just love these pics, feels like I was there only without the tired legs!
    Glad you had the best weather for it.
    It is so true I have never met a less messy child.
    Love you all!XXXXXX

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      Come on guys we all need your help . we are gonna create this aaimnl together . draw a limb or a head or body each put it together and see what we get!

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