Winged Eyeliner

A lot of people asked me to do a video tutorial showing how I do my winged eyeliner. As usual, a disclaimer: I’m not a qualified make up artist. This is just a representation of how I do what I do, the products I use and how I personally use them. Enough hoo-harr… time for the video!

Magic Ink – Benefit Cosmetics
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What are your favourite eye liner products?



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    Love the video :)
    I use Maybelline New York- Eyestudio, so much so that I have 3 different colours. (Brown, Charcoal and Blackest Black) They come in little tubs with a brush like a lip brush and the liner itself is a gel I believe. So easy to use and I can wear it all night and it doesn’t run or smudge, i like that it can be applied really thick for pretty wings :D

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    Great tutorial, because I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this!! I’m terrible at liquid eyeliner…tell me, what nail polish are you wearing in the video?

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    thanks for this – I am fairly hopeless at the whole eyeliner thing, but this might be doable……. I loved the “you don’t want one eye to seem surprised” line – that is my issue, getting the eyes “even”

    I think I use a maybelline one – master precise.

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    I always love your video make up tutorials! Would you believe it’s been years since I did a winged eyeliner effect? However, after watching your “how to” video, I feel a bit more confident in reproducing this trend! Thank you! :)

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